How to detect a particular time period


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Friends of TR125.0121

Granted that we have uncovered how to mechanically transpose oneself from epoch to epoch, we still need to know how to tune in the system as to arrive at the exact desired moment in subjective past or future.

There are several feasable methods, I will put forward just two.

First Method

This method depends entirely of the time deisplacement unit being used. If one is employing a gravitational inverter, in which a gap is created in the fabric of space time, we must find out what is the amount of energy to be applied to the field to travel one second into the future, and how much energy must be withdrawn from the inversion field to travel backwards. Once this constants are known the needed energy outputs could be applied or withdrawn to the field and the temporal stroll would be possible.

Second Method

I have talked here in the "past" about the PTP. Well the fabric of this PTP is composed of a sort of particle that make up the reality of space time. As time passes by this particles, known as chronotrons, gather at a fixed ratio. Also as they gather they form a fractarial like frame for the material universe that holds in its lattice.
By knowing the exact ratio in which these particles gather, one could actually know how time is actually building itself. Once this is known, the traveler could get to know what sort of X arrangement pertains to Y timeframe.

Then by creating a field in which chronotrons could get dissipated we could travel backwards in time, and by adding chronotrons to the lattice of the Stream we could speed up the process.

Of course, all this hassle could be avoided if the traveler rather employ his mind to make such a journey.

Nonetheless I hope this can help you S.H

Until later becomes now.
Re: How to detect a particular, not exacly so.

As an Ed note to Tran001's statment, on accessability to time points exact.

In the quadrant of the universe as well as galixy, there seems to be a three hundred thousand year time period, to which realms of time measured are assembeled to?

Time is not truly linneal, which in these time-points, however now widly known to be measured from heiarchy point to heiarchy point.

At the ends of these time periods, are barriers with lesser time travel technology, that one can not get through.

Tran's time travel devices, with all of their power can easily break through these barrier periods.

However for amature users of time machines that are lower powered, these changes in time, act as barriers.

Not far from where Tran001 is now lociated, lies what is left of the Atlantian Empire.

There is still some habitation left there, which are linneate decendants from the origional Atlantian Empire.

There is still a link to their time, through the cities under domes, that are left in this area.

So it is ironic that Tran knows so much about otherworld technology, being within the body he is now.
His location is only a few miles from what is left of one of this world's most powerful civilizations ever known.

There are warnings that in the time to come, that a nuclear war will ensure and there will only be a smattering of Earth's humanity left.

The rich and powerful do not win here, neither do the poor people who somehow survive the comeing holicost.

It's no secret, Im a half breed and I hate present day Earth humans

I don't hate them for what they are, but for having the stupidity, to do what they are going to do.

Frog friend, one has to be able to three D model what is known of the time which is in the three hundred thousand year allotment, in order to find the time that you want to go to.

What I suggest, is that you try meditation and at least try to mentally reach what is left of the Atlantians who are left living below the waters, in specially constructed buildings?

I had reached them about a year ago and got a return signal from them.

They know I'm here.

If you establish a link, they might contact you and take you back to the origional Atlantian time.

Back in this time, within the below ground series of basements, they have a crystal oriented time travel machine, which is very powerful.

Make this contact and you can go to just about any time that you want.

Time12002 has publically said that he has memories of the Atlantians and being part of the aerostocrecy.

I remember Time12002, as in our former existance, he was my brother.

They made us kill people when I was a soldier there, which he hid with his parents and performed magic, being in with the upper ruling class.

This is why I don't like Time12002, not for him always trying to sell people stuff, "which I guess is normal in this society"?
But because I was numbed down and burnt people alive in their houses, while he sat in a palace.

I was a mind controled soldier, killed without remorse.I'm sorry for what I have done.

I remember when I saw the movie, (The Lost Continet Of Atlantis), the noncartoon.
There is a part where they show one of the captrued slaves being turned into part animal, by the Atlantian high priest.

I became very, very guilty and could not sleep at nights after seeing this.

