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Hey, how's it goin',

Been sitting here enjoying the posts (Great Web-site & Great Stuff...!!!), & thought I'd share with you my own thoughts regarding "Time Navigation"




This guy "DOES" believe that "Navigation Through Time" is not only possible but a reality waiting to be discovered. Notice that I hesitate to use the term "Time Travel"... Because I feel that "All Events", past, present & future exist simultanious. The "Future" portion, however is debatable because if it existed, surely we would have experienced evidence of high magnitude somewhere through-out both recorded American & World History as we know it.

My own feelings with regard to time-navigation concern a search through nature for whatever clue/clues exist. Whether it be a wheel inspired by a rolling stone, a steam engine inspired by a hot spring/tea kettle or a helicopter inspired by a polly-wog floating downward, it seems to me that little, if anything, conceived, invented, constructed & utilized by "Mankind" was not done so without a major boost (Inspiration) from nature.

My own inspiration concerning the reality of navigation through the existing "Infinite Parrallel Universes" covering every second of every day from "Time's" infinite beginning to it's never-ending continuation of events, many of which we create ourselves, is the "Motion Picture Camera". Though I remain confused as to how these universes can be sighted, navigated and/or visited, I feel that one day, much the same as an editor does as he snips out a single frame from a reel of film, some physicist, somewhere, someplace, will be able to extract an individual from a single time element of our "Past" and re-insert that individual within the time element of the here & now...our "Present"

And just as those who remain un-aware, as they watch a "Motion Picture", of the absence of that single frame (Making up 1/30th of a second of film...), the absence of that individual being extracted from a mere split second element of the existing "Past", too, would neither be noticed nor create any disturbance within the "Time Frame"...Simply because the frame (An individual "Parrallel Universe") has been completely removed and placed else-where... A bit of confusion, surely, for the individual in question, but nothing has been disturbed... And we can all bid farewell to the dreaded word, "Paradox".....

Where, though is the connection within nature to a device called a "Motion Picture Camera"...? It's immediate ancestor, of course, is still photography. A single frame camera capable of capturing & preserving an image existing within a time frame of 1/30th of a second.

Navigating around Thomas Edison and Matthew Brady and further within "Past" parallell universes, we find Rembrandt, van Gogh, McNeil, Monet, Picasso, da Vinci, O'Keefe, Whistler and a stubborn 20th Century fellow named Norman Rockwell (Lets be fair, though, the same goes with Georgia O'Keefe)... All sitting before their tri-pods & struggling to "Capture" a bit of "Time" and en-caging it onto a bit of canvas. A lot of paint and a lot of brushes, but the whole process still an ancestor of the motion picture camera.

Where does this all lead...? After a brief "Hi-Dee-Ho" to Norm, Vinny, Claude and all the gang and, of course, compliments to them for the fine work, we continue our navigation until we find ourselves within a pre-recorded, or Pre-Historic, existing "Past" element of the infinite number of "Parrallel Universes".

Within a cave, dimly lit by a small fire, we see a man, probably long-bearded, a bit crusty & in major need of a bath. In his hand is a small piece of skin that he dips into blood taken from the same animal of which he acquired the skin (Ancestors of paints & brushes, but I think that's another story...) He, too, struggles to "Capture" a bit of time but, rather than with canvas, he has trapped this "Parrallel Universe" onto the stone walls of his dwelling. And he knows that these images of "Time" have been forever en-snared.....because when he was a boy, he watch his dad or mom do this very same thing, and the images of which they trapped, whether they be of human, animal or weapon, can still be viewed (To ensure
himself that none have escaped...) any time he desires.....

Definitely, this fellow recorded crude images of "Time"... recorded, and in his mind, "Captured", with the crude devices of both the skin & the blood of his family's evening meal. Machines, however crude which represent "Time Navigation" devices, the "Foremost" ancestor of of the "Motion Picture Camera".

Again, what is "Nature's" connection of all this to the "Motion Picture Camera" ...? As the rolling stone was toward mankind's invention of the wheel. What events in "Nature" would "Inspire" this man, a guy who most of us might regard as a non-intellectual whose entire daily regimen would include nothing, more or less, than
functions necessary to survive (Eat, Poop, Fart, Belch & Pro-Create) ...???
What, one may ask....!?!?!?
Would "Nature's" provision of "INSPIRATION" be toward this lonely little man
& his lonely quest to take time out from a long day of dodging dinosaurs and hoping
to track down a Saber Tooth Tiger to crack over the head...
...to take time out of his busy schedule to slop pictures
all over the Dining Room wall with the blood of his evening meal...???

Be damned if I know.....!!! If anyone figures it out, please drop me a n E-mail, wll ya'.....

E-Mail [email protected]
How do you know that the painting caveman was not yourself choosing to observe himself in the act of passing time?

