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Dreams Dreams of parallel universes


Chrono Cadet
The topic of parallel universe has always fascinated me since i came to know about this theory. I have been watching many videos which explains this theory. As far as my experience, I see myself and my family in dreams. I see same house, same street, same building but slightly different structure inside the building or some times i see my family but in totally new place which i have never seen in this reality. The neighborhood is same or some times new people are seen whome i have never met. The weird thing is that whenever I dream and see myself experiencing certain events in dreams, I feel them as real and feel that this incidents have had happened in reality.

The thing is that I am getting this kind of dreams frequently.

According to my perception of parallel universe. In case if there are many parallel universes then there are many of us infinite number of times, if every other of our self exist and is alive then every other self can dream and have consciousness. What I want to say is doesn't matter how far we are from our otherself or even if we exist in other dimensions. We all have consciousness and are consciously connected with each other. Whatever happens in other parallel universe, appears in our dreams. Similarly whatever happens in this universe may be a dream to the other self who is in other parallel universe.

My thought of connecting with other worlds or dimensions in dreams is because we all have heard about dead people coming in dreams and talking to us or even giving messages. Sometimes people see deities, gods in dreams. So I think dream is the only thing which connects us with other universes, worlds, dimensions.

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I think there's some merit to this for sure. What do you think other parallel universes think of this one when they visit it in dreams? I'd imagine they see it as a hot mess, LOL.