astral travel

  1. Aryan

    Best methods for astral travel

    Can anyone share the best method for astral travel during sleep?  The trick which definetly work
  2. Cosmo

    (How to Have) Out of Body Experiences

    We are limited on the physical world, we are somewhat trapped inside our bodies. There is still a part of us that can go beyond these limits and thus travel outside the body. There are three types of traveling out of the body. An out of body experience or astral travel is when the "spirit"...
  3. cooldude1001

    Teleportation vs. Astral Projection

    Q In scotland is short for question (i think) here goes so recentily iv been thinking about teleportaion and time time travle all day and here it is so is astral projection the same as teleporting but invisible and an out of body expreince in retrospect speaking because if you really think...