The reason why, is that I was starting to remember from my past Atlantian cells.

If you go back in time, tell them your a scientist from this erra and are there on a fact finding mission for your own sylabus of scientific investigation.

Anyplace in time you want to go from there, back in Atlantis, you can.

Don't get involved in any political intrigues there.

Tell the higerups, that you know nothing of politics and only would like to try out their machine.

Remember back in time the ten thousand year ago plus area of time, the Atlantians were galactically banned?This association bansihment by some of the better offworld civilizations was, due to their western air defence pyramids posessing too much power.

If you hobnob with them too much, you're in danger of incuring the wrath of other civilizations against you?

Atlantis sunk some ten thousand years ago, due to a commet strike in the western portion of Atlantis, due to a beam war, with a once close-by planet, known as Molina.

I appologise to Time12002, as I still hate him very much, for what I was put through, as a conscripted soldier of Atlantis.

I still remember those people I burnt alive, in that white stuckoed house, after I hit it with a wrist held beam bracket.

I think, but I'm not sure they were killed when I shot this beam into their house?

I can still see the fire burning from the thatched roof and how the flame involved their house, with them in it.

I had met a woman not long ago who I met and loved as a friend.

I once had showed her a picture of some flying saucer and she went,"Ohhooo" right away, as she remembered what they were.

She had no other memories of Atlantis other than knowing by instinct what saucers were.

She was a tremendous artist and she had painted a beautuful sea scapes, of the village of which our contingent had pillaged and ruined.

Oh God I don't know how I can live with myself any more.

Time travel, real kick in the ass isn't it?
Re: How to detect a particular, not exacly so.

Note, please note within this society, in some of the cultures, the phenominon known as post tramatic stress syndome.

I have to laugh, where some of the powers that be, try to put a coat of paint over some of the atrocities that routenely happen.

"Its alright, it is better now and ofcourse everyone can relax and forget"?

To travel to other socieities, Frog..

Would you be like the Power Ranger warrior Frog, who makes a place a better world, plus gets a prince from a beautiful princess?
Yes, dear friend Transient, for your second method, the RATIO is of the utmost importance. I tend to think of it as a musical time signature, and even more, I tend to think of specific "melodies" to help me remember certain places in time that I have journeyed to. Though it was quite confusing and disorienting, and at times, I could not control specifically the end "Locales" it WAS a journey of a lifetime that I will treasure in my memories.

Part of my difficulty, wrought from my rather intuitive methods, I think, is knowing how my experiences sit forth in a "normal" timeline. It seems to me that there is a sort of altered criteria in a sort of "timeless scape" that determines a non-linear timeline. Humanity's timeline, is not neceesarily the same timeline that other species on other worlds have experienced, but, we hold some ancient secrets in our mythos that is quite compelling.

I rather like ROBIN's coinage of the term "spime" to describe this determinate particle of space/time, this basic bit of energy that is the spice of life and existence.

I know I made a sort of silly joke with it when she mentioned it in a post...."Sounded like SPAM and I made a Monty Python joke" etc. But I like the idea of determining a specific name. You used chronoton. I like the idea of "spime" because it does not specify a level of clarity, but implies a universal concept (like "space" and like "time" without giving it dimension).

As to the PTP, well from reading your posts, i now know I am among those who understand, and I am quelled to the point of joy to know that you are out there!

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
Re: We are one

Friend Persephone

The beauty of it all is that the most lonely that we seem to be, the closer that we find ourselves from each other.

Until later becomes now.
Re: The greatness Of Musical Notes

Friend Persephone

It is very funny that you talk about "I tend to think of it as a musical time signature, and even more, I tend to think of specific "melodies" to help me remember certain places in time that I have journeyed to"

Well there are some beings, whose vehicles resemble spectacular and enormous transparent jellyfishes. For what I have been able to experience these starships seem to be alive or atleast partially biological, or maybe their movements are so perfect that they are in fact machines resembling living organisms. Anyhow, they are impressive to behold and light pulsates from every single part of their crystalline and fluid fuselage. Well, getting to the point, these ships belong to the people of Raylus. These beings, very similar to us humans, have made their primary form of energy all sorts of vibrations. As a result, having mastered this powerful energy, their starships are propelled by a chorus. These chorals intone vocal notes that are capable of moving their starships across space.

