Deatheagle’s Unintentional Time Travel & Teleportation Experiences


Temporal Novice
Hello. My name Is Deatheagle online. I live in a small town in Illinois. I am a gamer, currently a drug addict, a huge music and movie fan (mainly classic rock, 90’s rock, superhero movies and comedies and things about well, strange things like time travel). I would like to state before I go into all of this, that I HAVE been diagnosed by our lovely medical community of being a schizo affective person. This may cause you to disregard all I say as pure delusion, but I urge you to read on, as as it’s incredibly interesting and quite frightening to myself. I have been studying these types of subjects online in various areas for years now. The words I am about to type are not fiction, at least not to me. It’s your choice whether you choose to believe them or not. I must also post a general NSFW alert and trigger warning, as things do get somewhat morose at times.

Now, to begin with, I’m just going to get it out of the way. I believe I am a time traveler. I also believe I can teleport across space, which does factor into my tale quite a bit. Basically, I can travel space-time, and in certain situations I can see the future in my mind’s eye. I’m not sure exactly when or how this started happening, but I would guess sometime around 2007-2008 was the first time I started seeing some… anomalies in my life. I do not have a time machine, and when it happens, I never intend to do it. Basically I will lay down to go to sleep, then I will wake up in unfamiliar surroundings rather suddenly. I have startles people who have noticed me appear out of thin air many times. Once when returning to my uhh, “natural” place in space-time, I even startled my cat, who was lying in my bed when I rematerialized. If the kitty gets started, you know something’s up.

It took me a while to catch on to what was happening, because I guess for some reason, when I de-materialize and re-materialize somewhere else, it scrambles my brains and memories. I guess reforming the entire human structure, including the brain and memories is quite hard on the body, and it makes it difficult to remember things. Later on there will be something that kind of clues me in on, a bit of evidence or residue, whatever you like to call it, that tips me off, and memories come crashing into my brain as I piece it all together. I have been told that this is a symptom of my supposed mental illness, but it all feels very real to ME. When “traveling” as I call it, there are other side effects as well, mainly I kind of drunken feeling. Like my brains aren’t working quite right. It has gotten me into a bit of trouble a few times, as people notice me appear out of nowhere, and wonder how I got there, being as it is closed off to the public, I’m in the wrong dress, I’m in a literal warzone, etc. These people have called me everything from a heretic to a lunatic in more modern times.

I am not from the future or past, this is my “natural” place in the time stream, in 2023, USA. I am not sure how I got these abilities. Sometimes I wonder very seriously if I’m the victim of a mass conspiracy, and that my entire life is a sham. Like maybe I was brainwashed by the government and used in some project similar to the Montauk project, but since I can teleport, I can’t be held in a normal prison. I was thus labeled a failure and now I’m kind of just, out there at large. So they have devised the prison of “comfort” for me. I live in a house, rent free, with little to no worries. I do drugs freely, and everyone knows. I sit around and play video games for days on end until I’m so out of it I just pass out. It’s all to escape these “intrusive” thoughts. But there are other days where I obsess over reading about all kinds of supernatural things and aliens, etc. I try to take it all with a grain of salt, but when you have seen the things I have, it gets pretty scary.

Another possibility I have pondered is if all of life’s stress, which has been immense for me personally; all of the heartbreak and betrayal and terrible things that have happened to me and been done to me, combined with a lot of psychedlic drugs and mystical studies, has made me break through to some higher level of existence. Almost like I’m a superhuman, though I don’t like to use that word when describing myself. It’s very similar at times to the Matrix films. Sometimes I feel like a little bit of the cracks in the matrix show up, and I notice them. Sometimes it takes a minute, or even a week, to get what I saw, but it was there. Something I like to research is the Mandela Effect, which could be caused my meddling with space time wantonly, which I am unfortunately guilty of, given my “drunken” state at the time these events occur. I’m NOT saying I was drinking alcohol. I haven’t been a drinker for a 11 years, though I do have other vices now. Psychedlics no longer work because of the ssris I’m prescribed… I’m thinking of going off them and seeing what happens, and possibly trying to take psychs again, basically for experimental purposes, but I digress. My basic point is that I don’t know how or why I can do this or why it’s happening to me in particular. It’s a blessing and a curse.

If you guys are interested, I have many, many, MANY tales I can tell you about my travels. For a while it was happening all the time. Like every week another incident would occur. I have had famous celebrities show up in my podunk town looking for me. I have met so many famous people I can’t keep track of them all. Some of them get mad at me and think I’m a troll, and some of them, I saved their lives… or in some cases even predicted their deaths. I am not a malevolent force though. I am a spirit healer. Sometimes healing the sprit can be, well, turbulent, for lack of a better word.

