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im not 100% sure if you'll find this interesting or not but anyway...

I was recently talking to someone in a MSN chatroom, who after some time confided in me that he/she had experienced 'visions' since birth of ancient times, specifically Atalntis with the Gods of antiquity ! i was very interested to say the very least.

We went one for some time discussing several topics about the Sumerian Gods mostly. We then came to the fact that he/she had the ability to hop from dimension to dimension, namely the dimension were he/she belived the ancient gods came from.

I was sure that he/she meant some kind of astral projection, but i was told this wasnt the case, that he/she was capable of travelling through dimensions by altering he/she 'frequency' - i instandly thought of the electromagnetic spectrum when i was told this! ( i only know about that from TIME02112 by the way :-D )

It strung into my head that, wouldnt it be not-impossible for a human to be able to alter the frequency at which his/her electrons operate at in the atoms? In a world were people can float in the air and bend spoons with their minds is this not possible?

Imagine that, a whole body began to operate at a higher electromagnetic frequency? higher than taht of say, a wall? because of this could it be possible for the perosn to displace the matter of the wall given the state he/she may be - in effect walking through a wall ?! You may have heard of the captured alien from Roswell - named EBE. EBE, was said ( by bill cooper, Hmmm...) to have the ability to wall through walls and vanish into thin air and the only way that this could be prevented was to prevent the transmission of electromagnetic energy. Quite similiar. the alien had to be enclosed in a faraday shielded enviroment (spelling?).

The same theory could, and many theorize (ive heard!) that this is indeed the very basis for time travel - but many of you know alot more than me on this subject!

Thanx, please respond.

+ thanks for the welcome lads ! :-)

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Do you always spill the beans when someone confides in you? Your lucky your name isn't trustworthyguy :), then you may have a problem with the way you see your self. hehe :).

-Javier C.
Hey TTA, cool it, truthguy is our friend, we can trust him, besides, he came here by means of my personal invitation.
(also a Tap10 Jr.memeber) you will take notice that he never revealed the true identity of this person he spoke about, with respect to their privacy.
No fighting alright? be cool to TTA (Please)
we must try to get along with one another here, you never know what we could learn when we put our inhabitions aside, and just listen to the message.

Everyone please welcome our new member, "truthguy".....thanks for adding your comments, and the refference to my REMF Post truthguy. Incidently I was reminded of something else too TRV & CRV
"Technical Remote Viewing" and "Controlled Remote Viewing" it stems from the ability to send & receive long range mental signals & images from manipulating EMF by cerebral stimulation.

I have included a link to explain the details of how TRV is utilized.

Also another one is a book entitled "The Ultimate Time Machine" Authored By The first of our "Time" Remote Viewer #001
Mr. Joseph McMoneagle
Hampton Roads Publishing, ISBN 1-571174-102-x
Ok then, I'm sorry. Any friend of Time02112 is a friend of mine (Except for that guy who's user names starts with a Jan, and ends with an UNS :).

Anyway's, Welcome aboard truthguy. You'll see me kid around a bit from time to time. But I'm serious all the time as well.

It's just that now and then I get the urge to say something funny :) . But don't worry, it's all in good fun. I hope you won't take it personal.

Well gotta look busy, I'm at work :). Hope to hear from all of you soon.

-Javier C.
You truly have a concept that could very well bring us to time travel for others besides the genetically gifted. and those who learn of out of body expiriences in correlation with the vibration of the cerebellum which creates a massive energy "drain" from anything that has an electrical current running through it (ie: living bodies) unfortunately though I have no recollection of my expiriences due to the fact of paradoxes (my travels have sent me to stop a force {tazberg} from eliminating me in the past so if I would have remembered it would have caused a paradox)

If anyone has any similar tales to tell please email me at [email protected]

thank you

ps: tta, do not email me for your group is out to "eliminate" me in the past.
Truthguy, I fell through a wall once. Could not do it again on purpose. I was bored and in a blank state of mind. A friend of mine calls it "katzen kopf" or cat head or cat brain or something to the effect of a blank stare without one thought in your head. I was sitting on a folding chair and tipped back to lean against the wall and went katzen kopf and next thing I knew I cracked the back of my head on the floor and was outside the room in the entry way. I had to knock to be let back in. The man that was seated next to me said he never saw me "get up and leave" but the chair went down with a huge crash and I should not leave it tipped if I'm going out. I just appolpgized and set down and checked the egg on the back of my head. Anyway, the point is that maybe the make up of a human body can change with different states of mind.
:) Mokrie, only you would fall through the wall like that. heheh. :) :) :P
I had some dreams about being in a small training class where we were all standing facing a wall and our hands were outstretched to the wall and in the dream we did have to change our vibrations mentally and push our hands through the wall. even though it was just a dream it is funny that it did have to do with whole body vibrations being altered. or frequencies or something. dont remember though.
I remembered how it felt to. it was undescribable. you could feel the wall ever so slightly and then you just kind of pushed through it like it was a cob web or something. you could feel the slight resistance to it. but you could push through it like water. like a puff of air kind of.you could actually feel a resistance like an energy feild but it gave way as you concentrated. it was easy to do actually.
next thing you know you were on the other side of the wall. I know it was a dream but I wish I could talk to someone who really did it to see if it matches my description.
was it the same Morkie?? or did yours happen too fast. I can just see that happening to you. (snicker)heheh you would be fun to time travel with. :)

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Pamela, it happened so fast and I was sort of in a coma at the time because of a very boring speaker at the front of the room. Your dream sort of covers it only speed up the process and do it backwards and you nailed it.
Ok Chaos, I think that's enough video games for you :). Do all of your ideas have to come from Final Fantasy? Because you reek of video game story lines :) hehe.

