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Just a brief heads up before reviewing my post for those of you not familiar with me, or my research;

I am formely known on this board as "Time02112" and have been an advocate of Time-Travel, as much as a major contributor to this forum in relation to this very subject. If you review my past posts, you will understand the complexities involved including the premise of my interest in this profound subject, and why I chose to follow the direction I have that will inevitably put together the very "team" that may indeed provide a major role in establishing breakthroughs in providing a viable demonstration of a working Time-Machine, including other methods of inducing a Time-Travel related experience for those of you still awaiting some form of 'confirmation' if it is indeed possible.

Our dear friend Ms. "Pamela More" was our acting agent / P.O.C. For John Tritor' and is a very dear friend of ours at TAP-TEN Research ever since it's inception.

---Gary Voss
TAP-TEN Research Foundation (International)

The following article is an "excerpt" which contains something we must all take to heart if our community plans are to thrive. Please review this article and give us your feedback! in order to get a jumpstart with our community plans & Trust (underway) we need to start hashing out these related issues and discuss them prior to the announcement of our ground breaking ceremony.

"After September 11" - By: Brian O'Leary, Nov 2002
Forward from 'Re-Inheriting the Earth' on the state of America,
politically, economically and environmentally.

We need to develop a new global community in both real and virtual spaces. In his classic book The Different Drum, Scott Peck reminds us that community-building includes a chaotic phase which often discourages the founders. This period of ego-posturing usually precedes a surrender to a feeling of emptiness, the next phase. Then it would be possible to enter into the spirit of cooperation and selflessness comprising true community.

Perhaps, in those moments of inspiration, we could turn crisis into opportunity. Perhaps we could express our grief first and then move into responsible and compassionate roles. I hope this book will help shed some light on the solutions themselves. They wait in the wings for their opportunity. In addition, some of us are forming a coalition, which intends to facilitate a new world citizenship which would ensure an enduring civilization through proper human action.

After a death in the family and an unsettled year, Meredith and
I have landed on our feet in a place of great natural beauty on the Yuba River near the village of Washington, California. May this New Washington represent the vision for renewed spirit of a peaceful, sustainable and just global future, in sharp contrast to the massive corruption and violence now coming from the old Washington of my past.

Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.
Washington, California
November, 2002

***** Please Note*******
This article was an "Excerpt"
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In recognition of noticable global catastrophies throughout history, to the earth changes that are prevelant today, it begs one to question as to how are we, as a global society in in transition to face the current events with an effective means to prepare for what lays ahead?

It is my contention that we are living in the last days once again, very much as in the days of Noah. call it prophetic, or cyclical, but when you look at the weather & global state of political affairs with respect to the war on terror, including the repercussion of these major events, it would only seem prudent that there is something much larger to come as a result of the fallout from these events and would only seem prudent to make every effort to prepare for the worse in any case.

If we wish to effect change, then the first order of business should in fact be to create a community that is willing to work for a common goal to provide the answers that would offer an alternative soulution to meet our energy needs "Independant" from the Grid so that the only one who can control the amount of power one needs for their household, or business would be the individual who owns their own independant power supply!

Freedom of choice is what our consumer industry has always preached, but in practice it has always been undermined by controlling our resources in the name of good old greed, and if we are to evolve into a world class global society, we must do away with the elements which allow everyone's basic needs to survive, such as food, shelter, energy & transportation & mobility from being comprimised by those who seek to control them at a cost which can only be afforded to the few who can afford to burden the skyrocketing cost and are willing to pay for them.

This is why I propose to purchase a few good 100+ plus acres of land in order to bring our communities together and start building! for without unity, we will forever be talking about the day when we would all like to see this happen without ever doing anything to make it so.

My proposal is simple, in order for us to set the example as a "Proving Grounds" for this brave new community, I'll get the land and turn it over to network associations within the alternative energy & healing groups & communities, provided that they are all willing to be brave enough to venture with me and others who share this great vision to join together and put asside our ego's & indifferences or their fear of change to help me "Build" whatever it is we need to to make us a better world to live in be it here, or elswhere.
The dome I plan to use for our central facilities is the "Hoberman Iris Dome"

The Iris Dome is a retractable roof that opens and closes like the iris of an eye. As it extends and retracts, transforming the space inside it between indoors and outdoors, its perimeter remains fixed and stable. In its extended state, it forms a lamella dome whose members display a pattern of interlocking spirals.

The Iris Dome has rigid covering panels attached to its structural members. These panels glide smoothly over one another to make a continuous skin that covers the dome when fully extended.

