Government Experiments: Fact or Fiction?

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This is for those of you that think the govt has nothing to do with us and has no affect on us. 1: Rochester, N.Y. 1940's Strong Memorial Hospital. Across the street a long brick building used as a base for the Manhattan Project; 18 patients at the hospital were chosen at random and for years they were injected at regular intervals with Plutonium. The patients had no idea and thought it was part of their regular treatment for what ever problems they had.
2: 1950 San Francisco, Calif. The army secretly staged 6 attacks of biological warfare spraying the city from ships in the harbor and planes flying over. They used Ceratium Arcessins and tracked how far the bacteria traveled. 11 people were admited to the hospital with serious bacterial infections and one died. 3: 1951-1963 there were 925 atomic and hydrogen bombs tested in the USA, The largest bomb in 1957 was set off under code name HOOD and 3000 soldiers were used to test the effects of radiation bu sitting in the fallout. 4: Minneapolis, Mn. summer 1952; For a period of 3 months, from 8A.M until midnite every day, Zinc Cadmium Sulfide was sprayed on the suburbs by trucks and off roof tops with the heaviest spraying on school children at the Clinton Elementary School to see how long they would live. 5: N.Y.C. 1966; For three days plainclothed govt agents carried briefcases full of light bulbs into the subways and broke the lightbulbs on the ground as the trains would empty all the people on to the station. The commuters would then breathe in Bacilus Subtillus Varient Nature. The experiment failed as many lived in the suburbs and their illness or deaths could not be observed. There is also the famous Tuskeegee syphilus exp. where medicines were denied to see how fast they would die. Then there was the Lsd put into soldiers food and water to see if it would hone their killer instincts. Even England has admitted to spraying at least 50 million people with toxic chemicals to see the results. Oh yes, and the govt cannot be sued because of the immunity doctrine giving them disgretionary function. The experiments continue. Maybe I am paranoid but I prefer to stay that way.
Morkie Dela is very correct indeed,
and if ANYONE doubts this in the slightest, I am quite capable of posting the documentation to support this, and many other underhanded & unconstitutional, aggressive transgressions, made against the very people that it's GVT was created to protect! Yes it's true that we need GVT to protect the people from themselves, and rights are for victims...the illusion rather is that we have been under the impression that we have rights, when in fact they are nothing more than "privileges" and can be taken away anytime the GVT sees proper to do so, in order to maintain control over it's unruly citizens, as they see fit.

GVT today, is a far cry from what our ancestors originated it to become, it has evolved into a "Paranoid" organization fueled by economic greed, and has so many branches of private agencies within, that it has outgrown itself exponentially to the point that it no longer recognizes itself!
an analogy of that is to imagine all of the organisms that are alive within your own body..How well do you know them? are you aware of how many organisms exist within you?
not to mention all of those nasty viruses, many "unknown" that try to infiltrate your body.

The GVT is very much a body as such, so you can see how easy it would be for "Covert Black Ops" that can circumvent the system, while operating under the immunity of GVT.

Since the "Freedom of information act" many documents that get released are "censored" by black marker lines over documents that are supposed to be made available upon request via this policy, so there you have it even this censorship is considered unconstitutional but yet they continue to pull this crap which is "Lame" in comparison to what else they continue to get away with!

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can you post some of it? I'd like to see it.
thanks.I know one thing, I file freedom of informations all the time and sometimes they send the whole page back black!! heheh
most of the stuff I ask for is probably still classified. but never the less you can get some good info. the best i got so far was the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation on human beings. it was very detailed...not much blacked out on that one. it effects you even down to the DNA level.

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I think it's called "digging your own grave". The US government was created by the US people, whatever they do ultimately falls on the heads of the people. If the gov't is experimenting on people, it's the people's fault. If you're so scared by the gov't's activities, do something about it - exact a coup d'etat or run for president or whatever. Don't just complain and be scared about it.

Happy in Canada,
17 Tips for Conspiracy Theorists

(Note: The following was gleaned from a number of sources on Usenet alt.conspiracy).

1 - To ensure credibility among other hobbyists, you must have a four letter acronym for it that you can toss in to your message. Don't skimp on hyphens, either. A really good acronym will link at least two opposing forces. Ante-Rasta-Semitic Empire , Presby- terian Underground Tapir Zoo, and Kellogg's Necro-Orthodox
Bungalow don't do this. Assume people know who you mean until specifically asked by someone. Jot down their name.

2 - Illicit connections between government, private, religious, business or criminal organisations form a significant part of any well formed conspiracy.

It is no surprise then that these connections are shrouded in mystery. You just have to use what's available. Luckily you don't need too much to work with - two people from two separate organisations or groups being in the same town on the same day, week, or indeed at any time, or two different towns with similar names, latitudes, longitudes or sports stadiums is all the proof you need of 'something fishy going on'.

