Can someone truly build a working time machine?

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I am not this tazberg moron who is pretending to be 13 years old. Give me a break when I was 13 I could type pretty good, and did not make such outrageous mistakes. I have never traveled in time, but I would like to do it. That is why I am wondering if anyone owns a working time machine. I am not asking for someone to build one for me, that is just being cocky. I am not interested in people jerking me around. I am very serious. I have always wanted to travel in time and see what happens in the future and live the past. I am not out to do evil, like changing the past or corrupting the future. I really want to see how my life turns out. Could anyone provide plans or schematics showing how to build it, work it, and get back to the present. I will pay for them, if necessary.
You would pay? How much? Your Mom will be pissed if you spend your lunch money on time machines, treasure maps, magic beans or the like. If a person had such things he would already BE rich and wouldn't even want your money.

"I'll pay"....ain't that what Taz said? Oh yeah I'll just BET you'd like to get your sweaty little palms on a working time machine. "I'll pay" said the fox to the rabbit. How do you think anyone smart enough to have time travel capability is going to be stupid enough to fall for the curious kid scam?

Tell me, if you had blueprints for a working modle could you build it? If you are good enough to build it then how come you aren't good enough to figure out HOW to build it yourself?

If you are so interested why don't you get an education and make one yourself? Too lazy? Just get somebody else to do all the work and then steal it from them. We all would like to get something for nothing but as one grows up they stop EXPECTING it.
Hey tazberg, why did you forge my name on your posting? I'm TimeTravelActivist. Not TTA. But your making it seem like it was me who edited your last post. Why?

That's messed up Tazberg. Why do you have to be doing something like that?

-Javier C.

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Tazberg- know why nobody beleives you? because you truly are lying and I can prove it.

on your posting there is an editing on there by TTA edited 21 of june. you typed this in to plan a deception as if someone from the future had edited your posting.

but you messed up.back there on the "warning time travel Activist plot to destroy time itself" post under your posting made on May 31 2000. there is another editing there by TTA. however you goofed on this one.

you typed it in as (edited June 1 2000).]
the computer is not set up that way . had it been a true editing it would have said (edited 01 June 2000).]

and since you have no editing capabilities I guess you cannot go back and fix it.
your postings are not even a minute apart which you had just enough time to type the small amount you did.

funny games you are playing here Taz.

WoW Pamela, your good. =) I don't want to play Clue with you. You'll figure it out before the game even starts.

Thanks for clearing things up though =D. Tazberg is a chump. Trying to make it seem like it was edited from the future, and putting my name as the person who edited it.

That's pretty low Tazberg... Go play your N64 and other things 13 year old boys do.


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everybodys e-mail address is up at the top by their name. the little white letter with the red stamp. you just click on it. it says Mail.incase you want anybody elses. if you click on the "who" with the face it tells you more about the person writing the post.
hey,you should become a member you have some well thought out posts,that way you could edit them to if you wanted.

my address is: [email protected]

How are ya? I could see both of us playing Clue together..that might be kinda fun.

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I'm not an expert on time travel but viewing yourself in the future is very unlikely , I have done some research . If you were to travel to the future your origin wave would have been moved up to the future time . It would be a sort of present time . See , you would have kind of Skipped a track , you wouldn't have done what you would have done in between the time you went forward into the future and when you arrived . You'd be leaving the reality in which you came and be entering an entirely new one . It's very very , complicated . And obviously hard to explain .
In addition , a way you could possibly meet your future self by going to the future , returning back to the "present" (the time in which you left ) and completing what time you missed and then finding your other self in the future !
Hello all. I'm new to this message board. I have been interested in this topic for some time and it's nice to have found other people to discuss the subject with. Do any of you have America Online Instant Messenger, or ICQ?
I understand what you're saying. In laymens terms when I arrive for the future, I will not be there because, between the time I left and when I arrive I was not on the planet living life. I would be "missing" to the rest of the world for that period of time. Its nice to have reasonable responses for a change. I guess it was a good thing I copied this one by accident. The other one is full of crap. I really don't care about it anymore, because I will never get to do it anyway.
The word "for" should be "from" in the first sentence and to clarify the last sentence; I will never get the chance to travel through time to test the many theories.