In 1994, a 1.5-meter working scale model and a section of a 20-meter Iris Dome were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. The working model consisted of a precision-machined dome with clear covering panels and a model stadium. Both the model and the 20-meter section extended and retracted continuously under motorized control.

(We will acquire the land either by the end of this yr. or the beggining of the next.)

This is why I started the TAP-TEN Research Foundation, and this is why we continue to support like-minded others who share this vision and wish to support these endeavors, our unifyed mission expects of us to do this, so do this we must, and do this we shall.

----Gary Voss
TAP-TEN Research (International)

I would like to know if we have your support by informing others who would be willing to contribute to our noble efforts.

In exchange for diplomatic consent from our US. GVT to allow us to operate our facility without fear of our motives for creating this brave new alternative community, one of our plans is to provide a new form of propulsion system for monitoring airborne drones for homeland security that can be uplinked into the GPS network, and never require refueling. It is my intention that this new type of vehicle & propulsion system will become a world class system to aide military & law enforcement as another means to streamline their effective operations while reducing costs, thus providing an effective means to weed out undesirable activity within our boarders as a less invasive means to the alternatives slated for post 911 America.

(However) We support the views of other like-minds who share our vision, including those of Anthony Hilder & Free World Alliance, we also have friends with GZI, a more "Friendly" Four-Star, World Class Private Security Service which we will work with to build this community of our with "Security" Ground-Up.

*Ref: Ground Zero International [G.Z.I.]
GROUND ZERO Combat Weapons Training Center was developed in 1996 with only one basic principal in mind...to teach combat survival skills! Our programs offer the opportunity to learn skills previously available only to highly specialized military and government agencies, and are based on real world operational experience. [Notice of disclaimer]:Some of our courses are restricted to Government, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, and Specially Credentialed Security Firms, as there are no legal civilian applications for this training. GROUND ZERO reserves the right to refuse service to any potential student of questionable character. Our staff is comprised of US Veterans, and persons loyal to our country and it's cause. We WILL NOT TRAIN terrorists, hate groups, or anyone of a criminal nature, and strongly suggest that you seek life elsewhere... Jack Randal, GZI Inc. Combat Weapons Training Center Copyright © 1996-2004 All rights reserved.
In addition to providing alternative forms of power & propulsion, we plan to revolutionize public & private transportation, including the areospace industry, in ways that would effectively change the way we all live and work at a much faster pace than any GVT regulated organization could ever compete with.

My partner Larry Mauer of Unitel Areospace has been listed as a prime GVT. contractor, and I have sub-contracting listing with the CCR, DOD, including a cage-code and Dun & Bradstreet listing as our means of being prepared for any future GVT contracting from anything we develop that becomes a desired concept, and prototype by our US GVT.

Below are just a few of our associates that will be in support of our efforts to do everything humanly possible to converge together in order to get underway with our future plans to improve the quality of modern human living standards that will pave the way for future generations to come.

*Unitel Inc.,
Unitel Inc., is a technology development company that owns a generic patent with ten (10) claims both in the US (No. 4,817,102, March 28, 1989) and in Japan (No.1,864,717, August 8, 1994), with patents approved but not yet received in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom (No. 89906639.3, September 11, 1990) on a system with multiple applications. This generic quantum electronics system design applications include computing and aerospace propulsion. Unitel is prepared to build a prototype quantum computer system entitled HOLO-1. HOLO-1 uses a specially designed crystal laser lens to store, retrieve, and process data using light instead of electricity. Former URL's - [http://www.unitelnw.com ] - [http://www.unitedmusiccorp.com/unitelnw] New Book "Laser Propulsion" Available From Barnes & Noble - http://search.barnesandnoble.com/bo...8-2004+04:46:59&isbn=0975431501&itm=2

Website: http://www.unitel-aerospace.com

*Space Energy Access Systems, Inc.
Read our unique plan to permanently solve the energy crisis and help save the environment! Contact Information: Address: P.O. Box 896, Charlottesville, VA 22902-108 5th St. SE, Suite 209, Charlottesville, VA 22902 Company Officers: President and Chief Executive Officer: Steven M. Greer, M.D. Vice President of Planning and Product Development: Jonathan Kolber

*Tesla Tech Organization
Exoctic Research & ExtraOrdinary Technology! Spearheaded by Publisher/Editor - "Steve Elswick" Where else are you going to see TESLA TECHNOLOGY Demonstrated? Advanced Energy Concepts and Devices, Magnetic Motors, Health Supplements, Alternative Medicine, other previously SUPPRESSED information are our specialties!
Website: http://www.teslatech.info

*Infinite Energy!
NEW ENERGY FOUNDATION, INC. P.O. Box 2816 Concord, NH 03302-2816 - Phone: 603.485.4700 Fax: 603.485.4710 E-mail: [email protected] (NEF) is a non-profit corporation based

