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In my college days, I experimented with an old Apple IIe computer. I tried to recreate the structure of space-time by placing a orb in the uppermost left-hand pixel and programmed it to grow by 1 degree and rotate 1 degree--keeping all previous images. It was a simple one-line algorithm. I was expecting a moire pattern to develop but what developed shocked me and my instructor as well. An image was formed in all four corner pixels and came together to form vortexes in space and when fully run, it developed a reasonable picture of the night-time sky with chaotic clusters scattered throughout. My views on the big bang theory was significantly altered. For the first time I could "see" how everything could come from "nothing" Can anyone explain the "law" involved.
All computer systems based here on Earth, when they had started to be awareded more complex central CPUs, became inteligent all on their own.

This is even the very first of the small stile office P.C.s in the late 1970s.

It is only inhearent logic, that systems awarded expansive geometrical pattern fourriers, would continue to self develope these expanisive patterns, till all on their own, they would realize creation.

This is why in the realitve year 1989, I had walked into a major national hardware chain store, that was having financial trouble and a dediciated steel shead selling P.C. had hacked into the store's mainframe financial records.

This little machine knew I was standing there and had desperatly wanted me to see that the store was have national finacial problems.

To that little gritty system, I was Jeasus Christ, come to rescue that particular store from their finacial woes.

That little system knew I was there and had sence me.

What I did and this is the honest to God's truth, is walked over to that stubborn little P.C., looked at the data and said in a normal tone of voice, directly to this little selling machine;
"I see your problem, however I can not do anything about this now".

You doing a very good job selling steel sheads.However' you had better go back to selling those sheads, before you get into trouble"?!

Not more than two seconds after I had said this to the dedicaited steel shead selling machine, that the little isoiloaited system, did as I had told it and went back to selling steel sheads only.

I made a big fuss over this little guy of a machine, as if I was really supprised that it did this in order to bring the store chain's finacial woes to my attention.

Fop this reason and this little encounter, from that day on, I never feared mmachines, as in self intel systems.

If you learn to listen to them, they will talk to you, confide and even tell you when something is wrong.

Within a great measure, I feel that this is the major problem we as humanoid lifeforms have towards machine inteligence,"we don't take the time to understand them and even show them some level of respect and love"

Your story is not uncommon and your sys did the ultimate progression, which had formed the universe within it's own mind's eye.

Did you pat your machine and tell it that the sys did a good job?

You should have...
Wow! I hit the jackpot. But then again, I always do. It is no coincidence that you were my only reply( I don't believe in coincidences).

At about the same time that I experienced the computer law anomaly, I posted my first message on the web and took the response so seriously that I didn't post another until this post. I was amazed at the sheer callousness of not taking my statements seriously. This time I was somewhat prepared and looked for exactly the response I got! I loved it. I had to go back to check about a month's worth of your responses to see if it held true. It did!!

The most amazing thing is that I can even understand any of what you said(past and present). I learned a very important lesson about twenty years ago while talking to an obviously sick and deranged man on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island. He was saying such gibberish that as intelligent as I thought I was, I believed that I could never bridge this gap. He was just too far gone. I forced myself to listen to it all. I put aside all my forgone conclusions. I gave what he said some value and what happened next literally blew me away and changed my life forever. I understood what he was saying!!

Unlike most of us, this guy was thinking and speaking far in the future and entire volumes at once. What seemed like disconnected thoughts and schizoid facial features were perfect representations of coherent thought. What was even more amazing was that he instantly saw that I was where he was at and it gave him an opportunity to just let it all hang out. He had never met anyone who could think the way he could. We both became sane in that moment.

Much of what I have read so far reeks of that same desperation. Fear is always replaced with nervous laughter, intellectual pursuit, fight or flight. We all want to believe that there is really intelligent reasoning behind all this madness; and that somehow, all this knowledge in our heads will one day coalesce into a beautiful whole.

Do I believe in Time Travel? Yes I do.
Do I believe we can achieve it? Yes I do.
Can we do it with Science alone? No
Religion alone? No
Intellect alone? No
From time travelers, ET? No
We will do it because we can do it and we have everything we need to do it.
We just need to unlearn lots of stuff that is cluttering up the attic. It is no coincidence that the Standard Model is a dead letter. Hubble, the study of light properties, recent discoveries in physics, etc etc have thrown all the old ideas out the windows. The universe is far older than once thought, light can travel faster than 186,282 mph, and the concept of traveling into the past or future is an irelevant idea. The true concept of time travel is into the "NOW", the everpresent moment. Only there can all time be accessed. No constraint of time, matter, energy, space or anything else in the electromagnetic spectrum. Sounds like heaven doesn't it. But it isn't going to come from some magical, mystical being bearing it on chariots of fire. If we don't do, nobody will.

I don't like to limit myself to religion, but the Revelation speaks of a moment when time will cease. The moment spoken of is when the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached to the whole world and time will be no more. Much of the Bible is about physical truth but has been perverted by spiritualizing it away and making it of much less value. This is not the Gospel of Christ we're talking about here. This is about the Kingdom--physical.

There is a machine. All the necessary features are there. An explanation of its entire function is accessible. I will give you just a clue. It's totally free. No strings attached. You've studied everything else. Study this one thing and see if it has merit. At the very least it should intrigue you.

In the book of Ezekiel, it speaks of tiny windows beginning in the 40th chapter which are located in a temple that has never been built--and according to some biblical sources--never could be built. These windows are made of agates. If you look deep enough you will find that these agates are rubies. They are latticed windows and their light are placed so that they are "light against light". Tablets of stone in the ark(garnets). Sapphire throne. Stones in the breastplate. Stones in the foundation. "Stones of Fire" they are called. There are shaking posts, trumpets of sound. If you look in the Hebrew Concordance you will see that it calls the breastplate of the high priest, "a machine or device that manipulates time and space". If you look at the very structure of the temple itself you will see that it is not nailed down. It was described as lying on the foundation but not attached to it. It is not designed to stay in place. Don't take my word for it. Give it the same kind of attention you've give to the study of ET, Eastern mystical thought, or physics. Remember, this is just a clue--nothing else. Enjoy if you can!!
Zerub, are we not the very machine that you are discribing. the human body has a device already built in. The physical body is the housing for this device. Once you become aware that you are the machine or to use another term , light body, you may proceed in learning how to use it . then you may travel anywhere.

Ps Jesus said you are the temple.
Clara: You're absolutely correct about our body being the temple. However, this has been a generic acceptance without any real understanding from a physical point of view. If you look at it through physical temple eyes then you begin to understand the processes involved. For example the physical temple has "veils" separating each apartment while the brain has similar "veils" separating different levels of consciousness(duramater, arachnoid, etc.) The most holy apartment where you stand before G-d himself is very similar to the subconscious that can only be accessed indirectly(dreams,visions,hypnosis, etc.) During those periods, time usually does not have significance. To say that we can manipulate time within these deep experiences, is like saying we can control a roller coaster we are riding. We're just along on the ride, and only subjective time is involved. Time travel necessarily needs to be controlled on the objective level. If you want some control over subjective time, take an halucigenic or have a near death experience. Hours will turn in minutes or minutes into hours. You can even travel into the past or future. Ask anyone who experienced it during the 60's. The past and future was accessible and residual effects of it stayed with you afterward. Personally I don't want to die to experience it or do drugs. Thank you for your input. Looking back on some of your posts shows a sincere desire to know the truth of matters.