"The future ain't what it used to be."




I am about to time travel to another time yes I have a device but I can't tell anyone about it it is private and personal at this time no questions will be answered at all so if you ask me one or several questions they will not be answered this world today is just stupid I believe in another place that world is better or so too be well that's all for now!
Dear Adam,

Don't forget to write.

Oh, by the way, whats your girlfriends phone number?
Like I told you no questions will be answered at all I don't have a girlfriend because I am single and no I won't write at all I don't even know you Shadow! The physics of this world is nothing compared to 23rd or 24th century of this world or this earth what we do will effect future events so be careful what you do now or the world will end including yourself the world will continue to be corrupt and destruction the physics of the 23rd or 24th century is much better their will be time travel and teleportation devices as well as the concepts as well entertainment is music, virtual reality games, tv, movies, books and magazines, holograms, computers, drugs and I don't mean what people are using like acid, lsd, but doctor drugs will still help people if they have problems and issues or effects, buildings and houses will look different like domes and other weird shapes.
Don\'t forget to take some Beanie Babies and uncirculated stamps with you.

You'll make a fortune selling them to collectors.

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Time Travel Institute
To Everyone Sorry but that is Classified or Top Secret I can't tell you all anything if I told you it wouldn't be a secret or private also I am not a government agent, cop, journalist, reporter, or anything like that just an a normal or plain human that wants to have fun and so on and no questions will not be answered at all so sorry Samuel I can't answer that question and if any other questions do come up or surface then I won't answer them. Warning I do not belong to government or secret black projects just to let you know!
RE: Personal to the Adam-maker

Adam' you can tell what you've seen and expierenced, just as long as you round events off.

In other words, rough areas only, substatute names so that exact names will not be apparent via linneage to the future and your allowed to only draw, what you've seen, however no photographs are allowed.

So when you come back, you can kind-sorta-tell-us all?

Sorry' that's the time travel protocols given by the Pleiadeans.

I'll make the popcorn, if CAT makes the leamonaid.

Do want to sound too close here, but you've got my love and best wishes for a great trip to the future!

Good luck, be carefull Dan...
RE: Personal

To Everyone I have already told you all about the near future it is my first message or post in this conversation or message post read it then decide or believe what you want to believe any more questions will not be answered so don't ask also time is of the essence well I got to go see ya later!
riiiight. You have a time travel device. A secret design. You can't answer any questions. Why do I think you are feeding me complete bull? I've been the trickster. I know the only reason you could have for posting on this board if you can't give any information is to stir up contreversy. Get a cluhe public may be dumb
, but not THAT dumb.
To Everyone I can't reveal what I have otherwise several people will want to know so I can't tell others anything because I would be in deep trouble or crap if everyone else found out of course and trust me I do have a time travel device the only thing is I haven't used it yet though I plan to use it later though. I am not joking around or being careless I am being serious about this whole statement you can't ask me questions but suggestions, ideas, comments, plans, and so on would be helpful or not.

To Everyone I have one question to ask If you could time travel where would you go and how long would you stay there?