Message From Sargel 18...


Quantum Scribe

SARGEL18: My name Sargel simply means "Sergeant of Light." Sarg (Sergeant) and (EL) light. The 18 has a more complicated meaning. In 1959 the Montauk Project was in full bloom. This project had to do with "time manipulation." When they opened the doorway in time to do whatever it was that they were doing on this particular date, 18 souls from the future came through and "walked in." These 18 souls' purpose is to enlighten humanity to the upcoming events in humanity's future. These souls, according to Al Bielek, are called "triple auras" and possess tremendous abilities. So far I have displayed 22 known abilities in the paranormal field, and for this web page the UFO/Vortex evidence has been by far unsurpassed, or as least as I'm told. I have met 3 others from the 18, and they also show far-reaching abilities in their own fields of research. So, the 18 is there in remembrance of my 17 other brothers and sisters, who came to this time for a very tough mission of enlightenment. I am close friends with Al Bielek and Steward Swerdlow. Both are in agreement with the evidence I present.

SURFING: What happened to you in 1964? What did you remember about it at the time?

SARGEL18: In 1964, there was a major UFO flap, which lasted for a couple of years, in Wanaque, NJ. It was centered in the reservoir region. I lived directly across from the dam. One night I was awakened by a light coming through my window and a voice that said, "Get dressed Sargel it's time to go to school." Because I was only 4 years old and not even in school yet made no difference to me. I dressed myself and looked outside my window and noticed how light it was for nighttime. A glowing platform, with a being on it (whom I now know as NEJU, an Endorian alien), was suspended next to the window. I stepped out onto this platform and rode down behind my house to a two story "bell-shaped" craft. Once I entered the ship, I noticed how vast it was inside, which contradicted its physical size. I met with a group of "Light Beings" and they took me to the Sahara Desert. There I was shown "movies" of the probable reality of humankind. Many different scenarios of upcoming Earth changes, and shifts in mass consciousness were shown to me, and the job that I had volunteered for. To make a long story short, I was told that, at the age of twenty-eight, I would awaken, and that I was to leave whatever reality I had set up and go find my first teacher. As if on cue, at twenty-eight, I awakened and I left with the clothes on my back. I was swimming in the memories of the childhood encounter. I went where I knew the teacher would be and knocked on the door. When it opened, a man stood there and spoke one sentence that would set the pace of my awakening. "I have been waiting 15 years for you to come, it is now time to learn." And it's been like a fantasy ever since.

SURFING: Who was this man that said he had been waiting for 15 years? What kinds of things did you start to learn from him?

SARGEL18: The person who answered the door was the most powerful witch in Wanaque. Maybe one of the most powerful in this reality. He is of countless generations of witches and would be considered black. I learned everything I could from him. In asking why I was sent to him first, the answer came back that I would have to know both sides of the equation in order to figure out how magick works in general. This I did.Then, when the time came, I left him to follow my mission.

SURFING: So by studying with a "black" witch, you learned how to protect yourself from the negative forces that you would later encounter?

SARGEL18: Yes I did. I also have come to the realization that both black and white magick, mechanics-wise, are practically the same. It just amounts to intent, motive and free will. I can handle myself magickally because my intent and motive are secure by means of my mission, the evidence that the Creator has granted me, and by my actions. This is a very powerful place to be coming from. Remember, the most powerful that you can be is to just "be".

SURFING: In our conversation, you told me that you "awakened" in 1988. Can you tell me about this?

SARGEL18: This was a very traumatic experience. One day I was a normal person getting ready to watch the NY Jets play football. I went downstairs to get a beer out of my second refrigerator in the basement. The whole basement was covered with black Salamanders. Instantly, everything came back from the alien encounter I had in the mid-sixties.Needless to say, I never got that beer or watched that game. I just went upstairs to my study and stared at the walls. Then, like so many other people, my whole life fell apart and changed to what I call, "The Mission." The one thing that seems to set me apart from others is that, instead of having an "awakening," and telling my story without any evidence, or with a small amount of evidence, I have more evidence than anyone I have ever met with a similar experience. This works against me all the time. People just can't believe that one person can have all this evidence while most of the famous UFO/Paranormal people do not.

SURFING: How/When did you first discover the Wanaque, NJ vortex?

SARGEL18: Ever since the awakening, alien type energies have made their presence known to me in the form of psychic communication. These energies would guide and teach me if needed. But they would always give me just enough information so I would be able to (if I tried hard enough) find out the answer for myself. They told me I would find a doorway in time. That I would be able to manipulate that doorway so people could ascend to a safe place if needed in the future. Throughout my studies, I always kept this in mind. I knew I had to start my search for this doorway in Wanaque, for reasons I wish not to go into at this moment. In 1988 I started slowly looking. I knew if I were to find anything I would have to go where people didn't go. So I started walking the mountains at night by myself, using myself as bait for any encounter. There were a number of events that happened over the course of time. Finally, 10 years later, I still hadn't given up. I was poised on a mountain ridge, across from the Wanaque dam. I had a good view of the reservoir. It was windy and cold that night. The clue to where they were came quite by accident. I went to light up a cigarette and the wind kept blowing out my match. So I cupped my hands and lowered my head to light it. That's when I saw a light down in the back swamps behind the mountains. I watched the light dancing around and then it disappeared. Two nights later I found myself in that very swamp. I set up my camcorder and started looking around. I figured I would take video and pictures from a camera. I turned around and there stood the alien. This is the night I call, " contact." Here is one picture of myself photographing the Endorian alien as it stood in front of me, and in front of the time doorway.


SARGEL18: The orbs are just the first level of evidence that there are beings around us, all the time, that most people cannot perceive. Everyone knows about ghosts and such spirit beings. Beings that you only know about when they are seen. I find it most interesting that people don't really think about where these beings are when they are not seen. The answer is they are still there, all around us, at all times. There has been much talk and many books written on the subject of our light bodies. The Orbs are just that, the light bodies of beings that exist outside of our 5 senses. They can travel among us unnoticed by most people. The orbs are energy. For this writing I'll say "Soul" energy. Energy is not in chaos in this universe. It must take some form. The most common form is orbs in two distinct shapes, football and round. It depends on the individual being's energy vibration as to what shape it will be. Also, this soul energy can take many different shapes at will, depending on what or whom it is contacting. This is why I have thousands of different beings on film. To most, this theory sounds quite fantastic, but that is only because of their 3rd dimensional viewpoint. In 3rd dimension, you have to exert physical energy to move from place to place. Outside of 3rd dimension, physical energy no longer exists. There have been many debunkers making statements about the orb phenomena. I find it funny to see such an opposition. Why? Because there are billions of people on this planet that believe "out of this dimension" beings have visited here, and we have created vast powerful organizations to support these beings' supernatural existence and teachings. One major example is the Catholic church, and the being, Jesus. Get my point?