I have so much to tell but I don’t know where to start. If you guys could just ask me some questions to kind of start me somewhere I can elaborate. I have had my finger in a lot of pies over the years, but I’m not rich. I never use my powers for personal gain, maybe personal enjoyment, but I don’t play the stock market or try to make myself rich by investing money into a bank account 100 years ago or some crap like that. I’m not sure how time travel works totally. Like if it is the multiple realities effect, or if it’s something like back to the future where there is one static timeline. I have learned this though; time flows, like a river, inexorably to certain events. Trying to change these events only delays them, ie, John Lennon was always going to get shot, Hitler was always going to rise to power, and Obama was always going to be the first black president. I have stories about all three of these men, as I have encountered them in my travels. I know, it’s hard for me to believe too. But you know how even if your mind doesn’t remember something, your body does. You can remember smells, vibes, touches. Etc. And these are some of the things that open the floodgates of actual memories.

You are free to laugh this all off, or think I’m a loon. I just need to get this all written down somewhere and get it out of my head. Much more to come. For the time being though, ask me something. Anything. Please. I mean to serve, but I fear the depression, loneliness, and “madness” may become too much for me soon.

Farewell for now, fellow travelers.
Welcome to TTI! 🙂

Trying to change these events only delays them, ie, John Lennon was always going to get shot, Hitler was always going to rise to power, and Obama was always going to be the first black president.

You know, I definitely want to prevent at least two of those three things from happening. Although I’m on the fence with the idea Hitler rising to power. Yes, Hitler was an evil man, and the things he did were horrible, but I can’t help but think that him rising to power serves as a lesson to the public to not let history repeat itself.
Hello Deatheagle,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. While I understand your background and mental health diagnosis, I’m curious to hear more about your experiences. I’ll start with a few questions:
  1. Can you provide an example of a specific incident where you believe you time-traveled or teleported?
  2. How do you determine the time or place you’ve traveled to when you experience these events?
  3. Have you ever encountered any other individuals who claim to have similar abilities or experiences as yours?
It’s always fascinating to consider different perspectives on time travel and its potential implications.
Thank you Cosmo and Classic (hope you don’t mind me calling you that) for reading my writings and for taking me seriously. That feels very good. You see, most of the time people either tell me that A. I’m mentally ill and B. that none of this ever happened. Things I have very clear and vivid memories of.

You asked for an example, and I will give a couple of short ones. The first time I remember teleporting was back in about 2008. I lived in a small apartment on the town square, and at the time I worked and enjoyed going to many concerts. There was a festival called the Ten Thousand Lakes Festival up north. I wanted to go so bad, but I couldn’t afford. Festivals are just too expensive. I found out one of my best friends was going, and I was furious with him. He KNEW how much I wanted to go.

I went to sleep that night, and I woke up and realized that I was indeed at a festival. I saw the flag flying in the air near a campsite, and was intrigued. When I made my way over there, I realized that it was indeed the people from and they were at the Festival. Somehow, because of the time punch drunkeness, I ended up getting into an argument with them. It didn’t matter that I was one of their biggest fans; they more or less mocked me for it and said they hated everything about being in this festival and Swaim said “just take me abck to the city right now!” This showed me that they weren’t as enlightened as they seemed to be on screen. Anyway I digress. As I argued with them, all of a sudden the friend I referred to earlier happened upon us. He was like holy shit dude you made it! Then realized what was happening. He pulled me away form them and we began walking. He started asking me who I was there with and how I got there etc. At this point, my “energy” as I will call it, was getting very low, and I felt the need to sit down. I ran around a car to get away from him for a sec… and then I woke up at home the next day.

He called me when he got back to town and was like “where the fuck did you go man?” “I couldn’t find you, you just disappeared.” I asked him what the fuck he was talking about, because I of course didn’t remember what had happened, and he was as confused as me. “dude you were at 10k, I saw you there. Remember?” Then I did remember what had happened, but I was very confused, as I had worked on saturday and I even told him that. How could I have been there. He eventually got frustrated with me and said whatever I’ll hook up with you later. I was left dumbfounded, but just kind of had to shrug it off and get on with my life. You have to understand that when these things happen, it’s very confusing.
All of sudden you are in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by people you don’t know, sometimes famous people. And generally since you have no idea whats going on, you ask people where you are. People then get upset and think you are a mental patient who has escaped or something along those lines. “Oh honey, you don’t know where you are?” “we’ve got to help this poor man!” Things like that. It gets even worse when you ask what year it is. One has to be very careful about what they say, lest people become alarmed at your questions and trouble comes along.

