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At Tesla's AI Day, Elon Musk introduces the human-like robot Optimus.


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Elon Musk unveiled Optimus, the humanoid robot his business built, to the world at Tesla's AI Day yesterday as he had promised back in June of this year. After Optimus entered the stage to welcome the audience, a video showcasing its accomplishment of various tasks was played. The business has stated that one of the main advantages of its bots is that they can handle monotonous or hazardous tasks in settings like manufacturing floors.

And Musk's investment in AI is crucial because Tesla anticipates that its robots will eventually generate more revenue for the company than its cars would. What distinguishes Optimus from its rivals? With a far cheaper price tag, it claims to be significantly more productive and capable in terms of "thinking." Although the exact effects of humanoid robots on society are yet unknown, it seems as though Tesla may have just raised the bar in the AI game.

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