Temporal Novice
The person I have been talking to about the HDR, CarlosX, he gave me Steven Gibb's personal cell phone number about a month ago. I was gonna say that before but I forgot to say it before. Carlos said that Steven Gibbs might start selling a "cheaper" time machine for $75 called the Space Time Modulator. You can find out how to build one these in Report #10: The tenth key to the Riddle of time. But for some of the people who are to lazy (people like me) or people who don't understand electronic shematics(also me) this would be good to buy...I guess. It is cheaper than the HDR so if you would buy it and it was found out to be a scam then you didn't lose as much money. Carlos said he was thinking about just giving me one of his for free. If you want Steven Gibb's number just e-mail me. My e-mail is [email protected] .