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On the appearance of Planet X and actual tellings


Please note that there are discrepancies in the tellings from web site, and the tellings from the books, Earth the Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library, by Barbra Marciniack and The Pleiadean Mission, by Randolph Winters.

According to what was said in the web site, the appearance of Planet X was the reason that Planet Molina was destroyed.http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/whatsupwithnibiru.html

The tellings in the group of books mentioned, say that the reason Molina had blowup near Earth orbit, was due to the Western defense air defense pyramid system, within Western Atlantis.

Which is it?

Note on the Nancy Lieder zetatalk web site, under the Planet X heading, world wide cams, do seem to be picking up some kind of object.

However at this point in time from this information given, there is not a clear factual picture, of just what exactly Planet X might be.

The first web site offered says that Planet X is a hollowed out planet, which is inhabited by many offworld life forms.

Other sources still say, that Planet X is a brown dwarf star, that has never reached ignition processes.

I am only functioning here from a historian's standpoint, as planet X is supposed to come here to Earth's vicisitnty ever thirty-five hundred years in time.

I have found that at the FIGU Billy Meier web site in Switzerland, that it seems they are saying both Barbara Marcianck as well as Nancy Lieder are delusional.

These are supposed relayed sayings from Ptaah, the Pleiadean commander, who from time to time resides in Switzerland secretly.

There is at'least one telling in the first mentioned website, which says that Earthbased man is going to be pushed back into fourth dimensional physical mechanics.

This saying sharply contrast the claim, that it is the sun itself that had caused the change from fourth dimensional being status, from the former Lyrian colonist, who later settled on the continent of Atlantis and in time became third dimensional, due to the effects of Earth's harsh sun.

I am not sure on what I'm saying here, I am only pointing out data, as this data appears on many web pages as well as other books and then offering these differences in reporting.

If anyone has better factual data, then please feel free to present this data at this web page?

Thanks if you can post this info?

Other>I do know one thing for sure, any said discrepancy in the gene status of man, as said to the FIGU group, seems to cause great consternation, as it may be we are looked at more as human property, rather than compatriots?Examples are given in the following exchange coppied from FIGU, on the very gene nature of vampires, as a possable gene taint, only as a marker trait, not a full active gene, at FIGU.

Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2003 - 07:50 pm:

MOP at Figu in the skeptics corner writes->

Hello Large Ship,

Could you please explain the term MOPism, it's a term I've never heard before.


Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2003 - 09:12 am:

Large_Ship replied to the FIGU MOP->

MOPism, means to edit what the posters say, regardless of how this posting may effect the topic subject.

In other words, to only place all comments within a favorable light, to the Pleiadeans themselves.

An example is the threatened deletion of my last post in FIGU related, which dealt with the last minority subgroup, to rise out of this civilization.

MOP at an insert into Large_Ships posting at FIGU replies to Poster Large_Ship->

Your last FIGU related post was on June 10, 2003 and there was NO threatened deletion or editing of your post. Please be specific in your statements. The only editing or deleting of a users post will occur when an active link is deactivated (which is stated in the forum rules) In addition, a post may be shortened if it appears to be a lengthy quotation.//

Large_Ship continues to post his point->This was a delineate of said vampires, which their sub-gene group has markedly changed within the past fifty years.

There are now two new subgroups. One, is almost unrecognizable set of what was once a new vampire and their gene subgroup. People who carry the genetic subrider of the past vampire virus, passed to many millions of people within both European as well as American populations.

Ptaah has chided the works of Barbara Marciniack, primarily because what she has said about a gene traits rising ability in later generations is true.

In other words, this new information might not show the Pleiadeans in a favorable light, as there is One, an implication that there are not certain sects of the Pleiadeans as some of the Meier group contactees had said. Secondly my censored statement catches the Pleiadeans within their own past actions, which is abducting Earth male individuals for their sperm.

The second practiced has let this new vampires gene greatly modified and the gene carrying subgroup, into the Pleiadean Empire, however not by us Earthling's doings.This action was by Plewiadeans themselves.

As I had said in the recent FIGU related material, I pretty much know what these genes will do, within our society, as their are certain controls that set certain actions predictable concerning these last two gene subsets.

However, as I had honestly stated, I do not know what this modified vampire gene, will do once placed into the highly modified Pleiadean society, which it is known does practice genetics engineering?

There is a very strong chance, that the old predominate vampire trait, could reemerge, which would certainly spell trouble for the Pleiadeans by and large.

Remember we are supposed to need them?

Not the Pleiadeans needing us, as they are both morally and technologically superior.

By their own actions, in their standoffish attitude towards Earthlings, this is the worst joke that anyone could have played on anybody.

However in the finally analysis, it was the Pleiadeans all along that had forced this joke upon themselves.

If I were in Ptaah's place and found out what Marciniack had said in Earth The Plediean Keys being true; this being about the gene emerging traits, due to the Sirian sent memory beam into our sun, waking these traits, as Marciniack had said in her book, I would want to distance Marciniack as being delusional too.

They did it to themselves, they did it to themselves!

They thought that they knew everything about us and here because they secretly use us for their genetic source engineering and steal they done themselves disservice, without us having to do anything at all.

#The sources were, K-17 the vampire virus, which is not all complete information as there are atleast fourteen versions of this hidden virus in many labs and the Hemavore web site, which although dated, does at'least tell of how some classical vampires have been formed?

Remember though, this new group, hardly even had any demonic component to its being and these people as having anything to do with modern vampirism, is hardely detectable.

