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I am very interested in theories regarding time travel because I believe it is possible to "explore" time since time itself was created. This belief is only 95%, though.

The other 5% is due to a confusion that I could never answer or find an answer to: if the concept of time travel is possible (in non-parallel theories), then wouldn't civilizations on Earth already be aware of such "technology?"

It makes sense to me that a future civilization who has the ability to travel back in time <u>would</u> travel back in time. However, past civilizations never depicted any such "visitor."

The only conceivable theory, Einstein's, is that time travel is only possible forward (i.e., the future) and not backward (i.e., the past). A person who is in a barrier travelling at the speed of light and thus resulting in a slow of time is more likely than going to a "past-time" that already occurred. In my opinion, theorists who believe the latter would only be correct if what we see (i.e., life) is a photographic representation that is being saved to a supernatural "database." Time travel would then be a "query."
Yes, I believe that's correct Einstein's mathematical equations did specify that time travel was only possible to the future but not possible to the past. And why is that?

But on the other hand Einstein demonstrated that tachyons can be observed in reverse time sequences. But this is only been proven in the lab and not actually applied with fact to the physical.

But consider this, that encoded holographic laser messages can also be sent through time and back to the past as well as he future. If you have been watching the news lately you would have heard that they have accomplished something similar to this but it is in its infancy at a certain university.

I believe this technology has been discovered and has been in use for many if not hundreds of years now.


P.S. There is much more on the subject and I'm only touching the tip at present...

Special Relativity proposes not time travel but time dilation.

Bodies in motion relative to some other body undergo transitions. Time passes more slowly in a moving frame as measured by a stationary frame. But time passes as normal in the moving frame as measured from the moving frame. That’s because the "rigid measuring device" (a yardstick or any other measuring device) carried by the observer in the moving frame has shrunk in the direction of travel…the clock is moving slower but the yardstick is also shorter. The moving observer sees no difference in the passing of time internally because all of his instruments with which he tries to determine a difference have shrunk by the exact amount to prevent him from seeing any change.

However, when the observer looks at the world outside his moving frame he does see a difference. He measures time outside his frame as moving faster than his clock. Measuring devices outside his frame have been stretched in the direction of his motion…they have dilated.

Why is it in one direction only?

The dilation continues…time runs at an ever quickening pace in the outside frame…the universe is getting older, quicker, according to the moving observer. If the observer finally travels at light speed (which is not allowed according to Special Relativity) time dilation becomes infinite. There’s no chance to travel faster than light because time dilates to the Big Bang in an instant.

Why can’t you travel at light velocity?

Because E=mc^2.

E (energy) and m (mass) are equivalent. It takes an energy input to accelerate a body. The more massive a body is, the more energy it takes to change its velocity. The input of energy increases the mass of the body under acceleration – thus it takes even more energy than before to give the body the same incremental increase in velocity…it’s more massive than before. (This means that it takes more energy to change the velocity from 2 km/sec to 3 km/sec than it did to change the velocity from 1 km/sec to 2 km/sec. The increase in both cases is 1 km/sec.)

The effects are large but “do-able” until the velocity is about 90% the speed of light. The energy/mass curve at that point then becomes very steep. At just over 99% the speed of light the energy input required to further increase the velocity is greater than the mass/energy available in the entire universe.

An interesting aside.

Is it normal or abnormal to travel at the speed of light in our universe? Actually, it’s abnormal. If one counted all the particles in the universe (and considered photons as being particles) one would find that massive particles (protons, neutrons, electrons, their anti-particles and the like) are cosmic pollution. Photons and massless particles outnumber the pollution by a factor of millions to one. Almost everything in the universe travels at the speed of light - except we, the stardust pollution.
Thanks Darby for laying that out so nicely for me,

Hmmm abnormal particals and Stardust pollution I like that and the thoery behind it!

In refrence to Einstein, what a brilliant man he was in his time hu? to come up with such an equation that would blow the worlds mind!

