A Brief Analysis of the Possible National Security Implications of the John Titor Material


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This document was written as a “worst-case” analysis of the possible reaction of elements within the National Security Agency or other Men-In-Black governmental organizations, by a person who shall remain anonymous. In certain respects this document assumes the John Titor time traveling story to be authentic, and in other respects assumes it to be a hoax. It should not be taken seriously as the position of any governmental agency, but there remains the possibility that certain reactionary parties could view the John Titor story as described below. The value of this document could well be the reader’s recognition of the fact that armed resistance against the military and police forces of the United States government would be futile, since according to Titor the rurals will never win the conflict except by default after nuclear war with billions of casualties worldwide. If the Titor story is true, far smarter is nonviolent protest against those who would create an American police state, to “wake up” Americans to bring about needed changes, thereby changing our worldline for the better. Even if the Titor time travel event was real, our worldline does not have to be Titor’s worldline. Titor himself said free will is the governing factor that makes worldlines diverge. Please see
A Way Out 4 for more details.


The idea of time travel has captured the imagination of writers and filmmakers for generations, and has become a household word as much as any science fiction concept. Many popular books and movies are still today being spawned based on the idea of time travel. In recent years the idea of time travel being actually possible has been supported by interesting theories developed by well numerous known physicists in the world today. The theoretical physics and conditions required to allow time travel into the past or future have enough foundation and basis to prompt even the conservative scientists to consider it remotely possible, even if highly unlikely.

In recent years, the advent of a slew of highly popular science fiction movies built around the idea of time travel have made the concept something every child can understand. In Scientific American, Cassandra Kelly (Oct 99) stated “Perhaps the biggest surprise of the work of the past decade is that it is not obvious that the laws of physics forbid time travel”, and in the same issue, John L. Friedman of the physics department at the University of Wisconsin said “There are solutions to the equations of general relativity in which particles can travel in paths that take them back to earlier times. A recent surprise is that one can circumvent the grandfather paradox”.

As a result of both common popularization of the idea of time travel and some physicists considering it possible, the idea of time travel is not so far fetched as it used to be, and it has joined the mythos of UFOs and extraterrestrials as an idea that is believed possible by a large percentage of the public. The consequence of this, as occurred in the UFO field, is the opportunity to exploit this interest and belief by con artist charlatans and new age cults.

Since the advent of the public internet in 1995 and long before the tragic events of 9/11/2001 there has been a massive rash of conspiracy theories and cults focusing on the idea that somehow almost any terrorist event was engineered not by foreigners but by power crazy elements within our own country and government. These notions have galvanized further the radicalization of beliefs amongst many parties, groups, sects and cults in the US. Numerous approaches have been devised by anti-government parties in militia or cult settings to inculcate doubt amongst the American populace as to the trustworthiness of the federal government.

It is assumed on a de facto basis that the so-called John Titor time travel hoax of 2000 and early 2001 is a hoax. However, this hoax has been designed to be very difficult to debunk in objective terms, precisely for the lack of any objective material evidence being offerred. The John Titor time travel hoax was developed by a fairly smart individual or group wishing to use the very popular time travel mythos as a means to provide deadly warnings about a future civil war in the US in the coming years, along similar lines to fears about runaway federal power, so called New World Order, and so forth.

Given the gullibility of many Americans to believe whatever they are told, especially if it conforms to their pre-existing negative expectations about the future, the John Titor time traveler story has the potential to become an additional rallying point for anti-government radical movements. This is very much the same as prophecies of Nostradamus, the Fatima prophecies, and other predictive sources such as remote viewing or new age channeling – where descriptions of our doom coming in the future are used to reinforce negative beliefs of radical anti-US government groups.

Since 9/11 however the stakes have changed. The US is at war against international terrorism on a scale as never before. The fervor of anti-government elements has not subsided but has taken a lower profile as the US responds to securing the country through the establishment of new laws that permit the investigation and interception of terrorist activities in the US. Many people fear the federal government will use the new laws (Patriot Act) established to better fight international terrorism to fight domestic home grown terrorism by radical militia, environmentalists, animal rights activists, religious cults and so forth. In this environment of increasing distrust and fear of potential abuses by US federal government, combined with the war on international terrorism, the definition of patriotism and loyalty to our country is becoming a war of clichés.

