Trying to control my dreams


Chrono Cadet

I am trying to control my dreams from few days. But I have not succeed yet fully. I have a question that:When we get aware of dreaming and tells the person in your dream that you are In a dream then what happens? 

I once get lucid not completely. And tries to say my friend that you are in a dream but unfortunately my heart beat get so faster and my dream get broken. 

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Like I have not succeded in that way but I wonder What if I tell you that you are also in a dream

Like when we are in a dream it seems like we are in our senses and that is a reality we don;t even control ourselves they just goes on spontaneously. And on this moment when I am wrting this post I am in my senses... And I don't get any reason which can points that i am not in my dream.

Maybe, we percieve reality just by our senses which can be decieved or altered by anything easliy. I don't wonder if i would wake up tomorrow and I would know that i am only 10 just living my whole career in a dream. May be we would some fiction of someone's dream we are living in simulation just like we are practising metaverse. Maybe we are the characters of metaverse being played by some other intelligent beings