Time Clouds phenomena


Temporal Novice
Im not going to do this justice so I apologise in advance. I read this story in a reputable paper in the UK today. Unfortunately they dont have an online copy of the story so youll have to make do with my abridged version!

Righty. There is loads of evidence from around the world of a wierd phenomena that makes people loose time and end up dazed and confused in wierd places ages later. The paper referred to them as 'time clouds' and sound, from the evidence to be electromagnetic disturbances. people have been surrounded by these clouds throughout history reporting similar symptoms of burns, memory loss, amnesia... They always regain conciousness many miles away from when they encountered the cloud having lost days of memory. The woman who wrote the story has been studying these reports for years and she has come up with the theory, based on Einstein and Hawkings, that they are gateways between parallel universes and switch people over!

Wow, how ridiculous does that sound without all the padding! If any of you have access to the saturday Daily Mail 20 Jan you should read it. very interesting
please type out the article on here I want to read the whole thing.sounds interesting.