Did you know that Einstein the great mathematician that he was actually found his theory or relativity in the Hebrew Bible old testoment. (very few people know this and associate it with being of a religious nature.) Did you also know that both Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein believed that this code was even more important than their theory of the universe and spent half their lifes trying to find it.

But its origin is true! This code and bible referred in here is the old testoment only, and the most reliable texts coraborated with the dead sea scrolls. The work is based on mathematical patterns encoded in the text itself that spell out the words. The work has geen reviewed by world class mathematicians at Harvard, Yale and by senior code breakers at the top secret U.S. National Security Agency who confirmed there is a code in the Bible that does reveal the future. This work is being taken very seriously at very high levels of government.

Darby, are you familiar with any of this?

One of the things that intrigues me in the code is a mentioning in the words, "WILL YOU CHANGE IT?" and "I WILL DELAY THE WAR." Who is saying they will delay it and for how long? And who are these manipulators? Is there something we can do at present to change it?

So far the code has been on target with names, dates, and places. Are its future predictions as accurate? Regardless of your opinion, the documentation and proof is extraordinary and intriguing and will impel the curious to dig deeper for the answers.

RE: Time Travel, the only problem with?

The only prpblem with any of your supposition on the bible, is that both the Torrah and the bible, are socially dominace oriented useary books.

They can really only function, is certain set social conditions.

This is the exact trip point that I had found, within my conversations with the Elders, through Mr. Eddie Sosa.about eight years ago.

The Elders had great difficulty in understanding that social compaction, in a way confused naturally occuring social signals, so causeing problems in how these two books would effect the guidance morality words of any one creator.

This is why, only in the technical sence, that this society has outgown the biblic church or synagog connection, too high of a population, so causeing social interfearance signals.

The Elders that I had talked to through Eddie Sosa, had a great deal of trouble in understanding that this is why things were going wrong with humans per-say, here on Earth.

They tried to attribute our present condition to some other factor, such as moral weakness, or another charicter flaw trait, that was causeing the problem.

How things are arranged with the God Angelic heiarchies, is that some aliens were permitted to do the social and genetic engineering, as said in George C. Anderw's book, Extraterrestial Friends And Foes, however the realm of the soul, was the problem of the God angelic heiarchies.

Yes the Pleiadeans did in some instances help engineer and influence Earth based man up, from before the time of Atlantias and Mu.

Mu and Atlantis, were only finishing touches on a cake that was already finishing in the over bakeing.

Remember, there is even a telling that by Plato, that the latter Atlantian erra, had bread into the Greek society and this was by a boatload of wimen arrangment, between the Atlantians and Greeks.

Before the fall of Atlantis, a small contingent of Atlantians had migraited to the Pleiades and were already abdsrobed into the large already existing Pleiadean Empire.

The Pleadians are a large and not only multi sected, however multifrequencied society as well.

The only place that we have left to go, is up and off this world, if proper space travel would ever be legitamized, but how does this look like it's comeing?

Look at each one hundred thousand years, as a old stile recod on a spindle stack, with so many groves per so many centuries per passage of time.

Once this episode of time is finished play, another record drops onto the platter to be played.

It is hard using a more primative stile of time machine, to travel back through more firm blocks in time.

Only a fully qualifed time travel ship, which is specfically designed to do this, can accomplish this feat.

I am laughing at your antics CAT, as you have smeared on of the most powerfull and influential off-world families that there are, by calling thewir daughter a slut.

I am realited to them, however as far as politics and a national direction, I don't, DO NOT, agreee with their politics.

I am only stateing my ability link, that is all?

Don't be supprised if you have some visitors and they only want to talk to you.

It takes a lot to ruffle the Pleiadeans fur, but I think calling the daughter of the Atlantian sected Pleiadeans chief commander, Ptaah, as slut, is pretty close to it?

Please remeber, keep your cool and say your sorry, if after you meet with them and like them?

It's up to you on how you handle yourself.I am only advising here now, remember?