The so called Patriot movement is a point in case. What is considered patriotic nowadays varies wildly depending on who you ask, and has become eroded to the point where there are two diametrically opposed notions gaining more and more momentum. What is defined as terrorism or terrorist acts is feared to be undergoing a similar erosion.

Basic Assumptions for Purposes of Argument

This analysis assumes the reader is already familiar with the entirety of the supposed John Titor time traveler associated material, including all his known text posts and uploaded pictures, which can be found or referenced on several websites, including anomalies.com 1, timetravelinstitute.com 1, johntitor.com 5, godlikeproductions.com 1 and elsewhere

The following also assumes the reader is willing, for purposes of argument, to consider ad hoc the idea of multiple worlds theory, and the idea of different worldlines and a multiverse and that free will is a crucial part of cause and effect that makes one worldline different from another. The multiple worlds notion can be found in well known physics theory by John Wheeler, for example.

Parties who already have for themselves successfully dismissed the Titor story as a hoax may read this analysis as yet another attempt to provide legitimacy to the urban legend. As such, it is possible this analysis should not become public information because it may add fuel to the fire amongst existing or potential radical elements in our society. However in the interest of helping people understanding the serious gravity and possible consequences of their choice to believe in the John Titor story as a bona fide real time travel contact event, this is being uploaded to various sites.

Averting the John Titor US Civil War Threat

The Titor material in terms of the time travel physics technology aspects cannot be evaluated conclusively. There may exist strong pro and counter-argument around the plausibility of the time travel physics, but for lack of the average persons ability to understand and appreciate and be swayed by those arguments, the Titor story could still continue to develop momentum in a sociological context. This momentum could materially undermine our national and homeland security by providing radical domestic elements in our nation reasons to prepare and even engage in violent action to attempt to overthrow the government of the United States, a mission that is identical to that of the avowed goals of international terrorist networks, now generally known as Al Qaida.

For implication analysis purposes here, lets assume for a spell that the Titor time travel technology and contact event was NOT a hoax. In this seat-of-the-pants hypothetical analysis, it is allowed that Titor was a legitimate time travel contact event into our worldline. However it is NOT to be allowed that the Titor coming civil war prediction will become real in our worldline. It is posed that the negative prediction aspect of the Titor material must be repudiated and countered even if the time travel event actually did occur. John Titor himself stated that he allowed for the possibility we might NOT have a US civil war in our future, however he thought it was very probable there would be a civil war in the United States, and that it was unlikely we could do anything to stop it from developing.

We can hypothetically assume the Time-like travel event really did occur, BUT the Titor civil war prediction will NOT happen for our worldline for ANY of the following reasons:

  1. Titor may have already sufficiently influenced our worldline with regards to Y2K warning he gave to his grandfather in 1975 thereby causing the Y2K crash NOT to happen in OUR worldline like it did in HIS worldline. If this indeed occurred as he appeared to intimate, then the degree of rural-versus-urban political polarization conditions in the US were not at the same extreme that it “was” for the Titor worldline future. This still assumes 9/11 would happen in both worldlines, and the only major difference is infrastructure breakdowns due to Y2K never happened in our worldline.
  2. We may have the opportunity to alter the future of our own worldline so that the Titor civil war prediction is moot. Anyone who reads and believes the Titor material has a responsibility to act to avert that future prediction from occurring. That action must take the form of participating in defusing the possible polarization that Titor speaks about. There are many ways to do this. 9/11, PA1 & 2 and VA alone do not assure a Titor civil war future. Neither does further attacks by international terrorist in the US.
  3. Titor himself on several occasions said that there was a good 2.5 percent deviation in our worldline relative to his own worldline origin. That is a difference that is large enough to keep expanding on, especially if we act responsibly and legally and with civility to influence both the government and the alienated factions of US citizens to find common ground that defuses any growing polarization. We can stop more Waco like events from occurring, and we can lessen the probability of serious domestic rural vs, federal conflict. Titor said he felt there was a chance that we might not have his worldline’s civil war future but he thought it was not probable we would avoid it. That tells me that we have been given the opportunity to respond with our free will to avert that negative prediction. To give up and believe we cannot change the Titor endgame is tantamount to relinquishing our free will, and saying we cannot make a difference. The Titor material in this way takes away people’s freedom as much if not more than any indiscretions of the PA1, PA2 or VA that may be passed.