You think you are still as time passes you by. Where as it is just as likely that time stands still as our minds move through it.

Sequence of records:Ask.com physics section.Origional question had been posted in year 1989.

Question:Is there a possability of an Omega Point, as offered by Trippler?

And if so, then what are these implications?

Answer:The implications to the Omega point are not fully understood at this point in time.

This is so, as the exact age of the universe is not known.

A follow-up question had been asked:In what way does the age of the universe color Trippler's Omega Point?

Answer to followup quest:Because of descrepencies in both red and blue shifts in viewing deep seated objects within this known frequency universe, there can not be a formal proper estimation of the exact age of the universe.

This is demonstraited in blue return waves in some manner being the same as red shift waves.

Hense the value of T as time, is never known, due to platten fourrier views, that space and matter always adjust in deeper seated objects.

In other words, what one views via deep space obserevations, may not exist any more.Additionally since light, or C is information, then always another event may be transposed atop the currently viewed platten.

Time is only a phenominon housed in frequency.

T-scalier phenominon, is always a phenominon which corosponds to T-mass, which is gravity distoring time and mass frequencies.

So Trippler's Omega point, is pan lasea-ques and can for our level of knowlege, ever be verified.

THE TIME BUSS ANNEXX OF 1975:The annexx of 1975 is important, as the collection of data machines from free-space machinery, such as the IBM rerwritable machines, had been a current thought them.

This was multiversed, however not a prominant thought at that time in 75.

Examples were the T-laseaqueous junction infraction, of the Heinwel landing by the Pleiadeans in 75.

The years before then, the Pleiadean heiarchy knew already, that utilizations of T-mass varibles would have occured.

These were biological agents, having to do with recombinate DNA by telophase at a distance operations only and in no way, were thought to have linkage with the said John Titor programs.

Note that the Titor programs at year junction 1975, had reginstered on the Pleiadean Heinwel base orientation detection.

Within multiverse phases, T-mass is always construed as an event whioch is going to happen, however is accounted for as having happend and additionally also recorded as being real within other multiverse possable realms.

It was no secret that since the Montauk version, was to comesome time later, that the Montauk pre-event was recorded in year 1975.

In the short years before 1975, there were time quake adjustments made to the Bahamian regions, which are as fact recorded.

So therefor the junction of year 1975 within its true sence, is more a central resource collection point for all, rather than only two distinct other possabilites.

Thomass Dehn:At this point in time, is recorded as a fractile master.

A fractile master,is a specialist who knows how to manipulate time, as well as cast senarios accroding time.

An example of this juncture pudding is T-mass at lasea-queous fortea, or a nondiscript happenstance.

If portense follows where T-mass, is a junction variable, then T- mass through the very act of recording, also registers as reality.

In reality then, although including other not known semi-sets, John Titor now does exist.

So T-mass at juncture pudding of the known fourrier platten semi set bracket year(75) as squew, does now exist.

PAMELA MORE:A prothanus, agent, paid not known, case sealed.

TRIPPLER ZERO POINT TUMBLERS:A device which simulates a nodefined approximate boundary of a multi access port in time.

As twin Kherrs in their action, as neighboring black holes do not, approximate a definate entry point, then the factors of microcosem, become the factor of the said devices.

This is said that e lower case electrons is vector shunt to any entry point is not necessary.

This is so, as mass is reversed with micro nondefined singularties in modified space.

So the injection of electrons as e inject, does phase certain aspects of time as well as space adjustments.

So foward plattens are and have been achived as well as reverse.

DIEGO FERNANDEZ:Master of web site tec-time and a probable travler himself.

Case sealed, paid or non-paid status not known?

ANSTRIMENUS NI-STAMNUS:An alien who is recorded as having a nutral interface,in portents B, plus encrypted C realms of e-fire appearance.

END OF DUMP Thank you.
How do you know that the painting caveman was not yourself
choosing to observe himself in the act of passing time?

You think you are still as time passes you by. Where as it is just as likely that time stands still as our minds move through


Interesting analogy, Shadow...

Especially with regard to your assertion that "Time" stands still, much the same as an inanimate odject, while our animated minds pass through it.

As, perhaps one day, so will our own animated selves...???
How do you know that the painting caveman was not yourself
choosing to observe himself in the act of passing time?
You think you are still as time passes you by. Where as it is just as likely that time stands still as our minds move through


Interesting analogy, Shadow...

Especially with regard to your assertion that "Time" stands still, much the same as an inanimate object, while our animated minds pass through it.

As, perhaps one day, so will our own animated selves...???
Time Surfer

Where do you draw the line between "minds" and "selves"?

Motion, act, travel are assumptions that come to light only through memory and anticipation. In any given 'now' they don't exist.
Distinction between "Minds" & Selves...???

