"The future ain't what it used to be."



Temporal Novice
Hi! I am not a time traveler, but I have some theories about the Time. I want to questio How the time flows like we have many hypothetical theories about the flow of time. Some say time always moves in a forward direction, so the Past and Present exist as the future is unpredictable. Some say Time has no past no present no future it only has an instantaneous now. Some say the flow of time is predetermined future is decided in some part of the multiverse. According to you, which will be the most probable theory?

According to me, the most probable one would be all things are predetermined but in the multiverse where every future can be possible based on the decisions we take and not like the flow of time creates the future. For the answer I have a logical explanation:- According to stats 60000 humans in the world experience deja vu every day. deja vu is something that we experienced in the past and we are experiencing the same thing in the present, but as we all know physics is all about the frame of reference, If I were to conclude deja vu it would be like we experienced our future in our past and that's how it happens. We are made the decisions which leads us to the same future we have experinced in the past. What would be the most probable reason for it. I think we are simulation. We are not real at all someone is actually controlling us to do that and the deja vu is the glitch in the simulation. Like if we talk about the metaverse the characters in the metaverse is controlled by us but in their perspective they would think it's only them and the so called "mind" which is controlled by them but they are actually controlled by us. So please post your suggestions

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