The main christian God, had like the early Hebrews and took special care of them, in the ancient times.

So much that he let certain extraterrestials give them a lift over the desert, when they were imperilled.

The manna from heaven encouter, is one of these past encouters.

The Pleiadeans were, or had been assinged as a type of a heads of a nursery, to this Earth.

They do lie and I have caught some woppers, however by and large this is their main job function and to only a certain extent, they still do this function.

Like I had said, I said, I am realited to them, however I have a mind of my own and am intrested in contact with other types of extraterrestials.

The woman that your trashing, had suffered horribly.

By you trashing her even more, I would say that you would start to be peaking the intrest of the Pleiadeans.

Other Pleiadean contacts have been The Penny Harper Encounters, where she saw magician David Copperfield placed on the ship of smaller brown haired Pleiadeans.

There is also the Preston Nichol's writings on the Pleiadeans, as well as the encouters of an Aluti Frasncesca, who I have persoanlly talked to, over the phone concerning Semjase.

She had said that she was a warm gentil person, inspite all she had gone through.

If you want to go on trashing them, I can't stop you, however be mindfull, there is a limit to even how much an extraterrestial will take and I know they do monitor this web site?

Good throuhts and prospertiy to you.
RE: Time Travel, the only problem with?


As per your comments on the bible, you are only looking through the religious smokescreen of it politics without examining the valid facts of its origin. The higher echelon of governmental politicians use this smokescreen as a measure of control over the mass under them, without letting anyone into the bedroom of the whitehouse or to even come close to the oval office!

RE: Time Travel, the only problem with?

CAT, that's not what I'm doing at all.

My views are structialist, without any view through government's eyes.

Government, as far as I'm concerned is already infiltraited with alien influence.

These are negative and usary stiles of aliens however.

The only thing God cares about, as well as the angelic heiarchies, is that everything is functionally correct on the surface of this Earth.

When social affairs become too corrupt and mixed up, then there are a series of controls that are sometimes enacted.

God looks nothing like Micheal Angelo had painted him on the Cistine Ceiling.God in his true representation, looks similar to a blue pane of glass and that's about the size of of it.

Angels, only coppy their shape and stile from us.

I'm outside of this government, as I really did make a proper bid for the said off-world ambassador's position.

When the population becomes too high, then both natural and un-nartural sets of controls take over and there is a reduction of people.

On your claim about Bush Junior being a Drack, I've only heard that his dad was, however I have looked for these signs and don't, so-far, see this?

It seems that your after me in one sence or another and this is to affix my view to someone. Or fix the views that I have, attributable to some orginizations influence, which in part, is not the case.

Next week, it will be that my views are a result of the National Jewish Tailors Union and they are effecting my thinking, instead of my own thougfhts.

This is actually what is known as reverse transferance, where it is YOU, that are controlled, directed and influences, by others as you can't control this situation.

According to you, I have to , or must be controlled in my thinking by someone else and I had never generaited my own thoughts.

There seems to be lots of freadom within your phylosophical world?

You're very welcome.

I can't really say that I'm familiar with the biblical references that you mentioned other than that I've seen them on the internet.

I usually see a general public perception of scientists and specifically physicists that they are godless number crunchers. I don't think that that is a fair asessment or even a true statement. The people that I have known in the scientific world keep are just as religious as the general population...maybe even moreso given the implications of some of their discoveries, i.e. nuclear fission/fusion. ("I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." - Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer - Manhattan Project)

Science is based upon that which can be proven and duplicated in experiments. Religion is faith - one believes but doesn't need to have that belief validated by experimental design and duplication of results. That God said, "I am" is all the proof needed.

Professor Einstein was a religious man and found the implication of his Theory of General Relativity as leading to Quantum Mechanics was contrary to what his faith revealed to him. "I cannot believe that God would choose to play dice with the universe," was his response to Heisenberg's development of Qunatum statistics. He simply could not believe that God left the dynamic of the cosmos up to a turn of events based on randomness - a toss of the dice.