OK, here's one for you? In FF6 (US ver.3) do you think Shadow is Realms Father, and that Setzers long lost friend is Gogo? Remember, his friend Dyarl was lost in a strange unknown land when the air ship crashed. See any connection there? That's assuming you played the game :) you would know what I just said.

You played part 8 yet? Gilgamesh can be summoned too, if you didn't know that. As well as all the other espers, Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, etc...

Anyway's part nine is due to be released this October, and the movie next year.

Try and not steal the ideas from the games, and making it seem like you actually know something about what we're talking it :). No such thing as subsonic brain frequencies, ancients with mystical magic powers (unless your parents were gypsies or vodoo :) hehe.

I can make things up to that sound cool. Like "Neuro-cortic Stimuli Suppressor" or "Residual Harmonic Resonance."

They may sound cool and neat, and want to believe it. However, it's not true, there's no such thing. Because I made them up :). So that's how it really is.

Have a nice day,
Javier C.
Pamela and others:
did you ever think that maybe some of those dreams you are having are supressed memories?
I've had similar dreams and also missing time and I went and got hypnotized and then found out alot of these things really happened to me. I was brain washed to forget but the memories kept surfacing in my dreams.
here's something for you to think about how do you "feel" something in your dreams?
your descriptions of these events are far too accurate.
get hypnotized and find out the truth.

There was a comic book character named Barry Allen aka the Flash who had this ability to concentrated his molecules and pass through walls and travel to other dimensions by changing his vibrations

it was just a comic book but it is the same concept
O.K. I guess I belong in a comic book. There are days when I could believe I am in one. Just remember, myself aside, there are people that have very extraordinary things happen to them and they tell no one for fear of ridacule. Some of them are nuts, some just want attention, but some are relling the truth and could hold a key to understanding other dimensions or time travel etc. I personally don't care if you think I'm nuts but this web site seems to be attracting quite a few people that have experienced something amazing and I would hate to think they would be afraid to speak up even here.
Greg- I've never been hypnotised.
I've wondered about the dreams sometimes.
alot of people told me I was astral traveling. which i know almost nothing about and have never attempted astral travel,I would not even know what to do. It happens automatically.
I think being hypnotised would be very expensive and i doubt if i could afford it.
if someone else payed for it i might do it.just to see what would come from it.

I'll share what happened to me once though.dont know if it was a coincidence or what. I was at work and a handsome business guy came up to the counter and said "hey, I know you...how have you been."
"fine." I said trying to remember him.
"don't you remember me, my names Scott, you sat beside me on the plane going to Arizona."
now i was really puzzled.
"I've never been to Arizona." I laughed and he looked at me so strangely.
"oh come you are playing..you even said you worked here. I remember."
he went on and on and knew my name and described all the things we talked about.
I simply told him "Im sorry sir. Ive never been to Arizona."
then his face got serious and he shook his head "I must be crazy then!"he said that a couple times looking at me in disbeleif. and walked away. mumbling he couldnt beleive i didnt remember.
now this guy was VERY handsome and beleive me I would have remembered him. how could you forget someone that looked like THAT! heheheh. he knew my name which was very strange indeed.
It wouldnt have bothered me so much but I had had several dreams of being in Arizona.
involving time travel.
I still think of it to this day.

It shocked me in my meeting with him so I didnt ask the questions that I now was thinking of and was determined next time i saw him I would ask him detailed questions.
I never saw him again and his account had been closed out.

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Pamela, That sooounds like bi-location to me. Years ago a girl I knew spent the evening fighting with her husband because she wanted to go out dancing at a new club that had opened near her house. He did'nt want to go. She was a good wife so she stayed in and went to bed miserable. She dreamed she went there that nite. The next day I was with her when several people came up to her and said they saw her at the club without her husband dancing by herself on the dance floor until closing. She had never left the bed. This was the first and only strange thing that ever happened to her but it classifies as bi-location. Being physicaly seen in two
what exactly IS bi-location? Are you sure she just didnt want to go so badly that she just went (since it was beside her house,she could have walked.) and then when people found out and said they saw her she claims she was in bed to avoid getting into trouble with her husband?
you didnt finish the posting...did you mean to say in two places at one time? or do you mean to say materializing in another place?
or do you mean her physical body was actually there at the dance floor? I don't understand what you are saying.
please explain more. :)