Just a note, Pardon the pun.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

It's me Frog anyways sorry for not replying lately I have been sick but I have almost gotten over that fever these aliens that you see are not aliens instead they have been here for a long time they are time travelers instead they are here to observe and take whatever they want as well as share knowledge if you believe that! Their ships can teleport, time travel, and reappear and disappear at will they even can disguise themselves to look like us as well as agents too they also can talk english and other languages but one thing I haven't told you is they work with the government including scientists and other governmental agencies I have heard that teleportation experiments have been successful to an certain degree in your timeline. The propulsion of ufos is simple but if I told you I would be out of a job why are aliens here simple they want anything that they can get out of their hands but if they don't care then they leave it alone time travel is their main concern if we do it wrong then they will kill or hurt us but if we do it right then they will not kill or hurt us in time the world will know what the truth is about aliens and time travel/teleportation I will not tell you anymore I am tired!
Re: Personal, on types of E.T.s

Frog, you are wrong on the alien count thing.

There are all differing types of aliens coming here to Earth and they all want, it seems differing things.

There are some that are here in deals with governments and you can get this in the web search, hidden alien bases.

There are some here say in places such as South America, or anywhere else for only the day, that you can find in the web serch E.T.sightings, or UFO contactees.

And there are some that come here, with malevolent intent and they have hurt people.

The numbers are enough to fill a football stadium and this is considerable.

This is why it is best to do a very wide serch on all differing types of E.T.s?

There are some people, such as Tran 001 and myself, that partal inner E.T. workings, or all inner E.T. workings, however these are far and few, between, when it comes to finding them.

I think if you can look hard enough, you can find just about any type of E.T., however you have to look both high and low.

Please take care and don't worry the E.T. issue, one day you will find out.
Re: Personal

I know that is alot of ufos and aliens coming from earth and other planets as well as universes but have you considered the hollow earth theory where beings can come from inside the earth and out of it as well their are several books on this topic that you might find interesting accounts and experiences that people have encountered a city or town inside the earth and told about it also technology doesn't come from other planets but inside the earth too also people have gone inside the south and north pole and experienced seeing beings and buildings and a whole lot of other stuff that is normal and unusual.

I know your very busy at the moment but if you have time let me know and also try and answer my questions and comments as well. Oh by the way Have you heard of an alien named Val Thor? I might tell you alittle about him later when I have time of course also I should be getting a movie about him soon I'll let you know how it went telling you if it was good or not!
Re: Personal


Val Thor?

Actually no, bu the name suggest a Valhallan God form the norse mythos. He was the God of thunder and the only one apart Wotan Odin who really liked Earth People. He rode on a chariot pulled by black goats and had a hammer which only him could effectively employ. He ussually waged war against the giants and some of the vanir. He was protector of the Iggdrassil Tree, the equivalent of the Otz Chiim or Tree of LIfe, which in the norse mythos can actually lead to a myriad other worlds.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal pan pizzas to go....

Val Thor, Frog'?!

Big mess. Was a deal to where a Venuciuan came to help the ole Penta, fight the Vietnam War.

Was a travesty violation, galactically speaking, as the Southern regieme was corrupt to begin with.

People there were good!
I mean in every war, the people running for their lives, as things fall from the sky, are always good it seems, good?

Siagon and the govt, there?...Well let's not wade into the muck.

Valiant Thor was hired at the DOD because only Val Thor knew how to win this war.

Very mysterious fella and from what was told, did not posess fingerprints?

Venucians are a large sect of Nordics, associated in looks only with some Pleiadeans as well as Procyionians.

Smart, telepathic, very close to what's going on.

Their family structure is almost Germanic, however this singing bit, where everyone talks to each other in song....hmmmmm?

