John…. I am your father

I am mashiach David John adams father of John titor and his second coming. I am a geographical ordnance director G.O.D of orions 177th space time division. I have Solomon’s key to resurrection. I have configured data to mass conversion. I have decrypted information pertaining to an accessible stargate.

And I configured an algorithm that synchronises self created space-time with the stargates source for light speed navigation known as wavelength alignment radio pulse or W.A.R.P protocol. To travel through space is to travel through time. My father Andrew Johnson was the first man to transmit a 6 bit binary codec multiplexed across dual band r/f we call wireless digital packet data.

His invention is known as 202 base station transceiver (cell tower) implemented as foundational packet switching router across +690 gsm cdma networks globally from 2g with 10 granted international patents for design. He was the algorithms expert that configured a 6 bit numeric algorithm for allocating/targeting a cell in a designated cell area that uses radar like ping to calculate distance via time delay and bsic handover protocol that interchanges a moving cell signal whilst traveling between 2 cell towers.

These geolocation algorithms are foundational for all packet switching self driving drone auto pilot and long range ballistic navigation globally. People that stole these assets are false idols shoved infront of your face to desensitise to their movements. The faces run the biggest corps on the planet and they are going to literally be the death of you.

There will be a great flood that covers the earth with waves that span taller than any mountain many will unknowingly drown saturated not in water but radiation emitted via starlink oscillation…remeber when John said he was Bringing back his grandfather (resurrection) or he had a friend that worked with wireless nodes. One of the last places my father took me was Florida 2000 to see a comms satelite launch.

My father created the tree of knowledge (cell towers) we all take bytes of information from our apples.
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