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Hey, I was wondering if any of you guys might know of
anyone who has experimented with any of Steven Gibbs supposed
Time Machines, and actually had some success with it.
gibbs put me in touch with two other guys. one guy was experimenting with the gibbs portal. apparently, this gentleman lived in a little town and he built his portal out near an old abandoned house in the woods. he claimed that one time the portal opened and he could see a different scenery in the portal frame than what was around the portal frame. that's about the only thing i can remember about his story. another guy a young guy in his 20's named christifer was experimenting with gibbs multiverse resonator and he was afraid to use it, but he fired it up at times (without himself hooked up) and got several differant results. one time the lights went out, another the blinds in the house started rattling and another he could hear a "POP" sound coming from different rooms inside his house. i still have christifers phone number, if you would like it so you can ask him about his experience leave you email address and i'll email his number to you. i don't know either of these guys except for the one telephone conversation i had with each. i can not vouch for their sanity or insanity. let me know if you want his number.
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Hi Boot I'm Adam I just wanted to say I would like his number I'm CEO of Time Machines Forever an non-profit and private organization we are not building government and black projects our purpose is to gather information within the team visit this website we are teamed up with the Tec-Time organization www.tectime.cjb.net you will learn about stuff I would also like his email address as well if you can get it too.
hi adam

cool website, i book marked it. i used your email provide on a link on the site "[email protected]" and sent you 2 emails. they both came back undeliverable.
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That is why you have to either use this email address [email protected]. Remember I need his number as well as his email address or if he has a website that would be good too.
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I too am in contact with someone that has been working on a time portal for about 3 years, he has modified Steven Gibbs model and is having very good results so far, he told me he can see the portal open but it is not strong enough, or big enough. .. he is still working on it. I think that alot of people that are working on Gibbs projects do have success, but are too afraid of being ridiculed or laughed at if they talked about it, between you and me ,.. if you had a working portal would you spread the word?

I know i wouldnt.
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i'd invite people over, "hey check this out!"

i've got plans to the gibbs portal somewhere and from what i remember one supposed to make it of pvc and magnetic wire. fill the the pvc with coal (though when i called psychopath gibbs, he said to fill it with amathyst crystals). also you are supposed to take the wire and coil it around the pvc were it covers the pvc completely (probably a mile of the wire). then erect it with the doorway facing east-west and parallel with magnetic north. the wires grounded into the soil about a foot deep. also you need to have it on a gridpoint which you find with a divining rod or a pendulum. somewhere you have a "radionics box" in the circuit which you "tune" with a pendulum and you sit around for hours at your portal on a gridpoint (there is about 10-20 gridpoints worldwide, if they even exist at all) and ask your pendulum if the grid point is open. when you establish the time the gridpoint opens and thereby opening your portal you tune your radionics box to the time and place you want to go. you need to hurry because the portal can close at any time. of course the gridpoint opening doesn't open at the same time of day, every day. you have to sit around, is it open now? is it open now? is it open now? is it open now? because the opening time changes all the time and sometimes won't open for months. nice scam now that i think about it, gibbs makes all conditions so unobtainable that it always falls as the fault of the operator and not the bullshxt plans to begin with.
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