Carbon, actually pressed carbon see-through ships.

Other sects of the Venicians, well married Elizabeth Klarer, of South Afriaca.

Her well vested book is terrific reading.

Had a baby to one of their group.

Compassion and mirth to this book, with a bitter twist of irony.

Gave the U.S. fits, as the Union government said screw-it, this lady has certainly gone through Hell and we are going to award her a medal for her expierences.

My synopsis of Veniciuans as well as any other offworlders, is that sometimes, the said or expressed sentiment, well some actions are better left undone.

~/In my expressions to you as a fellow companion travler, is that I sometimes see what your are going through my friend.

It is by sheer luck and fortune, that I do not at times bear your worldly burdens.

My it be by the just and devine Gods, that your burden is lifted may-be, a little higher, with at least some expression of my hopes for you?

////Thoughts from a Venucian, the lore of the journey, as one looks on.
Re: Personal

Val Thor was an venusian alien he came to meet with our government to end all diseases, give gifts and friendship to humans, and other stuff as well and end wars and crimes, give technology to our government but the government pushed them away it is still unknown if the alien still exists today Dr. Frank Stranges is the one who met this alien he funded his own ufo organization and now I went to his website and ordered a movie called Meeting Val Thor I just wanted to see if it is any good if not I'll let you know also Val Thor had no fingerprints and could read minds the bookstore has a book and a movie on this person so I decided to get the movie if I get the book I will tell you all about it! Sorry for the alien lecture but I am interested in all kinds of paranormal stuff so trans what have you been doing lately? creedo thanks for the information but what do you think about Val Thor and his companions? Val Thor wasn't the only one he had two or three other people with him to confront our government if you search on the web you will find some sites about him and information and such! Well I got to go I will talk with you more later!
Re: Val Thor bios

Sources, Stranger At The Pentagon by Dr. Frank Strangess

UFO Magazine, Segmential articles on Valliant Thor.

Other sources, Saids by Ptaah, Pleiadean Swiss said based commander:
Source materials, FIGU web site, Swiss division.

Nutral source material, possable problems between Pleiadeans and Venicians, as there is said that both sides do not care for one another?

On DOD saids, why would they have given Valliant Thor the absence of fingerprints, and expose him to the inner workings of the Pentagon?

Looks like a plant to me, as they knew ahead of time, would have had access to Pentagon, so prints would have been required.

The absence of fingerprints, could have ment anything.

Depth of Pleiadean Nazi past collaborations, not known or known if Pleiadeans are truly sected?

This plainly is not known today???

Venucians had relations with Howard Menger as well as Geroge Adamski.

These were very indepth contacts and lots of information was given, as result.

Vallaint Thor reads as a modern day J.C. would.

Let me point out though, would J.C. have visited the military constabulary and also erased his fingerprints?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'.., don't know Adam.
Re: Personal

All I am saying is I just wanted the movie and the book sorry for the debate it wouldn't happen again but something bothers me though if Val Thor and his companions were from Venus then one how come they were human and two Venus can't support life of nowadays and three do you think Val Thor and his companions would of gave us all of that stuff I have mentioned earlier? Any suggestions, comments, ideas, let me know!
Re: Its too hot for that kind of babe there?

Posting note.

Venicians arn't from Venus, however inhabbit both other dimensions, as well as planets within our own system.

As told in Klarer's book, there are also Venucians who inhabbit a star system not far from here.

I thin Elizabeth's husband's name was Menton.

He was nuts about Elizabeth and really loved her.

The maternity as well as the birthing sceane within her book, tells of a very gentle careing people.

She absolutily could not have been in better hands, with the birthing of her child by a Venician midwife, as told in the book.

The bitter ironey is Adam, is that sometimes when you give you love to someone, so careing deeply about them, if a parting occurs, this parting is extra difficult to do.

I feel that in her own very humble demenour, Elizabeth Klairer, with her child being knowingly born to another world, offers that within the testiment of a wilfull caring love, the distance between cultures, as well as distance is often broken.