The Institute for New Energy (INE) 3084 E. 3300 South Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2154 Please email your comments and suggestions to: Dr. Patrick Bailey, President, Institute for New Energy, at [email protected]

*Geet International Institute
The GEET Fuel Processor is a self-inducing Plasma generator. The GEET Plasma unit generates several "electrical" fields at the same time while operating, some of which are in opposite direction and all are affected by the direction of mass movement as well as by the gravitational field of our planet. During lectures from coast to coast Paul and Molley have explained that it is frequency and vibration that determines the amount of plasma or energy being developed. Reseach in private laboratories in Europe is helping to isolate some of the basic field replication of the plasma generator that the Pantones need for visible demonstrations.

*Intalek, Inc.
"How to build devices and systems that utilize Parametric Mass Fluctuation: a breakthrough in energy and inertialess field propulsion technology."

*Free Energy!
Brought to you by Sterling D. Allan of "Greater Things" News Service. and founder of Pure Energy Systems

*Pure Energy Systems
Founded by Sterling D. Allan is the webmaster/editor of Greater Things Free Energy updates and directory service. An open source alternative energy technologies, Sterling D. Allan also is involved with a team (PerenTech) that helps inventors bring their technology into the marketplace Featuring cutting edge super-efficient, non-depleting energy technologies that have not yet been mainstreamed. Giving away the technology to the world, and open sourcing its development on an ongoing, dynamic basis..

*Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC
ormerly known as General Energy International, Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC is founded by Professor Kiril Borissov Chukanov, a bulgarian scientist. World famous for his research on ball lightning, Pr. Chukanov has conducted numerous experiments with ball lightning and successfully produced it in artificial environment. After an invitation in 1990 to conduct his research in the United States, Kiril Chukanov and his family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Pr. Chukanov and his associates continued the study in the field of quantum limitations.

*Website Of: Mr. Alexander V. Frolov
Russian Native Engineer, Inventor, & Author of many published works relating to a broad range of topics such as ...gravitation, electrogravitation, new energy, time rate control theory (time machine), reactionless propulsion, warp drive technology, plasma electrolysis, hydrogen energetics, aging problem, Tesla research, ether science, ether dynamics, n-dimensional, electric spacecraft, four dimensional conception of matter, thermogravitation, gyroscopical drive, Tesla, Chernetsky, Frolov, gradient dielectric technologies for electric space drive, warp drive, space time curvature, temporal displacement, teleportation, and DNA resonance.

*The "New Energy Movement"
Mission and Purpose: "Awakening to clean energy solutions" - The New Energy Movement is a broad-based public movement dedicated to the study and promotion of peaceful and sustainable solutions for an imperiled planet. We believe solutions exist and can be implemented if we adopt sensible public and private policies. We seek public jurisdiction over questions of peace and sustainability. We support a massive shift of federal priorities away from weapons programs to initiatives which would identify and implement sustainable solutions to our pressing environmental, socioeconomic, and geopolitical problems. We seek to work in concert with existing environmental, educational, business, and governmental groups, other progressive movements, and individuals who agree with these goals, without prejudice or vested interest as to the best means of accomplishing them. (New Energy Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.) New Energy Movement encourages public and private R & D support of selected new energy technologies and infrastructures, including both traditional (e.g. solar, hydrogen) and innovative (e.g. cold fusion, zero-point).

*Robert A. Patterson's "Quantum Electro-Gravitics"
Vortex Implosion Based Propulsion Systems and Advanced Aeronautical/Space Energy Concepts. Robert, (to everyone unfamiliar with his works), Robert's QEG Device is probably one of the most important Discovery on Vortex & Gravitic Science in History!

***Please Note: One of many prtotypes that we will be exploring for future use for homeland security drones is depicted within this website. http://quantumgravitics.tripod.com

*The Enterprise Mission
"To Boldly Go Where Someone Has Gone Before....." Richard C. Hoagland, founder of The Enterprise Mission, recipient of the Angstrom Medal , former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite, author of "The Monuments of Mars", co-creator of the "Pioneer Plaque", originator of the "Europa Proposal", and principal investigator of The Enterprise Mission... welcomes you to his official World Wide Web Site. - Steady as she goes ...

*Professor Scott Hill
Prior to becomming a TAP-TEN Member/Associate, Professor Hill, (biophysicist, research scientist from Copenhagen, Denmark) had invested quite an extensive effort, and made several contributions in the research of paricle/quantum physics arena, and is the Author of: "Cycles of Heaven" -- cosmic forces and how they influence you" (with G.L. Playfair) St. Martin's Press, 1979, Souvenir Press, London 1978, Avon Paperbacks, NYC, 1979, and several other languages. Professor Hill was last known to be writing a new book on electromagnetic medicine and biophotonics.

