I’m from a secret organization. I need your help.

Many here are searching for ways to break our shackles confining us to our dull world, myself included. Feel free to speak freely, elaborate more on the matter. Perhaps we can help.
NFT/Bitcoin you have to stop it…

Everything got out of hand when decentralization was being designed (back in the 1970s, a completely different outcome was assumed …

Why must Bitcoin and NFT’s be stopped? Cryptocurrencies are arguably already rooted into society, do you have a plan that can decrease their popularity?
Greetings I am new here now. Outcomes are subjective, depending on when you are, and I assume you mean in quantifiable terms. Kindly asking Indigo_0 what ‘was assumed’.

Thank you and kindest regards.

Вы путешественник во времени?
Что-то среднее. Я один из тех, кто может управлять Cicada 3301. Мне нужно найти новых людей вне системы отбора. Ранее я писал на этом форуме от имени другого человека, чей ник также заканчивается на _0.

3301, это символизм. 8,0|1