Epochal Historian
Notations on the five, by His Sophistries, The Honorable Ving Cudda, Cestus Worlds, five:

The five who gathered:

The five who were trapped out in the open, the beginning of the hostilities, did something very unVulcan-like.
Infront of the Klingons, they all'.. for a second's time, grasped hands, turned to one another, then smiled.

History tell of the revenge from the Klingon Empire, after the Kitimer Massacre.

The Romulins with their superior intellect and tactics had started it.The Klingons, with their ferocity and ability to withstand punishment, took the battle towards the frontier towards Romulus.

Cudda interjects>As a historian here, I will be the first to say, that Vulcan and the Upon Of Vulcan, is a very nutty place.

Vulcans are anatomically similar to Romulins, however are based in an insanely hot, unforgiving planet, where outside temperatures can sometimes reach one hundred and forty degrees.

These are the desert areas, that the heat so transpires.

The trainings for a Vulcan monk, are such that only very very toughest, along with the most resourceful of these who have survived, join these ranks.

The selection of who makes it into the Vulcan theosophical realms, is not based by the rigors of the training to be, however are most in-part instructed by the harshness of the Vulcan homewold.

"The cave", as the call it, is a place within one of Vulcan's Northern deserts, where most of what is living, hides beneath ground.

The idea for this isolation imposed upon the novice monk, is to afford him only so much water.
This is so that he learns economy.
So much food, so that he learns to consume food carefully. And the novelty of one large knife, so that in some ways the principles of security.

The principles why humanoids are prehensile at all, come into play, within the Vulcan meld, of philosophies.

It is written by one monk, within his journal>I have tried to reach all that is of sanctity off this hot forsaken globe, by reaching with my mind, into the infinite blackness of space.

I think in some way, I must have been successful? I am suffering for the delirium of dysentery and am not sure as to whether this is a religious value, or something new, a differing direction, which has grown to my thinking?

I peer down into the valley and observe very larger grazing animals, being carried off, by large leather covered birds, over ten foot in height.
In my misery of why I want to become a monk. The philosophy or self termination is very much present, within this searching for my own higher self, within this universe.FIN, end journal entry:

Cuda continues>The idea behind the Kitimer Massacre, was to demonstrate to the Klingon Empire, that they could be conquered in a very short amount of time, by superior Romulin forces.

The reality of Kitimer, in the real sense, is that military displays of both power and cruelty, are their own infractions within the cycle of how any one race, savages itself and how this cycle will have repeated itself in future time?

It was in the writings of Sybok, the messianic Vulcan, who valued his emotions that the saying, "We'. we,. as Vulcans are lost once more. There must be a throwing off of the stoicism, which tents to our own self composure.

This cry as the Vulcan mind's own, new frontiers have founded, is not the cry of self indulgments, which had almost destroyed Vulcan from within? This is the cry of self recognition, which states us apart as understanding, sentient beings.

Logic defines, however the emotion of the grasping, the handshake and the smile, is what defines all of Vulcan, albeit it this realization secretly? Sybock

Cuda continues>Being of half Romulin decent, however my other quarter being Vulcan, I often ponder the realitivty of the no win situation.

In this gauge as an ambassador in my earlier tour of duty, for the empire that would hire me, I had found that sometimes the inevability of the situation, had warranted courage, to be able to face any such situation.This facing is with the resolve of both courage, as well as understanding.

On the wall recorder of one of the huts at Tennis4, there is a momentary picture of all five of the Vulcan chosen, before they met their certain doom, at the hands of the then enraged Klingons.

To this day, theosophs on Vulcan, are not sure how, "or why", for what purpose, all five Vulcan monks, held hands, smiling at one another?

I think as early Earth fools would have called it, was they were showing the love and the caring, within the context of their situation?

Love and emotion, so this product shows, does not seem to be logical on Vulcan.

Never the less, in some ways, this emotional philosophy, does seem to show, on that nutty planet Vulcan, every great once in a while.

His Master Of Sophistries, Ving Cuda Cestus 5 /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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