"The future ain't what it used to be."

message from your future



As this is more of a joke site than anything else, I'm sure you wont mind me using it as an experiment. Try it as a joke if you will. No scientist in your time line will take me seriously anyway so I would appreciate the contribution towards my thesis on Time Travel.

Even if at this stage of your life you believe it to be a joke - you've got nothing to lose and some interesting experience to gain in another 14 years on so.

It is the year 2012. I am able to communicate with you via the teleportation of data.

I am communicating with you at your date as you may be aware that the teleportation of light was first succesfully done in 1998. This was further developed and resulted in the teleportation of data between locations that are thousands of miles apart. It is now possible to teleport data between different time lines.

I have no fear that this will result in any newsworthy paradox as hardly any person in 1998 are likely to take it seriously as teleportation will only become a commercial reality in 2010.

My experiment will centre around various aspects of time travel.

If you are willing to take part in my experiment, kindly email me at the address below. Please always state the date for ease of reference as I am attempting communication with various time lines.


Hugo Steyn
email: [email protected]
Joke Site?! I\'m hurt!

OK, let's be honest... the TTI is fictional. So maybe time travel can happen. Aren't we all travelling into the future at this very moment, afterall? But the Institute itself is just a way of gathering together relevant time travel data. It's NOT a REAL institute.

Joke site? Well, OK. But I wouldn't call it that.

the Board Admin
First time I saw teleportation was on StarTrek. First time I read about it was in the 1970's, the autobiography of UriGeller's childhood in Isreal.My limited knowledge and wide imagination has lead me to discuss & explore ideas and stumbled on very old truths. Everything is in wavelengths, color, sound,electricity, radiation, brain emissions, gas. Solid objects are an illusion, they are slowly decomposing, and with time and proper wavelength can be penitrated. Enough of my bable. Teleportation I believe has been around planet earth since the 1800's, but as all inventions it is being fine tuned. As in all things are not "good" or "bad" it is what we do with it that makes the difference. I hope that honesty, love, respect and compassion are not left out or nothing really matters.
That's some crazy stuff.. but.. perhaps it's for real? I sent an inquiry to that e-mail address.. guess we'll find out..

I'm interested in a lot about Time. i mean.. what is time? what is it? its not matter is it? its just.. a measurement yes? of what thought? measurement of being? my mind has trouble comprehending time and what it is..

Re:Joke Site?! I\'m hurt!

AGREED! How about a speculative site? If it weren't for our speculations in the nineties, this "JOKER" wouldn't be playing in 2010! NUFSED.
Re:Re:message from your future

I can end this right now. Put up or shut up time. If you folks are interested in proving it. I'll give you a failsafe experiment. E-mail me. I'm open minded for now.
Re:message from your future, really.

Well you see Hugo, we here would call your theory, Fiber Optics.
" ....the teleportation of data between locations that are thousands of miles apart.", FIBER OPTICS. "It is now possible to teleport data between different time lines." Of course they would be different time lines, because these lines are thousands of miles apart and that would mean different time zones. And data is "teleported" everyday thousands of miles apart in different "time lines" time zones.