can someone convince me that tt is possible....


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no feces of a bull. just very simplistic reasoning and theories.
come on convince me if you can. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Re: Where are your manners?

Dear Friend Isus of EarthTR125.0121

Where are your manners? Please I beg you, refrain yourself from such a language. Not many people will be interested in answering your questions or even help you if you are going to be so straightforwardly rude.

Nonetheless, I shall answer.

Picture a line

This line now stretches in both direction into infinity.

Now take into consideration the curvature of spacetime.

Since it is curve this line will curve at every possible angle and finally meet it´s other side.

Now you have a found two localized singularities. The Alpha Point and the Omega Point.

Now picture a point in this infinite line your present, that is your point of reference. This will be your objective present.

Now if you could send a particle of light into a journey towards the omega point, although it will take a very long time to reach this point in spacetime, it will ultimately do. Once it passes the Omega point, it will traverse through the alpha point once again. Traveling all the way into the past of your objective present point. This is in fact a time travelling event.

Now it is up to you to understand it. I kept the formulas away, the technical words and hope you truly understand what I tried to convey onto you. Ah! I also avoided the very disturbing obscene words.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Where are your manners?

well, with regard to your comments, i understand in principle your theory, but how do you propose to utilise this and put into practice?
what we are really getting at here is "the vehicle".
and if i may draw your attention to another post i made.... (comments would be greatley appretiated)...

are we to believe that my (yesterday) is a rhetoric, it never ends,
at some point in an alternate time line iam constantly living yesterday over and over again. and even more complex, each time i press a key to type this message, each key i press once pressed in an alternate time line iam pressing that key over and over, if tt were possible EVERY single decicion i ever made has been logged and ready to re-visit, every single nanosecond!????

do you believe this to be true.?
thanx for reeading,
Re: Alpha Omega Points

Friends Of EarthTR125.0121

The theory has been stated, the problem now is to put it into a practical use.

Well I direct your attention to the Rosenfeld Drive that powers the Hourglass. What this device does is to actually bend spacetime around the vessel and once it finds itself in the middle of the Alpha Omega Points, it slides through them towards the intended destination.

Picture a very flexible rod. This rod has two ends, one is the alpha point, the other one is the omega point. Now taking into consideration that this rod is spacetime, bend it into a circle like form around the Hourglass.

About the Yesterday Paradox, well it is very possible that this that you say is true according to quantum physics. You could see a very rudimentary example of this when you place yourself between two large mirrors. The photons will bounce off the surface of one mirror and then bounce again towards the surface of the other mirror. Then it will bounce again, for ever and ever. This you can see as the images of the mirror are a nearly fractarial representation of the reality in front of the mirror. I hope this could help you.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Alpha Omega Points

Dear Transient,

This Rosenfeld drive:

Does it use a cluster of 4 and then 8 and then in each end one is thrusted out of the way by another, like four marbles all touching, and one other marble shot at one in the four while another marble is shot at another marble in the other four, like a twisting two-threaded propulsive laser, and in doing so, because the original 8 marbles of are of very HEAVY isometircs, a gravitational wave,vortex is created, and the matter is slipped through, from marble to marble (I use marble to visualise it, meaning atom, particle, photon, whatever is applicable). And this two-string twisted laser that is propelling the gravitaional vortex, is very much like the double helix of got it..DNA model.

This is how I visualize it.

And in operation, a donut of convexing concaving energy is created that stands still, yet moves forward accross space/time (aka "Spime" ala Robin) and one can most definitely access this with the miracle that is the BRAIN.

What vehicle? Well, most certainly the best vehicle of all, our consciousnous, our brains. Maybe it isn't even our brains, heightened states of emotion can also bring about such happenings, without our understanding of what has actually occured.

The most important thing to remember is to, yes, be on guard, but to stay true to oneself and your ideals. Each step you take into the unknown can have ramifications, and my best advice is to be worthy of your heroes. Be your own hero! Do the right thing, and you are wise in your own simpleness.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.

1. Prior to 1930 physicists had begun to theorize that we may be living in a holographic universe....and to this day have not ceased their writings.

2. In early. 1999, a company by the name of Hewlitt-Packard discovered that this was the case after adding another device obtained from IBM. After observing the atom it was stated that the parts of the atom were actually no more than electromagnetically-induced pulses of light.

