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Temporal Novice
Just a swift note to say after some years of research I am able to follow a simple set of procedures which allow me to choose the time line I wish to be in.

The proceedure involves getting drunk twice in a short time (5 -7 hours), sleeping in the same clothes etc.

I have carried it out several times and IT works.

Any comments????

Is changing your living time line perception makes you time travel? As we mentionned a lot earlier, waiting in front of the bathroom or being in a summer holyday can bring a very different time perception regarding dilatation and contraction, but is this would more involve brain then actual TT?
also, consumption of achoholic substances "Destroys Brain Cells" so it is unlikely that your brain would be in the correct frame of mind to do this if you had the machine right on top of your head!
The process involvees
1. Being with another person.
2. Getting very drunk (say two bottles wine)
3. Sleeping for a short time - 3 hours
4. Getting up - 1 hour emotional upset
5. Getiing drunk again
6. Going back to sleep
7. Upon waking this time the future will be
that selected during phase 4/5

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Dear Shadow
Two days ago I had no idea that there were BBs devoted to the subject of time travel. I once found a web site 9 months ago about time but it was not serious.

My point is that the time line I am in now (ie in which you shadow are know to me) is different to the time line I was in 7 days ago - you still existed but I was unaware of you.

The next time I change lines you will slip out of my time line (I will have no memory of you). You will continue to remember me - I will be on my way.

Sound odd - but I am still coming to terms with IT

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Dear Time 02112
You are interested in time travel and I beleive I have travelled backwards in time (about 3 hours) several times.

Not a big claim but when this claim is added to the claim that I can then some how select which time line I wish to in this should get you excited...

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Dear TTA
I have come to understand a procedure which allows me to change the time line I am in to one more suited to my best interests. In most cases the changes were to to improve my computer shop sales or my love life.

Part the the ritual involves drink and the use of two periods of sleeping whilst drunk.

During the awake stage a large emotional charge is needed - this has always been with the help of someone who I was involved with but can be a close friend.

After the ritual is complete and we wake up the future is as was wished.

As it will be in the future is now and evershall be.

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I guess I wouldn't understand. I don't drink. Nor smoke, nor other things that may damage my body. Your body is your temple; treat it like one. I would never intake something that would harm it or inhibit my mind.

I have never done illegal drugs, nor anything like that. I have lead a pretty clean and pure life, I think (for a non-religious person that is). Except for that one X-Mas that my brother spiked my drink when I was 15 years old, though :). That however was not my fault, so I have no responsibility of that.

Personally, I don't see why people drink and smoke, just dirty habits and a waste of money, I think.

To Time Travel Activist
Had a good friend with similar background to you called Mick Doe so if you are at all similar to him I can hear where you are coming from.
To Time Travel Activist
Had a good friend with similar background to you called Mick Doe so if you are at all similar to him I can hear where you are coming from.

Most rituals from the dawn of time (no pun intended) include the use of drink in some form - many of these rituals are about changing the future of a group - hey even Christians include wine in modern rituals.

I think I have stumbled onto a method of selecting which time line I want to be in and this includes ( I know it hard to beleive) a 2-3 hour period of lost time (I have had this happen many times).

I am now under the firm beleif that I could move into a time line which includes TT , even one where your John exists - but this would be at the high price of putting all I love-need up for grabs during the time line change.

After the change there is great memory loss for a few hours and my hair colour (brown - I am 43) goes white at the edges until it goes back to normal after a few days.

I know all this sounds cranky - but I have several close friends involved and it works!!!


Dear Shadow
I realise I never mentioned how i went back in time. After waking up from a drink induced sleep some time must be spent with a close friend - partner (it works best when sexual frustration is evident). An argument is started during which both parties disagree about an event in the past. If the argument is sorted out - ie one person changes their memory of the past - the past changes and a new set of futures are instantaneously brought into existance.

Getting drunk the second time must be in a room with no clocks or watches.

After this both parties go to sleep together (ie cuddled up NO contact). When they wake up they will be in the new future which was created as the result of the past being changed during the argument. There will be almost no memory of the old futures.