I try to just pick up where I am by context clues, or by saying, “we’re in england right?” or something like that. You have to be delicate. People will just kind of shut down when confronted with this kind of thing. Either that, or they will get angry or concerned. I have had people get very angry with me when I am all of a sudden in a weird place looking confused.

One time, a very short occurance happened, where I found myself in an upscale restaurant. They guy who played Samwise in TLOTR, Sean Astin was sitting at a table. I notcied him and went “hey, Samwise!” I was excited and asked him a couple questions, at which point he was like who the hell are you and how did you get here? Of course I couldn’t tell him how I had ACTUALLY gotten there, so I just kind of smiled and shrugged it off with a sheepish laugh. “AM I not supposed to be here Sir?” I asked. He says to me “Your clothes look like rags. How did you get past the door man?” I then realized everyone was wearing suits, and looking right at me. Then I was approached by a woman who wanted to defuse the situation. She told me it was an upscale restaurant with a dress code. I foolishly replied “Like a snooty place for rich people?” And she said “yeah, a snooty place” and was very noticeably irritated by what I had said. Sean said “can I get back to my date please?” as he was noticeably irritated with me as well. THen the waitress came up and started asking me questions… and I ran. I found a dark corner to hide in, and then I woke up back home.

One thing I didn’t mention before is that it seems that I have to be in a dark place for the “magic” to happen. Not like emotionally dark. Like literal darkness, as if the shadows have something to do with it. I have no idea really. For some reason I intuitively realized that I can’t have people looking at me while I teleport. I mean, I don’t want to drive anyone insane or anything. I know personally how much that sucks. haha

As for your third question, I don’t believe I have ever met anyone who had the same abilities as me. If they did, they didn’t tell me about it. The only other person I have met in my tavels who said they had a power was a female youtuber I happened upon. She told me that she could make her skin as hard as a rock. When I told her what I could do, she was afraid of me. I don’t know if you guys are Familiar with the marvel comics character Kang the Conqueror, but I strive to not end up like him. I think that was the first thing she though of and quite frankly, if someone told me these things, I would fear them too.

I assure you, I will never intentionally try to erase someone or something from existence. I try to be careful. I keep that movie The Butterfly Effect in mind as an example of how fucked up things can get from the smallest change.

I know that my stories are going to be hard to believe the more I tell, but I swear on my life that I’m telling my truth. I have done some incredible things, and people have tried to pay me in the past. For some reason, I always refuse to be paid in the moment. Like, it just feels right to not be paid. I would love to be rich, but I feel like using a superpower I have no control over to get rich is kind of morally wrong. THe time punch drunkeness also kind of messes things up. The things that I am (fairly) certain that I have had a hand in either creating or just kind of creatively boosting are deep and varied.

I will try to list all the things I can think of that I came up with. I did a LOT for the game fortnite as far as ideas go. I designed a raid for world of warcraft, the black rock foundry. I came up with the story and concept of life is strange, just the first one though not the sequels. I came up with Hearthstone’s intial idea, though this one is a little hazy. I also came up with a game called Dirty Bomb that never really went anywhere. Zelda Breath of the WIld, Mario Odyssey, Wario Ware Gold, and the very design of the nintendo switch were all my ideas. I have come up with the concepts for a couple of marvel projects as well, notably, Spider Man: No Way Home, The disney plus series What If, and the airport scene in Captain America: Civil War. I also Outlined the idea for Wandavision. I even came up with the name for it! I’ll stop ther elest you guys think I’m pulling your leg. It’s really odd to see a piece of work you came up with show up in media you enjoy, ESPECIALLY when you don’t even remember having come up with it until you see it.

I’m not sure if I’m either totally insane, or if I’m a superhuman living in the Matrix. I have had instances of people doing what I call “breaking character”. When they say or do something that they would normally never say, showing me their true personality. When I ask them what the hell that was, they just play it off. They will say something lout loud like “Did you guys hear what he just said?” as if someone is listening. It reminds me of the scene in the Trueman Show where he asks his wife “Who the hell ya talkin to?” I mean it’s very noticable. As if I’m being watched at all times. THis is a big part of why my life is a sham in my eyes. They call it imposter syndrome when people think that their loved ones are in on some conspiracy or against them somehow, and I’m usually told that’s what it is. Without recording every single conversation I’ve ever had with anyone, there is no way of catching someone in it. Sigh. I’m going to stop now before I wear myself out. There are just so many layers to what is going on. I haven’t figured everything out, and I believe “they” are doing everything they can to keep me in the dark. More later. I could seriously write books on all of my experiences.