As it happens, I believe that on the whole, Quantum Mechanics is a valid description of how sub-atmoic particles react. QM is still incomplete but reasonably valid. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a deeper truth at work. Beyond the limitations of Plank's metrics, and area of reality hidden from us, one just might find the hand of God at work.

As to science and religion Professor Einstein said, "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
RE: Time Travel, Darby:

Darby' I don't think you get what I'm saying here?

Because of the overpopulation factor and no-one willing to make the proper structial changes, which has to be proper space exploration, religion for the most part, is shutting down now.

Religion is religion, however God and the gods, as the Pentagon's R.V. info have proven, are different.

No, everything is not alright, Yes' we are in real danger any more as a society and your waxing phylosphic.

You must be taking a seditive the size of a small brick, with prozac mixed in, in order to miss this point?

Darby in Austraila:"Well I don't see anything wrong with fifteen foot long crocadiles eating potato sallid at our table, just as long as they eat what they're supposed to and use napkins"?

""Trust you say"? Nooo' I don't think that's a problem at all, I'm sure ((they would like to have us)), at their table.

Ooooo'kay Darby?!
Darby for a good look at religious science you might want to pick up Hugh Ross PhD's book, "The Creator and The Cosmos" for a look at the connections between religion (more specifically the Bible) and science, it raises very interesting points about design in our universe.


Thanks for the tip. I'll check at the bookstore tomorrow.


Prozac...hmmm...and I was thinking Wellburtin. I guess that by being a Gael I may at times wax poetic. It's the poet-warrior blood.

Actually I wasn't addressing your concern - I was responding to CAT. When I have time I'll look back at your post and see what I can do to offer a solution for over-population short of Youth in Asia
Why not; I solved peoples' problems today at work that were bigger than over-population (at least in their minds at the time).
there is no need to worry about the over population problem as It will be corrected in due time as is always the case on planet earth. clara
RE: Time Travel, Darby:

Did you see whatr won the X Prize for the amature spaceplane?

It's called the unicorn and is a version of a V-2 Rocket with windows.
Would never make it.

Don't try to fix anything Darby, you would only make it worse.

If it's going to fall apart, then it's going to do this and there is nothing we can do about it.

Note, CAT, if the current President Bush is a reptilian, to be nice, do we send him bottles of dead flies to eat?

Yeah' he's missing some time when he was in the guard down in Texas and there are no records as to where he was and he can't account for this missing time?

At least he's not part frog?

You know, with Bush as he is in the White House, at least the won't have any flies buzzing around in their!?

You know where they will all be.

Darby, sit down and don't touch anything!
RE: Time Travel, Darby:

Hi everyone,

Hi Clara, whats with you, are you in a social comma these days? I really miss you sending me on the man hunt for the latest stories!

And Creedo, I dont know, there is something that definetly isn't sitting right with me concerning president Bush! No he doesnt look nornal and either does his mother Barbra for that matter! Very intellegant woman but she looks as lizard as they come!

Ok Darby sit down and dont touch anything like Creedo says! Thanks for your touching post and the Einstein quotes, therefore I will share a tad bit of my insite. For starters lets over look the veil of religious beliefs and its impact over mass population.

There are 22 charater letters of the Hebrew alphabet, each one has a numerical value and atomic weight. These character letters are not formed and look the way they do for a fictitious reason. Each letter can be found in the coherent light fractals of sacred geometry! Not of flesh but of spirit, a language of light so to speak. AND also the frequency pattern through human voice while speeking the sound of the Hebrew letter also forms the structure of the letter.

At the deepest level of understanding light language resonates with subatomic space the domain of quarks and these patricals of cosmic star dust you mention Darby. The macro light language is like onto a geometric gearbox orchestrating the grids that contain stars, galaxies, universes and life itself.

What I have said is only the integument! This can be found in everything! AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING!!! A good place one might start to look elsewhere for proof is the human DNA.