We are in a time where because we are at war with international terrorism we must be willing to make some sacrifices. Maybe PA1 and PA2 and VA will hurt the foundations of freedom in the republic in the interim, but that we can trust in the conscience of Americans and the elected government to roll back this loss of freedoms as the war on terrorism is slowly won over the long term. If that takes a generation, it could still be worth it in the scope of the whole history and future of the USA. It is asserted we must pull in our stomachs, and be loyal to our government, even with all its inherent problems, and trust the American political process, the courts, the congress, and the executive branch to eventually course-correct away from any domestic abuses of these acts over time.

The Dangers of Believing and Acting on the Titor Civil War Predictions​

The Titor material only underscores the importance of people evangelizing the need for national unity, and evangelizing the need for highly alienated citizens in America to not become labeled terrorists or terrorist sympathizers themselves. Anyone who believes in the Titor material, and more importantly, the Titor predictions for US civil war in our future, is by definition possibly aiding and abetting the interests of international terrorists who wish to bring our nation down. If people start to plan for that future on the side of the anti-government types, that in my mind may well engage in material conspiracy against the national security of the United States.

This alone is sufficient cause to do everything humanly possible to debunk and foil the Titor material from becoming influential amongst already anti-government predisposed US citizens. This alone is sufficient cause to do everything to avert and defuse the Titor predictions from coming true in our worldline future if there indeed is any probability they could occur.

Many argue that we are heading in the direction of the horrific Titor civil war future, and use (a) planned discoveries by CERN regarding creating microscopic black holes (making time travel more possible in accord to the Titor time travel machine descriptions and his posted explanations), and (b) the advent of 9/11 and © the Patriot Act and (d) its expected enhancements, and (e) conspiracy theories about 9/11 being an ‘inside job’ by rogue US government elements, as supposed evidence that we are on a direct collision course for the Titor predicted coming ten year US civil war from 2004 to 2014. From this collection of so-called evidence some people are ready to become radicalized and prepare to change their lives into being survivalists living an anti-government rural lifestyle.

One feature of the Titor story that helps this radicalized conclusion is Titor’s statements that the rural anti-government factions won the coming civil war against the so called American Federal Empire with the help of the Russians who will nuke the US cities in 2015.

I assert that alienated citizens in the USA (survivalists, radical militia, religious cults, violent environmentalists, etc) could use the Titor material as a rallying point to expand their anti-government views and activities, and that this is extremely dangerous to our country and its national security. It undermines the goals of the department of Homeland security.

In time, with the lack of adequate debunking, and continued popularization of the story, the Titor material could develop Turner Diaries type mythical status, and provide a rallying point for anti-US government beliefs and violent activism. On this basis the Titor material and story must be stopped from gaining legitimacy. The moment people give up and want to prepare for the Titor US civil war prediction, they have, by definition, joined the ranks of domestic terrorists. People do not have to join radical anti-government militia or violent environmentalists such as the ELF (Environmental Liberation Front), or end of world religious cults for this label to be applied to them. All they have to do is start preparing for some prospective civil war in the US, and they have become, by definition, the enemy of the United States, as much as International terrorists already are.

The best thing you can do for your children is to protect them from the Titor future by exercising your free will to help defuse the power of the Titor predictions and story. You are playing with fire when you start to prepare for such a negative future scenario. You become the enemy of the US Government by definition.

Probable Counter Intelligence Response Scenarios​

Assume, for a moment, that some leaders of our national intelligence infrastructure along with some esteemed top secret clearance scientists came to the frightening conclusion that the Titor time travel incursion into our worldline actually occurred. They also conclude that the Titor predictions might help ignite and assure the Titor negative future occurring for us more than if the Titor material never happened, precisely because his predictions help fortify negative beliefs about the government and about the future and about our inability to change things.

