"The future ain't what it used to be."

Was the John Titor Affair an elaboratly orchistraited hoax?



The cost for the John Titor appearance, did total up into the thousands and these cost would have been; A utility container houseing, which appeared to be military grade.This was used for the internally held components of the G.E. Time Displacment Unit.

Was there seven hundred pounds of weight in back of said vehicle, by suspension compression, as shown within the said titor vechile truck or car?

What was the i.p. posting number, on the posting at Art Bell's old BBS, "Does anyone know how to fix a electronics board"?

Also "Does anyone know anything about the Maxwell equation"? which is a T&S water similar field equation. and or did Titor, by what information was given, really have a breakdown within his G.E. Time Displacment Unit?

Quantum flux spike, could have disrupted the symetrical load on the G.E. boards inside of the unit????

On the photo of the man entering the light cohearent vortex, within shown livingroom, this guy was built and had none or little fat placed upon him.

This guy looks as if he might have been a mil ops?

On Pamela More, what were the key post numbers, or corospondances that said Titor had given, but had wanted us all to know?

On Darby Devonshire's statement, "Light looks faked in the sequence of the guy walking into the vortex".Light is cohearent and if this is the case, can an analysis be done of the placement of light after the man walks into the vortex hole?

There does seems to be a ripple effect, post entry into the vortex hole.

Stamp numbers on the shotgun barrel or side mil tote pack iside of said Titor vehcile, did anyone bit map, to see if there are such numbers?

My guess would be at least a thousand dollars or more, just to assemble all of these effects, to pull the Titor story across.

With hindsight, there are tell-tale indications at the seams, does anyone have any comments here?

The answers here should be regarded as a form of art and don't call your local congressman or senator about what you should find.

Just curious here as this Titor affair, was certainly quite big.

Thanxs Dan

I think that you have two different people's "gadgets" in mind here, if I read your post correctly.

The "light vortex" was Steven Antle's video - which he ultimately said was a "fake" (my word, not his) that was used for a "proof of concept demonstration" (in this case, is words, not mine). He said that the event was staged for the camera rather than a real demonstration of his gadget so that his "company' could present it to the government. I'm assuming that he meant the Canadian government as he is a Canadian.

He promised a second video about a year ago but has never come through. Denny Unger at DarkPlanet has said that Steven has approached him to have this second video posted on that site. Denny has just opened his new site and is awaiting the viedo. As I told Denny, I'm not holding my beath waiting for Steven's video.

I agree, the equipment that "Titor" used may have cost him some bucks. I do know that the real "Titor" is an electronics buff and may have had the enclosure, "idiot lights", key pad, Geiger counter, etc. sitting around the house.

I'm not so sure that his story was highly orchestrated. I think that it's probably a case of starting up at the right place and time and with the right audience (here). He then caught the eye (and ear) of Art Bell. Art placed his manuals in his website along with Titor's AOL SN "Sanguina". Art had (and probably still has) a huge listening audience and the P2P board was getting 75,000 "hits" per day. That's where the story really took off. The manual and all the other information that was on the website was copied and posted worldwide and in many languages. (I've found it in Russian, German, Dutch and Spanish)

Though I was chiding Javier about his being responsible for all the "Titorists" that really isn't so. Art Bell is very influential. That Titor had playtime with Art gave the story a life of it's own.

As to Titor himself and his knowledge of (for instance) Maxwell's field equations...it was limited. From his electronics background he probably had some clue but it didn't extend into any in-depth quantum physics knowledge. When he was in a situation where his knowledge couldn't cover a question he simple blew off the poster with a humorous quip or retort. When that failed he simply posted URL links to open physics sources or cut and pasted formulas. I never saw anything that could be classified as original or new knowledge come from him.

An example of his lack of knowledge was found in his answers to my questions regarding Hawking Radiation. His answer was that "they" had found a way to control it - as if it was somehow directly related to the micro-black holes. It is true that Hawking Radiation is related to black holes but only to the extent of how the virtual particles react at the event horizon. The virtual particles, however, are present everywhere in a "vacuum". That is, they are an intrinsic part of the fabric of timespace whether they are emitted in the region of a gravitational field or not. He didn't know that.