*The Josef Hasslberger page of Physics, Economy and New Energy
A broad range of articles, mostly written by Josef Hasslberger, about the results of study and research into the odd and unexplained.

*Trevor Paglen's Webscape
Defense journalists and military insiders talk about the presence of a "black world" in the American West. The "black" in the term refers to projects and facilities that are classified; that are done in secret (I explore the racial overtones in these terms elsewhere). These projects and facilities are invisible from the public and even from most of the government itself. The word "world" in the term is important to emphasize. The pentagon spends over $20 billion annually on these classified efforts, creating entire infrastructures for these projects.

Your comments, recomendations & support are greatly welcome.

---Gary Voss
TAP-TEN Research Foundation (International)
627 H. St. #A279
San Diego, CA. 91910

To view the land we are considering to build our new community upon, please visit the following website...


Additional Comments:

It's like this, as the plot thickens more will awaken, as more
awaken, they will begin to realize that they were being misguided & manipulated by a variety of what the conspiracy crowd has been advocating morevoer, it will make the LA Riots seem like a picnic as they will arise and spread in numbers which will inevitably lead to civil unrest like we haven't seen since the days of the civil war era, with martial law to ensue. The current war in the east is a "proving grounds" a "test" if you will to resurect the Roman Empire within CONUS & The world if they have it their way, regardless of what takes place during this process, either you are willing to suffer the consequences of being less concerned with what is unfolding before your very eyes, or you will leave the cities before they close the boarders!
Why do you think our families are all shipped to the east, while foreign soldiers from other contries are taking their place here in CONUS? BTW did I mentioned one of the "agreeable" profile questions they were asked contained reference to asking if they would "shoot American public citizens"??? Hmmm? just here-say, or is there any truth to this, or is it just a mild form of mass hysteria fueled by the conspiracy crowd? You tell me?

All I can suggest here, is that you please watch these videos and give us your opinion & let "You Be The Judge"

Ref: "In Plane Sight"

If you want to see this video, you can order it from our friends at ..
Free World Alliance!

In another "must see" video, "The IllumiNazi" Anthony Hilder & Jordan Maxwell provide another outstanding demonstration complete with actual media coverage to Presidential speeches complete with photographic evidence to show comparisons which exemplify that we are more than not being told the entire truth of a much larger clandestine picture of intention here.

A Must SEE!
I strongly urge those who can afford to burden the small charitable contribution by purchasing these videos/DVD's and donating them to your public Libraries & Schools!
Very interesting. I looked at some sites with pictures of the dome and it is amazing. I am interested in your project. Any help I could provide, please do not hesitate to ask, as I have been in the home improvement industry for 15+ years. I also work at a major home improvement store, so perhaps material acquisition is an area I could help with.
One question I would like to pose to you...do you believe that the dome could be constructed in a way that it could be submerged, expand until completely closed, and remain air-tight if all the water within was pumped out?

If you succeed with one in Arizona, perhaps it would be worth considering building a twin community underneath the oceans surface. This would provide underwater experimentation to take place.

I foresee being able to use the ocean as an energy source for hydrogen type energy generators and with the by-product of the hydrogen regenerators we would be able to produce oxygen.
As far as water requirements, filtering systems could remove the salts and other contaminates to provide fresh water.

Also some type of underwater crop cultivation research could be conducted.
I also have many friends that have various engineering backgrounds. Please feel free to P.M. me with more details.
At Anomalies.net, there were posters who said that marquee signs had changed all by themselves.

There is also a divergence said here, not by me, at 73 percent from what was perceived a normal timeline, three years ago.

I'm not sure what and why your trying to attempt this, if the timeline has changed so much?
Re: disclaimer

Final post by Creedo on the topic of said Titor.

Please note this say by T-12 > in link http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=energies&Number=26351&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1

Our dear friend Ms. "Pamela More" was our acting agent / P.O.C. For John Tritor' and is a very dear friend of ours at TAP-TEN Research ever since it's inception.; as said by poster T-12

If this is true, then T-12 and Pamela Moore knew all along, about me, information concerning me and my particulars.

In otherwords, they had played this as a game?

I can not say anything after this.

