alternate dimentions from a biblical standpoint

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The theorie that every action spawns an alternate dimension is interesting. if evry choice that can be made, is made in another dimension, does this mean Jesus Christ did not die in some parrelel universe?
interesting thought. what do you think? E-mail me [email protected]
If you believe in God, then you believe He's in control of all this creation. I believe in comparing reality to a great big "fractal puzzle". We use fractal algorythms to create images. We look at the code that created the image, and all we see is pattterns in meaningless code. We see patterns in reality, we are and see only the code. God alone sees the image and writes and rewrites the code as we go. Time travel is only possible in a fast plane, due to how we have agreed to measure time; leave New York and travel to Seattle as fast as the terminator travels and you will end up arriveing at the same "time" as you left.
The kind of time travel you all are talking about is only possible God willing. Perhaps, in the future, we will create a time machine and the last man alive will create the universe by blowing up the future. Remember the Big Bang Theory? What blew up?
I do belive in God. What i was trying to do, was to challenge theories with biblical, and spiritual facts such as Christ's sacrifice. I dont personally belive in the "big bang" theorie, and i agree that God has control over everything, including time and dimension. (and the fact He's on our side aint to bad
God on our side?

Excellent question… I hope he is.

Jesus Christ is a nice and good man… He cares deeply for his people and wants them all to realize that they are doing bad deeds against God.

I think he would be my best friend, if I didn’t think religion was just a conspiracy by the future to manipulate us.

How else would our presence here in the present, have been possible without a strong spiritual need in the past? An unshakable belief in God, and of reaching a state of serenity, is what kept some of us out of trouble.

If there were no religion or belief in God, we would have killed each other off a long time ago.

No sense of morals or decency to guide us, just pure animal/human instinct.

Would there have been a way for us to avoid religion and still be good people?

Well I avoided religion all my life, and I think I’m as much a good, caring, thoughtful person as any other Church going Christian
. If not more.

Some can be real @$$-holes.

Everybody will be different without religion in his or her lives I guess…

I was just taught very early on to have morals and principles by my father. I was constantly talked to, to do the right thing. Lecture after lecture… And I’m a better person because of it

I guess if we’re not told from the very beginning what needs to be expected of us, we won’t do it.

So religion might have been a necessity for our survival.

My only problem with it now, is that it’s lying to people. And it’s preventing some from knowing the truth about the future.

I agree with some of it’s basic principles. But it’s a hypocrisy when they don’t have principles themselves, when they manipulate and exploit us for it.

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
TTA once again I must commend you for your outspoken post!
The BEST around!!! Where would this world be without the TimeTravelActivist?

My thoughts exactly pertaining to religion.

But for most people on this post and time travel threads they can't comprehend this idea. Maybe I can shed some light into it?

For most of my life I had religion shoved down my throat! I know the old and the new testimont and can even read and write hebrew.
And there were numberous time in my life that without religion or a strong belief in God I dont know how I would have pulled through? I have a strong belief in God and in Angels!

But than something hapend to me several years ago. Something that I witnessed which planted the seed for something that I could have never conceived before in my entire life. "TIME TRAVEL!!!"

With all this compiled information about religion I have in my life and conceiving what I have seen brings me to the conclusion and truths about certain secret things. God does reveil to those that seek the truth.

To this day I still look to the bible for unanswered question. I have dreams that try and reveil the future to me. I take my dreams ceriously and try to research the truths behind the dreams. One of my first lessons brought me to the story of Joseph(the dreamer)and his dream in the bible (genesis 37:1-50:26)

Josephs dream related to his family. That the sun (Jacob his father) and the moon (rachel his mother) and the eleven stars (his brothers) would bow down to him. And as the story goes his brothers where jelous of him and sold him as a slave to egypt to Potiphar and officer of Pharaoh. Joseph was noted for his interpretation of the dream that pharaoh had of the seven fat cows followed by seven skinny cows related to seven coming years of prosperity to be followed by seven years of famine. Joseph was appointed a prime minister of agriculture in egypt for his interpretation of dreams. Years later as the story goes there was a famine and drought because the niles banks refused to rise. But Joseph had reserved all the grain pertaining to his dream. His brothers than came to the land of egypt in search of food because of the famine and thats when the outcome of Joseph dream came true. (His brothers had bowed down to him.)