A real problem that is obvious in the photos of his gadget sitting in the seat of his Chevy pick-up is the mass. His statement was that the radius of the micro-black holes was that of a proton. That's the same Schwarzschild Radius for a mass of about 100 million tons. Unless Chevrolet happened to produce a very special pick-up in 1975 the seat should have been squashed flat. Even that assumes that he managed to contain the singularities in his magnetic field. Otherwise they simply fall through the floor of the truck, into the ground and on to the center of gravity of the Earth.

As I've said - an interesting story in as much as the writer was intelligent, well educated and could write. But really silly science. Kip Thorn and Michio Kaku agreed with this take, BTW. (They did respond to inquiries about the Titor story.)
RE: Was the John Titor Affair RE Darby:

Yes, this is what I was looking for.

Sorry for the kidding around, however universes or other realites are way closer than axial radial polarities, which streatch thousands, or miles away from each other.

This is what I had wanted, as the guy as you had said from Canada, did look Mil.

My interpritation was wrong on the have to kill, to keep coalessent light a secret.This is as this is what was said in both the recient movie Time Machine as well as expierments by Anderson, as said on the Anom net, the Major attached to a phantomed Anderson.

The guy in the photo looks mil, as there is no fat on him and does not look like the kind of guy one wants to mess with.

Thanks on this, as I was wondering as if Titor had brought back a portable unit laseric vortex hole generating unit?

I needed to know.

On mass and weight of the G.E. unit, inert, weighs at seven hundred, from what Pam and John had said.

Under load, no difference in mass, as mass internally held within zerojump, is negaited, as you of course know?

We have had two piles of dirt, from possable time or spaceship travlers, with no tractor tracks, on the res, over the river and these questions had made the press.

So the Titormobile, tracks dirt?Ha!

Weigh of the G.E. unit inert, is what?

How does this look when one draws a folding set of triangles, at the window ledge side, and does the back of the vehilce dip down?

If this is the case, then you've got seven hundred pounds of mass, held within the back seat.

Some said it was a truck; reminds me of a Shelby Mustang G.T. as I can't see any logos, sorry?!

On the underside of the black case for the G.E. unit, since it is said to be seven hundred pounds, are there strap marks, or some marks which indicate that this unit was skuffed or marked while inserting this said unit into the back seat?

Does this show on a photo?

Is the fabric caved in under this unit, which supports the G.E., displacment unit?

This is what I'm asking.

Seven hundred pounds is like, four front line football players.

Why did the guy from Canada show up the same relative time as Titor?

Thanks for the feedback, this is some of the definition that I had finnaly wanted.
Info opened at Anomalies.net:

To all concerned about black hole mechanoics.

The Kaku web site, is offered by Pamela More, under the TIME TRAVEL section, at www.anomalies.net web site.

More cut and pasted this entry header over there.

You might have to download Apple Qicktime, in order to view some of the vids, from the Kaku web site?

other notes, Nutrons are nutron stars, when packed to a very tight consistancy, as hearts to nutron stars.

High gravity is intensive, with this type of star.

A singular black hole, is closely packed protons, however I remember reading nutrons.

When the rocket-like blow-off occurs within a collapsing sun, the only constituants that are left, are very closely paired either nutrons, or protons, which were once the hearts of atoms.

This condition yealds a very high gravity, due to excessive mass, which warps time and space.

So in actuality, even though you can see them and note their presence, black holes, are at least their centers, really do not exist within our timespace.

Hawlking radiation, is actually a foutain source, denoting anialation of raw inducted matter, as both expressed and reversed repelled matter, from the approximate relative poles of any one black hole.

Hawlking Radiation, is inportant, as this action indicates the presence of proof of Albert Einstin's postulate, that the nature of space and time is many manifolded.

