Met the man


Temporal Novice
I met the man briefly in the parking lot of the Universal Studios theme park. His car battery was dead and I gave him a jumper from mine because I always carry jumper cables. He told me to move out of North America as soon as I could and that he knew what he was talking about. He had some electronic stuff in his car and said that's why the battery went down. His car started under my jump and stayed at idle.
I became good friends with Mr. Art Bell due to common ham radio hobby who mentioned interesting conversation he had had about time travel. I told him I had a way of touching my forehead to tell if I was in one nearly identical time scheme or the other. He said he had gotten faxes from a time traveler who told him to "check out" from North America fast. Sadly Art died before he moved--he chatted easily about that. I had a brief good visit with him in his condo in Manila before that. I keep in touch with his widow.
I sold everything and moved out of USA to another continent over 20 years ago. I am writing in 2024.
The man with a car that would not start in the parking lot told me not to mention meeting him and he had lots of "bad news." He said yeah seeing a photo of a man with a bizarre comb-over hair-do stopped him from reading more contemporary history. He mentioned losing touch "with some of his people" from a "big upset that started here in Florida." He guned the motor and it held OK without my jump attached.
We're both backed out and drove away. I remember things like this; I don't know why--just thought he seemed nervous to get started again.
This is an interesting tale, I like it.

He asked you not to mention the encounter and seemed cryptic as to why. Was he afraid of ridicule, hiding something specific, or following some kind of protocol? What do you think of it?

I wonder if this guy was indeed John Titor!