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Informal poll: Have you ever had a close encounter with an alien or UFO?


The scale is as follows:

--- Close Encounters Of A 1st Kind --- This is the most common category of close encounter. It involves seeing something in the sky which you categorize as being a UFO. Anything FROM flashing lights to disc shaped craft gliding through the clouds - anything like that fits INTO this section.

--- Close Encounters Of A 2nd Kind --- A bit deeper than the 1st kind, to have a 2nd class encounter you must have witnessed what you can almost guarantee as being completely unknown - close up. If you come across a UFO landed in front of you or hovering above the ground in front then you've had a 2nd class encounter. Interaction with a UFO in any way is also a class 2 Encounter.

--- Close Encounters Of A 3rd Kind --- Aliens are involved in this class of encounter. If you see what you think is an alien - whether a UFO be involved or not, you've had a close encounter of the 3rd kind.

--- Close Encounters Of A 4th Kind --- This is the big one - actual contact with the Alien life forms. Whether they approach and communicate telepathically to you or silently bring you aboard their ship, that is considered as a class 4 encounter. Very few people have ever had this category of encounter.

Properly credit source: Gareth Innes, Encyclopedia Of The Unexplained

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only once, i woke up with start, turned over and there was creedo in his speedo. horrifying!