The quessent part or feature of any black hole, concerns its relative equator and at what approximate nearness, any one expierment can do, as a closeness feature to this supposed local.

The kerr double rotaiting black hole, is the densities of two black holes, as held in-check by assoicated gravitational forces, for so long of a time as these two holes are near to each other.

Since the event horizion of the Kerrs, are not relativly symetrical, then neither are each stars rough approximate event horozion are exact.

So therefor, both black hole's event horizions, are then blended.

In theory, this conditon said of the blending of two black holes, would therfore allow a Monticarlo matamatical chance, of changing the realization actual, of time, as a constantly changeing factor.

So T, as a denotation for time, is and should always be considered a nonlocaled phenominon, within the event horizions of Kerr Black Holes?

These factors, I feel are what More has put foward as a foundation work, for the technology of John Titor's advanced G.E. Time Displacement Unit.
This is as again this device as said by Darby under functional load, causes the presence of two micro, or very small black hole singularities, to occur.

This is said under said Trippler mini cylinder functions, thus a twin Kerr phenominon is created right there, within the parameters of the G.E. time Displacment Unit.

Thank you futher notes, by P. More and Darby D.

Creedo299 in technical phase, notes
RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net:

"Art had (and probably still has) a huge listening audience and the P2P board was getting 75,000 "hits" per day. That's where the story really took off."
What's the "P2P board"?
Still active?
Can anybody provide a link, perhaps?

RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net:

>What's the "P2P board"?
>Still active?
>Can anybody provide a link, perhaps?

The "Post to Post" message board was on the Art Bell website until sometime last summer. It was pulled by the webmaster who had trouble censoring its content. You can still read some of the messages from John Titor and others on the Internet Archive. Here is a portion of the thread started by John Titor titled "I am from 2036":


I believe some of the regular posters there had kept a copy of the entire thread. Anybody?
RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net:


I think that there are a couple of day's worth of posts missing from the archive. I remember that when the original thread hit 11 pages that max'ed out the archive size. Doc had to make some changes, but cautioned that the archive was corrupted by the overflow. He got it back online but there was some lost data.
RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net:


Oops! Wrong BBS. It was the TTI thread was was corrupted at page 11, not P2P. I believe that the archive that Pamela posted was edited at P2P before it was archived. The archive on Bell's current site is clipped off after page 5. There were many pages following page 5 - about four month's worth of posts (December 2000 to March 2001)
RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net:

Hi Darby,

Yes, you're right about the limit on the Internet Archive. Tragic really. I figured that some things went missing from Bell's site and didn't mean to imply that Pam had anything to do with that. She and I emailed a bit back and forth during that time and she is above reproach in my opinion. I just remember posting my thoughts about the possibility of the brain being a quantum computer after having some strange deja vu-like experiences and odd, vivid dreams. Those events followed my sending an email (through Pamela) to John Titor which he offered to forward to the "me" on another worldline in 1998. I still wonder about the nature of the brain in this regard but I did notice that post missing while others of mine were still present.
RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net:


Thanks for the reply. I didn't think that you were impuning Pamela at all. She did a great job, given the short notice of the closing of P2P (no notice at all), of piecing together the threads before they were lost altogether.
RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net, Uncle Darby

Dear Uncle Darby'

It has been a while since we were togeather and had done some boating out by Santa Catalina.

I sure had fun then with you, but I got an awlful case of sunburn.I'll remember to wear my white shirt and take along extra lite cloths, the next time.

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Wow Uncle Darb!, he's a computer afficionado and why did he come out of no-where all of a sudden and why the weirdness in his post?

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RE: Info opened at Anomalies.net, Uncle Darby

Ah - sobrino, que pasa?

Mike the swordsman? No, not him. The swordsman is Tom. Tom has his own site (his business online) in Glendale, CA. Mike appears to be from North of South (Canada).

Xpiolt - I don't think he came out of nowhere. He came from TEM.

And for god's sake, child, don't laugh yourself to death.
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