This is the ultimate challange for the top notch mathemeticians. Even John Nash himself speculated and struggled with this!

When Einstein quoted G-D does not play dice with the cosmos he understood the interstitial implications of Time Travel. And this is why I still stand strong on my principles of demoting TT.

Creedo strikes again!!!

Creedo strikes again!

I completely missed your point in your posting above. Sometimes you say weird stuff that has a specific meaning later and which in this case once again it does! I should expect nothing less from you!!!

I was smacking the living daylights out of flies and mosquitoes in my house yesterday! I went on a fly swatter smackdown to get those SUCKERS!

Here in Wisconsin they are the state bird! and coincidently President Bush was visiting Wisconsin for the 9th time this year!

The people of the future don't want the people in the past to know the truth because they don't want to change the past too much. A good example is my all-time favorite movie, Back to the Future. There is a scene in which Marty puts on a radiation suit from 1985 while he is in 1955 and introduces himself to his father-to-be as Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan. Several abductees have suggested that the Greys (the "aliens" with gray skin, big heads, and big black eyes) don't actually look the way they do, but are wearing suits.

From the late 1940s to sometime in the 1960s, waves of UFO sightings occurred almost every time Mars made its closest approach to Earth. (This data is based on the work of Jacques Vallee.) Before, there was no serious study of UFOs; in the 1970s, it was discovered that there is no life on Mars, with the possible exception of bacteria. However, at the time, this data led some to believe that UFOs were from Mars. (UFOs are from Mars, ghosts are from Venus

For those of you who strongly believe that they are aliens, you are entitled to your opinion, but keep in mind that the extraterrestrial hypothesis requires a lot of assumptions (aliens can breed with us; they are very interested in us, yet don't have enough compassion to put an end to poverty by giving us their technology (there is less poverty in countries that have more access to technology); they can get here, but don't have colonies in any nearby star system; time travel is impossible), but the time-travel hypothesis only requires one: Time travel is possible.
Hi Doc,

I've read some of your posts under the UFO conference and never really bothered to give you my oppinion about aliens and UFO's.

If you read through some of my past recent posts under TT Confrence to might get a pretty good idea of what I'm explaining.

I think that aliens are purely of a demonic nature! this bases of oppinion comes from my background of religion where it states in the bible (Genesis) that Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels were cast out of heaven. These are the fallen angels that have gentically interbread with humans to take on a earthy body. They can exist in other realms of reality and hyperspace.

Whether or not demons exist, they are unlikely to save people (as some UFOs have done) or collect animal, plant, and soil samples (as some UFOnauts have done).
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Doc Brown, you said:
<<Whether or not demons exist, they are unlikely to save people (as some UFOs have done) or collect animal, plant, and soil samples (as some UFOnauts have done).>>

And where do you base that assumption on? Demons like Aliens & TimeTravelers would do anything if it means accomplishing their hidden agenda on someone. And if saving them from harms way to continue on the chain of manipulation that comes with the individual is in order, then so be it.

The common denominator is simply: “The ends justify the means.”

Demons, Aliens & TimeTravelers are evil deceitful entities who’s sole intention is to control and manipulate you. These omnipotent entities set things up in your life accordingly, to go through it like a maze, orchestrated mainly to imprison you from finding out the truth. That you are not in control, they are.

But realizing that it’s impossible for it to be coincidental, is what tips you off to question, whether or not this is solely by your actions, or some other force guiding (manipulating) you.

More later,

I think you missed my point! Dont tell me your a George Mcfly and dont understand this? Yes these aliens could also be us from the future wearing space suites or over the centuries just evolved accordingly to the enviornment. But combined with everthing I was explaining that the "TRUE ORIGINS" of these aliens (who were of spirit form at first)(or have existed as a different energy form in a different realm or planet) have manefested themselfs into human form through genetic manipulation. What does it have to do with UFO's saving us?

However, TTA is correct in saying that they have a hidden agenda!