There is so much more than to just knowing this story as we read it in the bible. It goes deeper into deapth. Into invisable dementions that we cant see with out human eyes. There is a hidden mathamatical code in the bible and (if one knows how to read hebrew one can decifer it.)(being that I know how to read and decifer hebrew I will share with you my findings.) (I think this meathod is called delug osios skipping letters) I looked through the story of Joseph and I was able to pick out the word in hebrew meaning your mother (Josephs mother Rachael) which was the 156th word in that text I than counted 156 letters and came up with the word Bilha (Josephs step mother)also at interval letters of 99 what does this mean? if you want to know what Bilha is an interpretation of your mother a substitute for rachael because Rachael was dead when Joseph had dreamt this. Ironically the name Joseph in hebrew adds up numberically to 156. So another words this story is dementional giving us proof of the dream.

After researching this I sat stumped and confussed for days pondering this thought reolizing that not only does the bible predict the past, present and the future its a book of guidance to how to live our lives and to connect with God. Its more than being a guide the bible is indead the devine wisdom
a blueprint made my a great archetect! Accordingly anything that is in the world any event, name, concept, theory, and phenomenon is incoded in the bible.

Which brought me to the conclusing and leads me to believe that besides God and considering what I have seen several years ago. Gave me proof of time travelers. The bible code has reveiled its true secret to me that in order for such a code to exist and be multidementional it is the works and doings of time travels. How else could such information been obtained?

Time Travelers must have traveled through the dementions recording segments of time (much like a director of a movie) and incoded it into a invisible holographic multidementional code (THE BIBLE) How else could we account for such storys like the 3 wise men that followed the star to Jesus? (people read your bibles and the storys will start making sense.)

In my altimate analysis I have come to the conclusion that time travel or anyone that participates in time travel is in violation of the time line. Time Travel is WRONG!!! and should not be messed with in any form. UNLESS IT IS UNDER THE GREAT AUTHORSHIP OF GOD!!! Anyone that tries to manipulate time and history is in violation to all the codes of nature. Of course I am not the ultimate judge! maybe we should take warning from the TimeTravelActivist TTA!!! he was born with a great insite that transformed the larva into the butterfly. It is my oppinion that the same blind force, blindly seeing, deafly hearing, unconsciously remembering this cold shudder down his spine, this confrontation with an immense invisible face whose breath moves him to tears, he would not be the TimeTravelActivist.

The CAT...
Mac, I'm not really sure what you are asking?

Are you saying that each dimention is different?

I think that because of time travel, time is counterintuitive meaning it can be changed continually but that it always comes back to get us in some form filling in the gaps of what was altered.

This is why time travel should not be permitted as I mentioned above!!!

There is a worse war we have to contend with other than whats hapening in the world right now with sept 11 and terorism. Its the war on TIME TRAVEL and its violators. Personally I think sept 11 was linked to Time Travel violators altering world events and history.

If I didnt answer your question, please rephrase it.

I wasnt talking about time travel. I was asking f the theorie i described about alternate dimensions is true, then did Jesus not die in some parralel universe. I was merely trying to challenge christians to re-think there stand on some of the theories floating about. sorry if i wasnt clearer.

did you know that the koran has 6666 sentences. Was somebody trying to tell us something. also have you guys read HYPERSPACE BY MICHIO KAKU. I think you would like it.

You must keep in mid many things written, spoken, or done revolved around SOME kind of mathematics, counting, or organizing process. This may explain why there are so many similarities in text amount and such. No ic never read hyperspace. What is it about.