These are not Goths, which is some kind of lifestyle, however the real decedents of vampires and people or relatives past in Europe, bitten by vampires.

This is a gene that can't be filtered out and you can now guess where this gene is.

This is what I refer to as MOPism, at FIGU.

You probably won't print this either......?

Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2003 - 11:36 am:

Poster George rebuittals to Large_Ship

Large Ship, this vampire issue that you’re presenting to us is completely out of our or your scope of possibility or needful activity. Reason is this: If this was any significant matter preventing progress of our evenly balanced spiritual evolution this would have been dealt already by and resolved by Spirit Levels & Force of Creation ‘Big Duo’. If this issue stemmed from past bad activities of the Dark Side Plejarians and Spirit Levels would deemed necessary to involve Plejarians in it so the correction is done by Race responsible for this dark activity - that would have been also dealt with already by Plejarians because their 50 year mission to resolve all necessary issues(pertaining to us having assured evenly balanced spiritual evolution) ended in 1995(letter- 251) and mission has ended with complete success according to Ptaah the mission commander.
Our scope of concentration should be a matters that are really important and at issue that we can really resolve with the abilities that we possess. Plejarians did help us by setting that scope just right so that we can address things with optimal success in sight and believe me this a big help in all this confusion and disinformation.
Shooting a ray into Central Sun – this is totally unproven by Barb – fantasy trip.
Large ship don’t waste your time chasing after ‘Windmills’ of Barbs and others grand or not so grand illusions and fears. You have a chance at hand to do something right in this life time. This opportunity window may not be so readily available in your next regenerations(reincarnations).



Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2003 - 02:46 pm:

Another FIGU poster still replies to Large_Ship at FIGU->

What people think is vampirism in the past was found to be Tuberculosis. There is no such thing as a real vampire, this is an illusion. The blood drinking rituals was passed down from the "Cruel One" named Jahova, or also called Enlil in other texts. That is which is coupled with other mistruths has lead people to this veil of illusion. Vampires are NOT a genetic line of descendents. They were sick people.
Their sickness caused a paling of the skin, which people became afraid of, and the misconceptions of vampirism became. People want to scare others with this untruth.
Sorry, i am not buying it. //

Creedo at Time Travel Institue continues>Point to be made here, and not recognized by FIGU.

If the vampire gene naturally of by artificial means has self modified its own nature, in other words, so that this gene could somehow survive, then why would this statement be a threat to FIGU and the Pleiadeans at all?

Is this postulate of overeaction by FIGU members is also balanced by the sayings of Ptaah the Pleiadeans commander, then there would be a telling that the Pleiadeans are worried about the gene status within humankind?

This also exposed middle-level management to this fact at FIGU, however what it seems that the Pleiadeans as well as other do not want to hear, are that in some sence that their human goods, are less than perfect, that is if we are considered property by offworld beings.

Remember the original tenant in meeting with some forms of E.T.s a few years back, is that they would expect us as a race and meet us in the realm of space when we as a society, then travel into space as explorers.

From the latest happenings, there seems to be a great concern, as to the welfare of the general Earthbased population being gene-wise well kept, rather than any intimation at all, that they would one day become space travelers in their own right......?

Quite a series of contrast wouldn't one say, as appearing to anyone's fair reason?

This might be the basis infact, as to why everyone is always being called a liar, at or associated with the Swissbased FIGU web site.......?
i am not human and i have lived here and i am not happy with your world you tell me how to get home instant message me on aol keevsterkeefkeef
Re: On the AOL instant messager service

Well' it's like this Kev, you first go to AOL and get an e-mail account.

Once your in, there is usually AOL instant messenger service, which you sometimes get for free, if you have a sole e-mail account.

This downloads as a program, onto you hone P.C. or notebook and I think interfaces with either your palmtop, or the new types of cell phones.

This way you can use the restroom, while conducting a business deal.

A lot of Earthlings like myself, really don't care for how government has the general state of affairs boxed up, that not everyone can use a space ship. personal preference you know?!

I mean all we are to them is a secure breeding stock.

I mean how would you like to see your brother mate with the girl next door, while on a head halter lead of some type.

Don't you think that some of us Earthlings are getting tired of this enforced cattle status, put on us by supposedly wise aliens, who the government keeps here at our expence?
Re: New developments on Planet X at this date

In reply to latest post, 23rd, at

Yes this looks like debris in the field.

NASA and other agencies are not talking right now, as they should, so a definitive of distance, mass, vector and weighted direction, are all not attainable informations at the present time.

I'm sorry; real sorry.

However know that if someone has a good Schmidt Casagain, or another scope of applicable quality, plus a little astral math, they might be able to attain field depth, along with body mass,and even spectral mass?

There should be at this point in time, be vector, mass, and velocity of mass, in direct relationship to Earth's direction, mass and intended or predicted course of revolotional follow around the sun.

This information if sophomoric, new, rudimentary and prefiunaotry to all astronomical operations and should be readily accessible.

>To Nancy Lieder,. Than you! You are a doll for all of the fine unwaveringly accurate information, that you have steadfastly supplied this posting board, on the latest Planet X developments.

I can not aquess what the situation is on px, as I don't have at my disposal, depth and distance of astral field, plus projected mass and or masses of objects on a probable collisional intercept to Earth.......?!

I am sorry.

Truly Dan J. Blakley armature tinker and inventor

SOHO Showing Planet X Moons
on June 23, 2003
Can someone tell me what this incoming debri is? [image]http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/javagif/gifs_small/20030623_1154_c2.gif [/image]