lucid dreaming

  1. Aryan

    Trying to control my dreams

    Hello, I am trying to control my dreams from few days. But I have not succeed yet fully. I have a question that:When we get aware of dreaming and tells the person in your dream that you are In a dream then what happens?  I once get lucid not completely. And tries to say my friend that you are...
  2. Aryan

    Dreams of parallel universes

    The topic of parallel universe has always fascinated me since i came to know about this theory. I have been watching many videos which explains this theory. As far as my experience, I see myself and my family in dreams. I see same house, same street, same building but slightly different...
  3. Aryan

    Question about Dreams

    Every night we all go into a dream. So my question is that Is the dream are related to our life in other universe?(parallel universe)  Because we can feel that dream like a real life(fully conscious in lucid dream).  Tell me...