3 - Every organisation involved in a conspiracy has a secret organization within it, which probably contains further subgroups, who knows? These are known as 'star chambers', 'working parties'.or 'tea clubs'. Any meeting by any member of any organisation with any other member of the same organisation is also significant. Remember those names and dates, people!

4 - Avoid so called 'hard' evidence - this may be planted as disinformation by the conspiracy. If this evidence is brought to light you can be sure that whoever gets arrested, caught, shot or killed is an innocent 'patsy', and you don't want that on your conscience.

5 - Lack of any evidence to support your theory other than 'small hours' conjecture is almost certain proof that you are close to the truth. Only a highly organised group of conspirators would have the power to totally eradicate any trace of your raving's veracity.

6 - Under no circumstances try to pierce the veil of KNOB, PUTZ or ARSE by approaching the 'front' desk of one of your hated pet groups. It's not called a 'front' desk for nothing. These are professionals who are dedicated to whatever it is you are suggesting they are up to and once you reveal yourself to them you are finished. Car seat a bit lumpy? Burning sensation in the groin? You should never have staggered drunk into the lobby of the American Express building mumbling 'leave my ears alone you bastards' to the receptionist, the security guard manhandling you into the street as you check your flies for the third time in ten minutes.

7 - Never telephone anyone who might put you on hold. There's no good reason to sit with an electro-magnet controlled by SPECULUM up against your head for half an hour.

8 - OdD CApitaliZAtion seems pathetic to most - but UNIX (four letters!! Accident?) is case sensitive, or so I'm told, so stick with it just in 'case'.

9 - If you see, hear, or learn of anything that seems to point to the conspiracy, you were supposed to.

10 - Numbers are key. Dates, ages, addresses, invoice numbers, test scores, might be clues revealed by members of the conspiracy who wish for some reason to betray their colleagues. Are you going to trust someone who swears a bloody oath with his or her trousers spattered with holy water while the High Dragon rubs the serene book of truth on his head in accordance with the age old rituals, and then spills the beans? A bastard like that?

11 - We count in decimal, lists are often ten this, ten that, because we have ten fingers, we are told in school. But two of these 'fingers' are thumbs. If you walked up to someone in the street, showed them your thumb and said 'look at my finger' they would walk around you as if you were some kind of casualty. If they thought you said 'pull my finger' in which case they would think you were some kind of adolescent prankster or jape monkey hula.

12 - So why aren't bananas straight? Cucumbers can mostly manage it, mostly.

13 - My car parking space is number 13. I don't have a car, so somebody else parks there.

14 - If you need 14 tips you will never uncover any kind of conspiracy, you loser.

15 - Never ignore information you are told is irrelevant, pointless or wrong, even if called a loser.

16 - No one will take you seriously if at least one in four of your posts isn't absurdly long.

17 - The person who gave me this list said one of these tips is the absolute and unvarnished truth.
*chuckling in delight*

Be safe and dream sweetly..


I hear that there are these little tin hat thingy's available to prevent anyone one from *recording or intercepting* those siad dreams...


S* Hey Mokrie...

Tip of the damn iceberg S* again...

Thank goodness there are those that are always skeptical...never satisfied...and are loud about it...

Thank goodness there are tree huggers sitting on top of mountains looking down with distain *wink*

Somewhere in the middle is dog poop...crying well life G*

Be safe and dream sweetly...


Don't touch that tin hat!!

Ah yes, it's safe on the mountain top. And it's better not to know why loved ones died horrible painful deaths. Why care. I'm sorry I even posted. This is why these people have such power and always will. All the jokes about little tin hats should be mailed to the familys of the deceased that died covered in tumors.I'm sure they would get a good laugh.
You have nothing to be "sorry" about Morkie Dela, I just could'nt resist posting that article after seing it the other day, and the first thing that came to my mind was, this tread, and thought "why not" I know a lot of this going on within the GVT, is all too real, and I am with you on that one, but sometimes it helps to ease the pain with a little humor, so it 'tis "I" that perhaps should be sorry, I dont want you to think that this stint of humour didmisses the real horrors that exist outside of that.
I'm not saying that I KNOW we are living in the MOST dangerous of times but if the world were a passenger ship, I would, for real, be taking inventory of things that float. Also I'd have noticed that the officers and crew were all carrying loaded weapons. I suppose you could look at the fact 20% of everybody else are already dying of one contagious disease or other, as a mere inconvience. But happily I have a long list of my own problems to deal with. Raz, what did you say I'm supposed to do, overthrow the GOV or some thing? Sure, as soon as I get a spare moment.
I think what Raz meant, is that we as people in this Nation need to get more concerned. We accept everything, and don't give a rats @$$. We need to get the word out, to every mother, father and child in the US and motivate them to do something. There only asked 1 time out the year to vote, to speak their minds, to protest. Why not make it all the time? Let's Really Rock the Vote
. What do you say? Isn't it time for a change?