Like all of us with interest in whatever potential to travel through "Time" exists, I can only speculate.

The first thought which comes to mind, though, is "Rem", the dream-world of which we drift into each night (unless, like myself, you sit in an insomniatic daze while CNN, Fox News, Nickelodeon, etc, etc do their boring thing...) as we slowly let go of conscious thought & the sub-conscious takes over.

Who knows, Shadow, maybe the sleep process is one of the clues of nature that the guy who authored this thread is in search of..... Can the "Rem" state be controlled & even traversed with a specific past time and date somehow injected into the process beforehand...??? Can either a person or an object within this dreamworld be removed and be there, waiting for us, as we re-enter an awakened and conscious state of being...?

It can certainly be said that one participant of whatever actions take place within a dream "does" return. That, of course, being ourself... What the heck, maybe it's a starting point

Again, who knows...?
I once heard a statement, "Time 02112", That the Egyptian society functioned with "Diminishing Goals"...

They actually started out with an intent to erect "Square Buildings" with the end result, of course, being "PYRAMIDS".

Wow...!!! What a waste of manpower...!!!
I had a dream one night where I was outside my local bank. I knew what to do. I went inside grabbed up a stack of bills and then hid it outside behind a fence.

The next morning I went to the real bank and checked the spot. No luck.

Dreams are I believe mentally manufactured parallel worlds or more like parallel time tracks, but are not materalized enough to persist.. The people in the dream with you? They are dreaming too and will return to their real lives upon waking just like your self.

Dreams don't have to "make sense" because they are not restrained by actual mass or the rules of physics that go with mass. I suppose a very intense dream by an expert dreamer could materialize...... reality is simply a really well done dream with lots of accomplished dreamers.

supposedly but don't take my word for it
Not sure, Shadow, whether I can agree or dis-agree with your observations, but you've obviously done a major share of homework with regard to the mysteries of both "Time" & "Science" in general. And make for a fascinating read.....

And what a bummer that the bucks were'nt behind the fence the morning following your dream. Are ya' sure, though, that another participant of the "Rem" scenario was'nt parked nearby, observed as you hid the cash, and scarfed it all up upon waking from his own dream...?

Fact or fiction be damned...! I think we've got the makings of a major motion picture in the works...! What do you think...? Jim Carrey in the starring role...?
Time surfer

Ah yes, the dream - time travel connection.....both take place in the smame substrata matrix......The Matrix. (no not the movie though it hangs in there real close). The Matrix is the place with a thousand names. The detail and mapping of it is being worked out by the best minds on the planet, as we speak. I like to think I have the mental horsepower to at least understand what the real geniouses are finding and saying about it.

Consider dreams and dreaming as the doorway to other (real) worlds.

As to some other dreamer snatching "my" cash, I doubt it. The whole is thing perposterous to begin with, but with that said, in that particular dream I was the only one there. No cars, no people, no action just the parking lot, sky and an open bank. Thats how I KNEW I was dreaming at the time. That is why I was able to act consciously in it. The action and concentration of 'grabbin the money and running' with it was what allowed me to by pass the awe and fear long enough to do something.

Real lucid dreaming (where you are concious of dreaming and not just watching) is a scary thing to most people -when it happens to THEM- that fear usually causes instant wake up.
Man has often wondered what dreams "mean". well the truth is...they dont mean anything. sorry to burst your bubble but dreams are just randomized firings of neurons in the brain that the mind and sences try to interprut. thus we have dreams.
Dearest CAT'

Dreams actually base within an indesx, which pick up a apecialized particle from the future.

I think that this is called a prion?

The dream state is much more lucid and makes interception of these messages filled particles possable.

Hope that this answers your question?
iv never heard of a dream actually coming true. but if it did then the dream was probably a phsycic premintion.but since i dont think phsionics are real...it nullifies that theroie.

No' a pry-on is a backward traveling praticle from the future.

And when this particle strikes us, it brings information with itself.
Yes, Ive known for years that time is counterintuitive!

My live has been rewriten many times! (9 is my number thats why I'm a CAT!) And my collective conciousness is in continual repair to reconstruct my future.

The Pry-ons are after me like the langaliers from the movie by Steven Spielberg!

I know the future can be predicted because I have done it many times. I just don't know how I do it. That is the mystery.
What if someone or something was giving me the information and then making the event happen. It would not be that I predicted the future but that someone or something was trying to make me believe I could predict the future. For instance take Nostradomas for example. He predicts Mr X will become blind in the near future from a terrible accident then whoever or whatever told Noatradomas this would happen makes the event happen. It appears that nostradomas is telling the future but in reality he is not because something or someone is setting up the event.for what reason I haven't a clue . But maybe there is a good reason or a bad one. we just haven't figured out what it is yet.