What would these very concerned authorities do about it? I would suggest courses of action to limit if not reverse the damage this time travel incursion event may have on our worldline free will are in order. I would set up a domestic operational mitigation response using a two pronged approach coming from supposedly different quarters, seemingly unrelated and independent of each other:

Operational Prong 1:​

(Directed to all those who are undecided about the Titor material):

Doing the best to prove the whole Titor Time Travel event and materials is a sophisticated hoax, by:

a. Debunking the supposed physics (and philosophy) of time travel as put forth by Titor, including debunking the machine and manual pictures as a sophisticated agitprop info packet. Get several top esteemed publicly known physicists to provide powerful counter-arguments (even if faked counter-arguments). Prove that everything Titor said was already known and any dedicated hoaxer with anti-government leanings could have assembled this material and played a time traveler from the future.

b. Debunking the Titor mission to retrieve an IBM 5100

c. Debunking the Titor character, the lack of slang, the lack of specific dated predictions, the lack of answering questions that were legitimate, the lack of any hard evidence left behind, the lack of any in-person witnesses. Identify inconsistencies, contradictions, similarity to writer novella standard form, and anything else that can impeach its face value supposed veracity.

Operational Prong 2:​

(Directed to all those who believe the Titor Time Travel events occurred):

Doing the best to prove that we can change the worldline future away from the prospective predicted negative future of US civil war, by:

a. Debunking the idea that our future will be the Titor future by emphasizing human free will, natural divergence of worldliness, the ability of the few to influence the many, using aspects about our having free will and the idea of the multiverse in the Titor material to help inoculate our worldline from creating or allowing that future to evolve.

b. Promoting the philosophy of national loyalty being more required than ever given we are in a time of war with international terrorism. Make it very clear that anyone who believes the Titor material is in effect a dupe of sophisticated agitation propaganda devised by anti-government elements or even international terrorist elements. From the international Al Qaida terrorists point of view the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and so being anti-government in any extreme right now is helping Al Qaida hurt the US.

c. Covertly identify, profile, track, infiltrate and if necessary entrap any party or group who become powerful Titor negative future prediction advocates for their possible role in becoming sympathizers to international terrorists, seditious or anti-government activity or anti-government conspiracy that could aid and abet international terrorism against the US. These measures could increase the chances to defuse the anti-US activities that certain people may engage that would knowingly or even unwittingly threaten our homeland security.

Preliminary Conclusions​

It is submitted that the Titor Material is one more source of agitation propaganda that can potentially undermine patriotism and loyalty to the US Government, and fuel anti-government sentiments of pre-existing radicals that would believe in the Titor story.

Whether the Titor time travel contact event was real or a hoax that is difficult to disprove, the results can be the same – anti-government activism that could become violent in nature is supported by the Titor coming US civil war predictions.

Due to the Titor prediction that the rural side wins the civil conflict against the so-called American Federal Empire (AFE) due to help from a Russian nuclear strike on major cities in the US, some believers automatically assume in order to survive, they should leave the cities and learn to survive independent of social infrastructures, and that they should even take up arms to defend themselves against the AFE. In essence, they join the anti-government groups or parties or so called developing ‘forces’ in a material conspiracy to eventually overthrow the US Government. They become, by definition domestic terrorists, and sympathizers with the goals of international terrorism as conducted by Al Qaida, whether they like it or not.

It is suggested that a viable course of action to defuse and dilute the potency of the Titor Material is to engage in earnest and effective debunking of any advocates of the Titor predictions of US civil war. It is also suggested that people be warned of the grave danger of believing in the Titor US civil war predictions. To achieve these goals, both overt and covert counter intelligence action may be called for.

International terrorism may help embolden domestic terrorism. It is the duty of the philosophical, religious, scientific and intelligence communities to carefully act to stop the Titor Material prediction of coming civil war in the US in its tracks in any way possible. The consequences of not doing so could in effect, however subtle, encourage the birth of yet another anti-government radical movement in the US, not to mention reinforce existing radicals in their beliefs and willingness to engage in violent domestic terrorism activity.

Originally posted on Time Travel Portal (sourced from johntitor.strategicbrains.com 1), rescued from Archive.org.