"The future ain't what it used to be."

Why Does John Titors Name Still Come Up ?


why hold on to a belief of a time traveler, there was never ever any proof of his validity.

sure he showed some pictures, diagrams. but couldnt anyone do that? he made no predictions that could validate his story.

alot of things he said he would later on contradict. alot of errors were made in his story. war is a horrible thing, and to tell people that in the near future 3 billion will die, well that catches your attention, but really the same people he claims will nuke the u.s. become their biggest trading partner. i actually dont want to get into the many errors, but i mean you people seem to want this guy to be the real thing so bad you look past all the evidence(none) and conclude hes real. now there is a book(money) which should send off some bells, but no now people cant wait to buy it, the whole story is out there in cyberspace, their is no need to buy anything.

one man claiming to be from the future, well pretty hard to believe, but all the information was given on his terms, he could predict MAJOR wars but couldnt predict 911, and to those who say 2% timeline, maybe it didnt happen in his timeline, well if no 911 in his timeline then no PATRIOT act, backbone for this civil unrest and eventual war.

before this gets to long, anyone and i mean anyone out there can say anything, but if someone on the street walked up to you and said give me 1 dollar and i will give you 10 dollars back, but not today, he wouldnt tell you when or where only that when he felt it was right would he give it back, now you see he has a few rules, john had rules dont ask about meaningless events music,people,sports,earthquakes, now the reasoning was because he didnt want anyone to profit from his knowledge, and because he also claimed he didnt know much about our time, even though he said he was a historian, and he didnt want to talk of earthqaukes or natural disasters because he didnt want people to live that would certainly die. but why warn of wars,pollution,misery,bad health ?

couldnt he of just said hello im from the future, in the future more people use the internet, we use hydrogen cell cars. but you really dont keep an audience unless you bring up war and suffering.

the fact that all the questions about this havent been answered yet really shocks me, he was only around for a short time, but yet years and years later people still find ways to talk about him. when is it gonna stop? he would gladly predict things that would happen 5,10,15 years down the road but the one thing he should have predicted was his book coming out! with a war brewing just around the corner use the money you would spend on his book and buy more band aids, appartantly you will need them.........
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I have been reading about this fellow John for awhile now and i have been completely enthrawled with the manner by which he speaks. True or not the man has a way with words.

I found where he speaks of the "Patriot Act" in some of his postings. Well, how long has those terms been used around this time period? I thought Bush came up with it.

When did Mr. Titor discuss this? It would seem to me that if he "coined" the phrase in 2000 to 2001, Bush has been reading his material too.

Titor didn't coin the term. The USA PATROIT Act is an acronym. It is the short name for the U.S. House of Representatives Bill H.R. 3162 (October 24, 2001) entitled "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT Act)."

Titor made no references to The Act or any other legislation. He made the common libertarian plea about loss of rights. The community has speculated on his meaning and ultimately the speculation has been translated over time to having been spoken, not by the community, but by Titor himself.

I have this strange feeling that you found the reference to the Patriot Act and Titor's having mentioned it on JohnTitor.com.

Be careful about taking too much from that site. JohnTitor.com tends to paraphrase Titor. You can find what Titor actually said here on TTI (where he posted) and on Anomalies.net where we have the complete threads from TTI and Post-2-Post.

As far as we know the only places where he ever posted was here and on P2P.
John Titor has been joined by members of his temporal recon team -
Alexander and Maxwell. It seems that we are crawling with TT's these days.

Alex and Max are supporting John' story with predictions of their own.

But the truth is that there is a big hole in John's story.

Language changes with time and John's language remained very 1980's,
hence Darby's nickname for John is "Boomer" because he talks like
a baby boomer not like a man from 2036. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif

Case in point!

I hereby decree this illustrious day be set aside,
for devout purposes of rendering
sacred service to the Supreme Sovereign Lord of the Universe,
and the holy Benefactor of Mankind.

John Titor said he believed in God,
but he did not talk about how people
in his time explain away evolution.

Me an' mah brutha, we wuz gonna make us
a pitstop roundbout 2030, but then
Isa gonna drop on by 2004 ta
git mah pix o' NYC b4 dah war.
Why hold on to a belief about something or other?

Well, it is not a belief, but I also think that some people are creating this TT.

That being said, "Why are some people so bitter?"