I Met a Time Traveler (author) (with a DeLorean)


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Thought about you guys this past weekend at GalaxyCon when I happened upon the guy pictured below who wrote a book about time travel. I told him about the forum and he was happy to pose for a pic for me to post here. The author/ musician also has a tricked out DeLorean that I neglected to snap a photo of in my sheer awe (probably the most up close I've been to one irl), but you can see it here on his website, along with info on his other endeavors. There are some reviews of the pictured book here. Congenial dude in our very brief interaction, and he mentioned that he has written across many genres.

Oh - along with the bliss of flipping through original comic book art (priced at between $50-$2,000 per single/ double page of bristol board), a highlight of my few hours at the Con was meeting Brent Spiner, known for playing Data on Star Trek the Next Generation! I'm not one to pay for selfies so I just went up to chat for a moment. When I mentioned in conversation that his most nuanced role was undoubtedly the villain in Master of Disguise, he responded saying that it was definitely an underrated movie. I said it was just under Citizen Kane for me and he agreed it was sandwiched between Kane and Schindler's List ?


I did! This took me on many tangents, LOL. And introduced TTI to the unintentional Serbian roommate of 2009... Until 2012. Thank @Halovesya for rescuing me.

What con are you going to next? There's one in Portland later this year... I will go if Charles Martinet (voice of Mario) is there. I'd love to meet Brian if he's ever nearby; that DeLorean is amazing and every self-respecting BTTF fan's dream and I'm definitely adding him to the Library. Excellent thread my friend this ended up powering most of the stream LOL.

Dude that was one crazy ride. Going to make a post about it after I finish catching up on it. The next con will probably just be the local one in the fall. This past one was my first since I was a kid! They were a bit more low key then. My wife said, so just so I understand, we paid money to come to this so we could spend money on other things, right? ?Cool adding Brian and sounds fun re: Mario - had no idea about Martinet.