TTI’s New Leadership and A Glimpse Into the Future


Staff member
Greetings, fellow travelers!

The Time Travel Institute has been a guiding star for those ignited by curiosity, always eager to question, understand, and discover. Revitalized and rejuvenated, our community once again echoes with insightful discussions, profound discoveries, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. A place we all hold dear.

Throughout the past decade and building on Mop's initial vision, our collective journey into the intricacies of time has also expanded my horizons and interests. I am continuously intrigued by new realms beyond just time travel.

As TTI continues to grow, it's essential to ensure the forum and community aspects remain vibrant and forward-thinking. With that in mind, I am thrilled to share that @Num7, a name many of you recognize and the driving force behind Paranormalis, will be taking a leading role in guiding our community. Our history predates Paranormalis, and his insights and direction will be invaluable in this next phase. Please note that while Num7 spearheads the community dynamics, I remain at the helm of TTI, focusing on its overarching direction and future.

I'm not taking a back seat, far from it. I'll be here, actively participating, providing support, and ensuring TTI's continuous growth and evolution. Num7 will be instrumental in shaping the community's discourse, possibly introducing changes and considering additional moderators where necessary. Concurrently, we're refining our approach to Discord, allowing for more robust engagement on the forum and optimizing our chat features.

As Num7 brings his unique touch to the community aspect of TTI, my dedication remains in steering the broader mission, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our domain.

TTI's spirit has always been collective, with every member's voice adding to its rich tapestry. I am excited to see the avenues Num7 will explore, enhancing our community's vibrancy and depth.

Thank you for your unwavering engagement, support, and shared enthusiasm for the mysteries and wonders of time. TTI's future is promising, and together, we'll step into this new era with optimism and eagerness.
It’s an honor to take part in TTI’s success! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity.

This place an amazing community and I’ll be honest, I don’t have anything special in mind yet. You can’t fix something that’s not broken. TTI is rad and that won’t change.

All it means is hopefully, more TTI for everyone! And more fun discussions!

See ya!