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Nazi UFO


I read a lot of articles about the nazis and there supposed experiments with a photon drive. Now supposedly to make it work, they had to find a way to inhibit gravity. If there's anybody on the forum who witnessed one of the supposed craft, now I know this is quite a stretch considering it was over 60 years ago, just reply.
I'm sorry, you're mistaken.

UFO stories circulated among pilots during WWII and the Nazi's decided to work off that and make a ship that looked like a UFO to scare pilots and get an advantage, heavily fortified flying UFO shaped objects... that in retrospect were a bad idea. They couldn't get more than 10ft. off the ground because they were too heavy, and guzzled up funds from the rest of the war (on the Nazi's side).

I saw a special on the History chanel about it, they even had footage of the crafts trying to fly.
Hello! after a long sabbatical from posting, I am now back. But with a different email address so I had to change my user name to Persephone8. To sign off I will use my regular "Persephone."

Concerning UFO's and modern and post-modern retro engineering, including Nazi Germany, You can be pretty sure this has occured throughout the world. The Disclosure Project, of which I talk a little more about below, has recorded more than two dozen "crashes" with recoveries of vehicles and even bodies (dead/alive?). Many of these occurred before 1947. I am by no means an expert on all this, but after many years of interest and many years of noticing some accounts to smack of misinformation, I am quite convinced by what is opened up by the DISCLOSURE PROJECT.

I recommend looking into the Disclosure Project, which started off publically on the National Press Club in 1997. It was supported by Bill Clinton's Cheif of Staff. One can also order one of two videos which were used as executive debriefing. One is 4 hours in length the other which I have is two hours in length. They documnet innumerable creadible witnesses from the military, aviation field, airline pilots, etc. All from rather reputable in and in mass. Corroborating descriptions and 4 way targets (air visual, air radar, ground visual, ground radar). It ends with a rather ominous warnin that this information has not been put in the best iof hands and may be used to cause "space war". Even an reknowned astronaut is included. There is also a book for order which I have yet to get.

To me I find a great deal of modern "invention" actually retro-engineering. Ezpecially in this age of nano-technology. But of course I have no proof, I just watch closely and things sometimes seem fishy or suspect.

PLEASE PLEASE anyone who is in anyway inyerested or who has questions about the UFO issue, please look up the website "Project Disclosure".

One of their goals is to bring to the world a zero energy point source, and to bring to light knowledge of this wraught by those in the know but in the shadows from retro-engineering ET technology. Remember Bob Lazar? Who do you believe?

The appropriateness of Chance is astounding
Foo fighters were a nazi weapon. THey couldn't make the big ones, but the small ones with a weapon to stop battery (not magneto) powered engines stop were successful
The disclosure project stuff is up on YouTube by the way if you can't find the DVDs.

I definitely accept that there were unconventional Nazi aircraft- more unconventional than what went into production- but full blown Nazi super-science re: photon drive or whatever- maybe not.

Sonic weapon on the eastern front- evidence is there for that.
MOAB type bombs- evidence is there for that.
Nuclear programme being better than usually claimed- again, there's evidence.

And obviously Von Braun, an inveterate Nazi, was doing no more than continuing Nazi rocketry and space projects when he landed in the US.