The first thing this proved was that matter is not resisting matter....but force resisting force in terms of pure energy. From this point on it was considered top secret.

3. The thoughts on time travel have been verified in any number of ways, mostly due to the experiments by the Russians. There are mostly, as primary examples, just an alteration of time in fast-flying jets. This same experience also seems to be otherwise seen in invisible vortexes but are all connected to an electromagnetic phenominon in some way. SO FAR I HAVE NOT DISCUSSED SCIENCE FICTION BUT PURE RESEARCH. THE NEXT PHASE OF MY ORIGINAL WORK IS GOING TO BE IN THEORY AND I AM STILL WORKING ON IT. HERE IS MY THEORY:

According to Hewlitt Packard, just what is it that I can reasonably assume? Why is it now top secret?

The government has been working day and night on various devices or electromagnetic devices from transmitters to weapons. At the same time, lasers and holography are also on the top of the list. Why is that??

Let us assume for a moment that this IS a holographic Universe....and further, that the projectionist is the entity we call God. It would probably indicate that we were not really 'here' as we perceive it; further that time and distance did not exist.

Would it be too much of a jump to presume that the government might be working on a plan to take our reality over and actually become our master....just as in the movie, "The Matrix?"

Outside of this plan, this is what I personally am working on: We are all gods in training. One day we will create our own worlds. This is what we are eventually destined to do.

We know quite a lot about the 'human' entity and what it is capable of. One thing in particular is the fact that we produce and use electromagnetics........when we are trained to do produce results. This, then, we shall refer to as the spirit.

In this scenario one will train for mastership of directing his own reality; that there is no past nor future, only being in the present. In this case one may go back in time by 'creating' a past and conversely the future by creating a future.

In past experimants, working with electrical fields, I have gone back to about 1940-45 and even taking my wife back with me. We visited an old fashioned five and dime store and went down to the basement and I discussed with her the idea of staying there. The fact that she refused to stay prohibited me from the 'possibility' of staying there. I have not been able to reproduce this phenomina since but I will certainly keep at it.

The primary problem seems to be a combination of field intensities and coupled with the rates of vibratory emmissions.

It shows a lot of promise.
If this is all top secret how come you know about it? If you say its all on the internet then I am going to have to slap you. We want proof, pictures, top secret documents smuggled out the lab, we want film, audio, technospeak that isn't techno-babble. We want 100% bonafide proof. Just telling us you know is like me revealing that I am in league with the Alpha Draconians and have been sent to prepare the way, because i said so.
So, the challenge is there, go to it young man and show us your proof.
I didn't quite believed what J Titor said, until CNN reported that in the American capitol roadblocks where installed. I think serious unrest by the goverment is being created, just to let the New World Order take control over Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif JTT is REAL. Just accept it. The picture drawn into question is fake, but that doesn't prove his whole story is wrong. We have still a couple month's to go before the elections take place. There is still time left to prove his story is correct.

Anyway, in an try to anwser the question of the possibilty of timetravel. For every try that takes place to prove that time travel cannot be done, there is another few more possible way's to time travel being discovered. Even the scientists who made up the superstring theory tried to prove it was impossible; they only found yet another way to prove they are wrong and it can be done.

So I'm not sure what to believe about time travel by the way, there are plenty few people, and they are not the least, who say it can be done. But no-one ever posted a picture of reality in the future or a new picture during the killing of JFK. That is indeed stuff to think about.
Outside of this plan, this is what I personally am working on: We are all gods in training. One day we will create our own worlds. This is what we are eventually destined to do.

Seriously, what makes you think you are a god in training? Is Hitler a God in training? Absolute power corrupts. I don't see how the human body physically and mentally endowed with irreversible flaws believe in such a corrupted idea of becoming God. It is absolutely ludicrous and certainly very unrealistic. Open up your eyes, look around you, the beautiful creation. Breathe in the air and be glad your alive. You can see, touch, smell, hear and taste. You can walk and use your limbs. You feel all powerful.

But, what about the paralysed? What about the mentally disabled? Are they to believe that they would be a God someday. I find that having such an idea is mocking the very essence of living. I would discourage anyone to have such ideas and just embrace the short years of life and appreciate it. In my case, you only live it once.
The answer is simple.

11=time travel.

Don't forget the story about noah and his ark.

try not to laugh.

Best Regards