"The future ain't what it used to be."

Seeing into the future via dreams possible?


The most interesting thing about this idea is when one dreams and attempts to make sense of these dreams, or are they brief flashes of a possible future?
A few years ago I had a series of dreams.
For some reason I felt they were set about 2015, and this is way before I heard of this titor chap.
My first dream had myself and some other person in strange military camo gear. We were on recon and were laid down amongst grassland near the crest of a hill. Beyond the hill I saw a wasteland, all brown and grey, no grass grew down in the valley that I was looking upon.
But in the centre of the valley was a kind of tall building, various tubes etc were sort of stuck to the outside going to the top of the building. Around its base was a sort of shanty town, and i could see people who were certainly hard worked and not very happy, their eyes down cast.
I saw this through a scope attachment on a long rifle type gun.
My dream ended at this point.
I then had another dream, I and someone else were being hunted by people with dogs, we were still dressed in the camo gear, and we were running pretty hard, until we found a small cottage on the side of a grass hill.
For some reason we went in, and I think we managed to escape through a hole in the wooden floor, after the dogs had gone and they were unable to find us.
This was all set in England, but not anywhere near where I live now, I do not recognise any of the areas I was in, I guess it was mainly north near yorkshire but I am not sure.
The last dream had me trying to steal a motorised boat with my wife. Again dogs are used to guard the port, but I recognise the place as Southampton near where I live. I get the boat and set off, but for where I don't know.

Strange dreams I hope, as I have no problems at home, I have a great wife, and a fairly okay job, I am moving to a great area and so will most probably never move again, but I have had no more of these dreams lately. I suppose because after every dream I kept wanting to know what happened next.
Maybe tonight I will.