Its about parallel universes, time warps and the 10th dimension
Its aboout higher physics and of course time travel. check it out
heres another...if you die win one dimension, and your soul goes to heaven or hell, what happens to the "you" in the other countless dimensions. to go deeper would mean that we hav more than one soul if the theorie is true. what do you guys think?

Hell , Who told you you were going to hell hogwash. Another trick by dark forces to keep you under their thumb. Well everybody says Jesus says so or the bible says so.Well what about all those people who didn't live in that area .they have no concept of heaven or hell because they were living in the now.Jesus reference to hell was simpler than that. The Jews, Romans, and palestinians were fighting and trying to control each other at that time. Jesus knew if they continued their fighting that they would one day gain Nuclear technology. Jesus knew this was possible because his father was an advanced being who arlready knew this technology existed. He knew that under the law of free will that man would be able to invent and discover new things and would one day discover nuclear weapon.
Jesus was trying to unite the people in order to avoid this tradgedy. The hell he was talking about would be nuclear annilation. thats where the fire in hell came from. We would have to live in that hell in the future because of cause and effect. Karma. What goes around comes around. Your soul would end up living another life in that enviroment. So the best thing we can do now is to try to heal ourselves and love our brothers and sister no matter who they are because we are all in this together. So don't learn how to be good just learn how to love. If you want more info. On the subject of why Jesus' father knew this was possibe and who the so called devil is Try ZACHARIAH SITCHEN or a book called the PRISM OF LYRA. The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

hell isnt metaphorical, clara. It is VERY real. You cannot belive in God or Jesus and not belive in the Devil and Hell. sorry, just dosnt work that way. Hell, in the bibe, is said to be were Satan dwells. when Jesus was crucified, his sprit went into hell and he preached to demons for three days. Hell is a place, not a metaphor.
Hell is a state of being. Your not going anywhere when you live in the now you are only experiencing life. The god of the old testament told you you were going to hell to control you . He was trying to rob you of your like experience. Jesus came to free those under his bondage which was fear. "Did not Jesus say fear not for I am with you"
you are compltetly mis-enterpreting the bible! God does want us to fear him, otherwise people would oppose him just like Satan did. But he also wants us to love and serve him. The bible even says the meaning of life is to serve and love God. Non-christians can never understand what christianity is really about.
and may I add. Telling someone they are going to hell if thay don't do what I say instead of teaching them to love is fear based. Theres one problem here. You believe the God of the old testament is the God of the new testament big Mistake. Jesus said do not put new wine into old skins because both would become tainted. He was refering to adding the old testament god to the new testament god. Old testament god was about power and control the new testament god was about Love. Who do you think was trying to get rid of Jesus when he was born. Those living under old testament law. They lived by rules instead of there own hearts. Wouldn't you rather be loved then told what to do without any reasoning. Why don't you ask Jesus yourself rather than listen to everybody elses explaination ,even mine. You have the power you just havent't claimed it yet.
Here we go again Clara. Your trying to create this upset here, dividing people with their religion. Geesh, haven’t we learned anything about what’s going on in the middle east yet? Let them believe what they want to believe. As long as it’s not a cult, what should it matter?

Why are you so head strong about wanting to abolish religions? Who are you to say what is what we need to believe? Humanity is not about that… Your just wanting to duplicate what I’ve said to make people like you, but nothing beats the original
. You’re just a cheap knock-off.

I know your true intentions, and so does everybody else. You want us to follow just your beliefs. Your new age God. What planet did you say we should go live to again? Who’s your leader, Zu’s cousin Zoolio
founder of the newly formed Heavens Gate II?

Give me a break Clara, you’re so full of it…

This is humanities choice… Not your sell out choice of what we should do. Get that straight.

Clara, i have to say, if your not going to respond to my questions then dont come here and tell me im wrong! I made this forum to ask CHRISTIANS what they thought, not to be called stupid by a new-age tree hugger. Please stop posting. there upseting me

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