Farewell for now, fellow travelers. less than three
@Deatheagle - Not to be rude, offensive, or anything like that, but I might have found a hole in one of your claims.

While we can agree that some bad things are meant to happen to teach us all a lesson, one of the statements you made was that Hitler was always going to rise to power. Well, I’ve seen the specific notion of killing Hitler as a baby more than once. If that were done, he could never rise to power!

Again, no offense intended. I’m just offering constructive criticism.
Bro, I believe you’ve done all of the things that you’ve gone through, diagnosed or not. But ask yourself if your parents, the ones who gave birth to you, have been with you throughout your life. Have they constantly been there for you since childhood? If yes, then no, you’re not tripping out. You’re just having live visions, as if deja vu manifests. And no, you’re not a time traveler from the future. From the past, maybe, but from the future, no. Past as in pre-your-birth to be raised all over again from childhood into your young adulthood.

You’re going through these visions because you’re fighting inside for the truth, and you have a different connection. A painful one. But no, you’re not from the future. You can guide the future though. Once you find a way to articulate each vivid experience of transfers and times, and you can make the correct argumentative articulation of events around you, you'll see the future. It’s seen through feelings, not with sight. Even though your experience is with sight, you have to understand what the feeling is telling you as you’re seeing and experiencing your visions.

About the drugs. You won’t be able to recover from the drugs until you go through the entire process. And, THAT'S A BIG AND, if you survive without suicide or a complete loss of consciousness, you will come out at the end of your drug use with a better understanding of life as a man and the path you’ll end up choosing as your personal right of choice with faith. There will come a time within your enlightenment when you'll find help in some form. Maybe like the one I’m writing you, or through God directly interfering to protect you from being lost in the other world. Just ensure to keep your journey silent and to yourself until you can make a factual-based argument and articulation of events, characters, locations, and lives you’re witnessing.

Example: the moon falling on earth, yet you’re the only one seeing the event occur and everyone else around you is in no state of panic. Or another example: nature and people around you "glitching", freezing, or having another type of interaction which isn't human nature. Witness these events. Learn from them. And move on. Keep the world that your parents built for you as the hope in the back of your heart. So you can always come back to it and accept it as the real reality, just in case you go through an episode which is too much to handle.

Trust me, you’re not the only person here. I personally know myself from my last life to this life, to the next life. And I’m a Christian. I’m here writing you this because, as Christians, the only next life we believe in is Heaven or the other world. But I also know my destiny and know what I have experienced. I’ve learned from it, and I also know I’m the child who migrated to the United States, the great eagle mentioned within one of the holy books… With my mother. How do I know all of this? Because I lived it before I read about it. My personal life was written long before I was here, yet I had lived my personal life long before I read the book.

So trust me. Test yourself. Rise above. Don’t commit suicide. Don’t listen to the voices. Don’t let the visions consume you forever. Settle down when you’re ready, once the time is right. And go about your way, knowing you have your personal experience and the personal option to choose which faith to follow as your right of choice after your experiences. Everything else, set it aside. Okay?

Even if you killed Hitler back then, someone else would rise to power and in theory things could get worse. It wasn’t just Hitler that was the monster, the entire toxic society back then paved the way into it. I’m not kidding.
@LeoTCK - I half agree with what you’re saying. Someone else would rise to power of course, but I don’t think it was necessarily a toxic society alone that paved the way for a monster to rise to power. There is a global elite known as the cabal, or Deep State, that had been playing a major role in shaping the course of human history for centuries. And it’s only been in recent years that people have begun to wake up to it and fight back.
I am a victim of this deep state but I am not convinced they are a worldwide cabal as such, more like they follow certain set of instructions and methods that have existed for a long while.

Also I’m kind of questioning my sanity even being here but at least you guys aren’t as over the place as luke can be (whose actions made me come here in the first place).

I’ve been basically shut down from society and have real trouble surviving now, have ended up in a place with too high rent and not anyone caring, being victim of false rumors all around, being not put into any cathegory thus falling through the cracks of the system that they tightly created. Because there’s this overemphasis on cathegories and anyone who starts to develop and fall out of that they try to shun.