I was not a willing part of this game, as they knew all of my moves before I had made them?
T12 - A noble effort and one which I will watch with great interest. My only fear is that assembling all of those great and revolutionary minds in one place will make for a tempting target for the forces that would rather not see this procede. I will follow the progress via your website and through these forums and if I feel I can make a contribution, I will do so - but please make sure that security (both physical and informational) is a high priority in your project.
The following picture is what I see as a perfect place for an underwater community similar to what T-12 is planning. There is enough land for a small heli-port or airstrip. The structure of the rest of the Island could be utilized for building the underwater portion of the complex. The concave formation would provide safety for the building or dome that housed the major portions of the community.
It also would be easy to conduct energy research using the surrounding ocean. One could also develop underwater farming techniques. The depth of the complex wouldn't be extreme, but could be at a depth that would allow it to be fully submerged. Plus, the initial purchase of this particular Island is cheap compared to land inside the U.S.. If one could locate a similar Island in International Waters, than so much the better!

I agree with you Creedo. Whats the deal here? Got me all excited and then T-12 vanishes, left us hanging.
Well, it seems like a good idea, and I am playing around with the underwater community.

Already have the basics covered with some contacts regarding de-salination equipment for purifying water.

Contacts with companies that actually have a market for the left over brine, unless some useful application for the community can be figured.

Got a biologist interested in such a project, and he is interested in the under sea farming idea.

If BMW can build a hydrogen powered car then it wouldnt seem to far fetched to power up the community using the sea-water to convert to hydrogen powered generators.

Also, the water in the region of the posted island is warm, so I am sure some type of temperature variation generator could be developed.

The possiblities are numerous.
Just ran into the first problem. The biologist has said that kelp wont grow in warm water. So there goes the farming portion, unless the aquaculture center is isolated and kept in cooler water.
That means more energy to do that. Hmmmmm....
<font color="red"> Forget the kelp. Various algae species can be grown that will give you all the nutrients that you need such as: [/COLOR]

<font color="blue">
Chlorella - rich in mineral salts and, like kelp, is a valuable source of the nutrients, iron, zinc and a particularly concentrated amount of Vitamin A. There is ten to 100 times more chlorophyll in chlorella as there is in leafy green vegetables.[/COLOR]

<font color="blue">
Spirulina - is known as a 'wonder food' and was part of the staple diet of the ancient Aztec civiliza <font color="red"> [/COLOR] tion. It is higher in protein, Vitamin B12 and Iron than most other food sources. It also contains liberal quantities of Beta-carotene, Chlorophyll, Vitamin E and the minerals, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. [/COLOR]

<font color="red">And below are three recent patents - two to grow edible algae and seafood in a closed system and the other a method of energy creation that is compatible with your intended environment and easily adapted to your aquaculture needs. [/COLOR]

United States Patent 6,615,767
Untermeyer , et al. September 9, 2003
Aquaculture method and system for producing aquatic species

The invention provides a method and system for producing aquatic specie for consumer consumption within a closed aquaculture system. It provides for growing algae in artificial saltwater under controlled conditions in an algae subsystem, flowing the algae to an artemia subsystem containing adult artemia for feeding the adult artemia which produce smaller artemia, and flowing the algae and artemia to an aquatic specie subsystem containing an immature adult specie. As the immature aquatic specie consumes the algae and artemia, they mature into adult aquatic specie for harvesting. The invention also includes a data acquisition and control subsystem for automated control of the aquaculture system. A unique filtration subsystem accepts waste from the aquatic specie subsystem, pumps the waste through a series of filters, and returns the filtered saltwater to the algae subsystem, the artemia subsystem and the aquatic specie subsystem.

United States Patent 5,216,976
Marinkovich June 8, 1993

Method and apparatus for high-intensity controlled environment aquaculture

Post-larval organisms are introduced and held for growth to marketable size in a controlled environmental unit which has a dome over a body of water. The configuration of the unit and the techniques of establishing a self-sustaining eco-system within the unit and heating the body of water by bubbling heated air therethrough allows for maintaining the living conditions of the organism in a location geographically remote from its natural habitat.

United States Patent 6,647,717
Zaslavsky , et al. November 18, 2003
Renewable resource hydro/aero-power generation plant and method of generating hydro/aero-power

A power plant and method for the generation of power from flowing air utilizes a generally vertically extending duct having an inlet open to atmosphere at an elevation above an outlet. A spray system is mounted adjacent the inlet for spraying droplets of a predetermined amount of water into the air causing the air and droplet mixture to become cooler and denser than the outside air to create a down draft of fluid within the duct. A power system mounted adjacent the outlet recovers energy from the downdraft of fluid passing through it. The predetermined amount of water sprayed is greater than the amount of water that would theoretically and potentially evaporate in the air throughout the entire elevation over an unlimited time period using fresh water droplets. The power plant can also be synergistically combined with desalination systems and aquaculture.