-Javier C.
Time and Mokrie:
I know what you are saying. there are so many wrong things being done. so many hidden agendas. you can read about it. you can check the medical reports. you can watch the people die or suffer. people that work for the government are not evil people. some people in the government are very good upright people. it is the minority, the ones that are in charge of the little projects that get corrupted.
It is funny that they dont really consider all the facts...the final outcome..lets say as Mokrie said that a gov.official orders to spray a bunch of people with something and it gets in these peoples DNA...lets say its even people from another country..Now the gov.official has a son or a daughter that is in the military goes to that country and marries one of these unsuspected people and they have kids. the child now has some defect because of the chemical. how much sorrow the gov.official (now a grandfather) has as he realizes his son or daughter in law was one of those people he commanded to be he looks down at his little grand child in his arms deformed from his decision. how much guilt. all his life he will feel the pain he caused. it came back to haunt him.
dont they realize what they do eventually effects us all....they will realize it..but it will be too late.


Every part of this earth is sacred to my people.... What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth.... Man did not weave the web of life—he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web—he does to himself.
-Chief Seattle

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I'm back. That's the first time I decided to spill a tiny bit of what I know and I guess I blew my stack that it was'nt taken seriously. I apologise for loosing my temper. I spent the day stomping around like a dope. The fact is I have such respect for the great thinkers on this web site that I felt that my admiration had been somehow betrayed. Silly. Wandering Soul, you have a beautiful spirit you ole tree hugger. Time, you know alot more then I could ever learn. Some information is so far out there that it's almost impossible to handle. I just wanted to make people aware of the type of things going on daily behind our backs. The more people that know, the harder it is for them to get away with these things. Thank you everyone for your putting up with my hissy fit. HAHA
Yeah, Activist, that's about what I meant (although without what seems like a slogan for a political party...). Look to Canada for an example. We've managed to create a government so inefficient and stupid that it couldn't fool around with our rights if it wanted to! Hell, our Prime Minister has had three breaches of security within the last two years, in which he could easily have been assassinated (in one, his house was broken into, and the assailant made it into the bedroom!). Recently CSIS (the "Canadian FBI") lost a bunch of sensitive documents when an agent left them on the passenger seat of her car while she went to a hockey game! Sure, we pay huge taxes, but that's a small price to pay to know that your government can't mess with you.

If you really don't like what the States are doing to you, you could always move up here. 20% cooler, 100% less governmental hassle, and you still get all the same TV channels.

(PS, yeah, a coup d'etat is overthrowing the status quo. Hey - another advantage to Canada - we're bilingual! Or is that a disadvantage? En tout cas, c'est la vie!)
Raz, you almost comvinced me! Only problem is England has gone socialist and is taking Canada with it. Canada is very beautiful and has some really nice people but I come from an era that is not too happy with giving up any rights like the right to bear arms.I'm hinking of moving to the mid south where everyone is in the NRA and very old guard. If it werent for that I would Love to live in Canada.
*wiping brow**joyous in the forgiving words*

Your passion was not overlooked Mokrie...

Your desire to teach from your perspective was not overlooked...

Your ability to communicate your anguish was felt deeply.

I am now more aware of your depth.

Be ever so safe and always dream sweetly.

Wandering Soul, I'm the deepest little puddle on my block. HAHA Huh: unwitting subjects of human experimentation are in every nation. Even the nations leaders have no idea.
Thank you for understanding my sense of humor, as it just reflects those who are one with the "Matrix"

What is the Matrix?
Among other things, it's the theoretical basis for just about everything we do here at T.A.P.-T.E.N. The Matrix is that vast area between what you know and what you don't; paradoxically, it's both universal and personal. (If you could make a circle around yourself to illustrate the limits of your perception, the area inside would represent your knowledge. Outside lies your ignorance. The circle itself is the Matrix -- the indeterminate state you use to account for the existence of things you can't see but "know" are there, like the person typing these words.)Sometimes people don't pay enough attention to the Matrix, and lose their sense of perspective; sometimes they pay too much attention, and lose their sense of humor.

I will begin the next discussion here about those infamous "Chemtrails" (Not "Contrails") that you may have been noticing in our skies lately. Ordinary contrails do not consist of the chemical compounds that have been discovered by those who have braved themselves to take samples of the "fallout" from these plummy vapor trails that fan out & make oddly shaped clouds, unlike ordinary contrails that normaly disapate within minutes, as these "chemtrails" do not!

(MORE TO COME, Stay Tuned)........