"The future ain't what it used to be."


  1. Mylo.X.

    Time Traveler on Reddit claim Japan will win Qatar World Cup.

    Some person claiming to be a time traveler on Reddit time travel sub claims that Japan will win World Cup. At the moment, Japan have against the odds progressed to last 16 knockout stages (beating both Germany and Spain in the group stage).    if Japan beat Croatia then they meet favourites...
  2. S

    Seven 3 Nine 11

    4PAX AZN OK. Co'th To'er 30 Forty Three 16s+ 21 Fourty Four 40e Scenario C plus 2. KK.
  3. Cosmo

    Axiom Zanzibar

    The attached voicemails were left on the TTI Hotline 2022-04-04 at 18:08:07 UTC. Caller repeats the words "axiom" and "zanzibar" along with number sequences and dates. Unsure what it means, but I like it.
  4. G

    April 12th

    Firstly, hello. If what I am about to claim is true, your question is undoubtedly why am I posting here? There is no one I can confront to discuss this topic in seriousness. I will be easily escorted into a behavioral health facility and never be taken taken seriously by anyone. Even online...
  5. P

    A warning from 2038

    I am a time traveler from the year 2038. I have been sent back in time to alert you of a coming war. In my time, the United States has been divided into two nation-states: One is a dictatorship controlled by the UN, which has banned all firearms. The other is a totalitarian regime that controls...
  6. Indigo_0

    I’m from a secret organization. I need your help.

    I’m from a secret organization. I need your help.
  7. T

    I am about to break every law... and tell the truth

    I am not from 2054, I am from 2172. I was sent here for the purposes of acquiring information. Your time, roughly 2003-2027 is a dark period. Little to no information is known. That is because in 1962, the United States of America and Canada collaborated to invent time travel. They worked on it...
  8. C

    I am from the year 2522

    I have come from the future to learn about your time and when exactly things happened because the history from 1970-2150 is partially lost when I come from. I have been here since November 11th 2003. In my time my profession is a chronohistorian which means I am a historian that investigates...