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  1. Aryan

    Dreams  Trying to control my dreams

    Hello, I am trying to control my dreams from few days. But I have not succeed yet fully. I have a question that:When we get aware of dreaming and tells the person in your dream that you are In a dream then what happens?  I once get lucid not completely. And tries to say my friend that you are...
  2. P

    Dreams  Strange Dreams Last Night

    I had 3 intense REM episodes last night. I woke up in a sweat each time and this morning I have brain zaps and head fog because of it. Note: These are dreams. I like Trump but am not in love with him so please, no assumptions. I'm married. This will be long..... Dream One - I worked in a huge...
  3. cooldude1001

    What does a buzzing fly or wasp in dream mean?

    so last night i went to bed and zonked out i was really tired i woke up rounds about 3 am to change my into my pj's (still tried this morning)   then went back to bed then i dream't  about a buzzing wasp or fly couldn't tell what on earth it was but there was  actual  fly in my room because i...
  4. cooldude1001

    Dream about sirens and demons

    ok i dont know where to begin or where should i start lol  but heres what i think that if i remember the dream right but heres what happend so i was being chased by my daemon whos now in a gang  i believe of all things they where chasing me because i banished him who was one of my demons of...
  5. cooldude1001

    Dreaming about being another person

    ok so last night i had another wired dream again if you want to listen or skip its up too you really ?  but the plot of my dream was i was in new York in one of these tall skyscrapers was a girl since im am guy lol it was so wired i dont know how to describe it i had the same one with the...
  6. cooldude1001

    Dreams  Is there an app to track dreams?

    is there a app for the phone to tell see how much you are dreaming etc etc etc thanks as it would help me