"The future ain't what it used to be."

Steven Gibbs is psychotic


Temporal Novice
I talked with him once or twice. Here's some of what he told me:

1 - He routinely (10 to 12 times per day) shifts into parallel universes without the need for a machine.

2 - The sonic resonator (later to become the hyperdimenional resonator) plans were given to him by aliens.

I don't know if he takes medicine, but IMHO he really needs to.

I saw his plans once for the H.D.R. and I realized that the only thing it does is to produce extremely high levels of 60 Hertz electomagnetic waves.
Hmmmnn....Well, who knows really. Why not take him at his word, and see where it leads?

One man's psychosis is another's genius?

Leonardo DaVinci's designs for a flying contraption looked pretty far out for his time, but hey, they weren't that far off from our present day helicopters. And the age old story of Columbus seeking a new world, seemed pretty crazy to the folks who thought he'd fall off the edge of the world. But hey, if he didn't exactly discover America, (the native americans/indians were already here of course), he sure proved the nay-sayers wrong.

So, before we go labelling our comrades as something, let's just listen and take to heart their positions.

We don't always have to agree. But this is a forum. If we start the judging and name-calling, people might be afraid to speak up.

Besides, I know of some pretty darn intelligent folk who were/are schizophrenic, and it should never mean that their ideas should not be listened to. It is like saying that someone who is disabled should not speak.

Persephone, Rykle

<<Stephen Gibbs is psychotic>>>

Maybe thats what makes him a good time traveler. Ask Creedo299&2/3rds about this.
/ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif It seems that time travel is locked into a Para-normal type mode it can not escape. like a black hole sucking the life out of good ideas.
Yesiree! That's why I think it is a good idea to investigate the hard science, but to also keep an open mind and see what the dreamers out there are dreaming up.


<<<TT locked into Para-normal mode>>>

I wondered about that at first too. Why is this so? Because the paranormal 'channel', the 'spook channel" and the time channel are all one and the same thing. Leading edge scientists already know this.
And they already know that the suppression of knowlege won't work in the long run. The maniacal power and control freaks of this world never will figure out why the starched creases in their pants just don't stay in like they used to. A pitty. NOT!
Remember when there was a post about Steven Gibbs acting like he didn't know who somebody was because this "Steve" had shifted to this universe today? Well, Carlos Novela, the guy with two HDRs pulled that one on me a couple of days ago. Apparently, this Carlos also talked to me over Yahoo! Messenger except in his universe I lived in Canton, Ohio, in which I do not. He said other stuff, but to me it just seemed that he was messing with facts that he already did know about me. I think he is Steven Gibbs himself trying to get people to buy his stuff, or a good friend of Steve's.