The Genesis Revelation: Nephilim, Nimrod, NASA, Flat Earth and more


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I was able to properly meet one of our neighbors today, and found that they’ve got a lot of the same perspectives and questions that I do about many things. That was pretty cool - We hung out in our driveway for a few hours just talking today and had a lot of fun. They’re further along in their understanding and/or conviction of these things than I am, but they recommended this video and I thought I’d share it here.

The speaker here runs through quite a bit, this is a very dense video that will take a few viewings to come away with a real opinion on the content. It touches on everything from the Nephilim to the anti-Christ to flat Earth and more. Lots of interesting ideas.

There’s probably many things that could be picked apart, but that’s not what I look for when I watch these kinds of videos. Certain things will just “make sense” (resonate) and those are the things you carry with you as you keep exploring and asking questions. I doubt this guy has all the answers, but he certainly asks some questions worth thinking about.