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Zeshua\'s thread at TTF

Since the old TTF forum is now gone, I thought it would be good to preserve Zeshua's other public discussion here. At about the same time Zeshua started posting here at TTI, she also corresponded with folks over at TTF. The substance of that discussion was as follows :


I would like to extend my hand in Welcome to this time travel forum. A good friend from another board had suggested I come here as well. Now that I've got the communications protocols setup correctly there should be very few issues with posting on the forums here as well as TTI.

My hopes are only those of communication and appreciation for all of our pasts/presents/futures. I, unlike many other claimed Time Travelers, am not here in your present 14 March 2005. I am communicating via means of a very special wireless Ethernet bridge functioning through rented Supercomputer time and using a Graviton Generator to effectively "Tunnel" into your present. This allows me to effectively in real-time communicate through your forums.

I look forward to the discussion, please feel free to contact me privately if you wish.

Although I try not to use too many canned messages, and was attempting not to use one here, perhaps this would answer some of your questions. Any further questions you might have will need to be communicated through private messages.


You want to know who John Titor is? This fictitious character supposedly from 2038. Well, living now in
2026, We don't know who John Titor is. You, None of you, know what’s Coming for you. There is a war looming, on the horizon, just as John Said.

There Will be Waco type events, there will be a continuation of what you now only sense as small vibrations. I have answered many of your questions, many Many times. As a result of the original experiment, which I have now disbanded, we posted 28 messages at the same system, scattered over 4 years and delayed by more than 3 days. In that time we quickly realized the truth of what was happening and decided upon a course of action.

Before our whole occurrence it was decided upon a cryptex, a Key, would be encoded and placed in a message were we to need to fix a mistake. Although we do not know the exact details of the event, as it has now never happened, we received the message, from ourselves, Loud and clear.

(The Following was accomplished at www.timetravelinstitute.com)
Here is what we, and now only myself, were able to accomplish. Over 200 threads and thousands of
correspondence stretching from February 22nd 2005-March 1st 2009. We learned quickly to only communicate with the most current of timelines we had interacted with. I took it upon myself to routinely test the boundaries of
what I could and could not say. "Tomorrow, for the Power ball drawing, 5 of the winning numbers are
x,x,x,x,x" and providing the details, awaiting the almost immediate response, I was able to see just how much the
timeline diverged. Let me tell you, giving away all 6 numbers was a total nightmare. From a time alteration
perspective, that is.

Every time there was too much of a major occurrence, we would send a message to the previous timeline with our
coded message, which we would receive immediately, and then target the new timeline (More in the past) than the
one we had been corresponding with.

Although this did function, it still left minute fluctuations in the timeline. I believe these will work
themselves out, but, I feel compelled to share the truth with all of you whom I have grown to trust over the last

All scenario's and questions Must be run through our caus-sim which you'll be happy to know is above 98%
accurate now due to testing. Gravitons as it seems travel through Time and not Space. Thus, Gravity, is
time, over 3 dimensional space. Every single one of you who has responded to me from 2006-2009 has agreed with that statement, sometimes after a long discussion, I will admit. lol. you guys (and gals) have been great, and I
do look forward to helping, I am now pretty certain what can be said and what will alter the timeline too

Please feel free, Ask away. Here are the answers to most of your questions. (We have responded to these countless
times, the top 3 are always the same).

1.) <Comment : It had to be a JT question..> " Have you seen/met/heard of/know about/killed/questioned/agreed
with/worked with/hung out with John Titor?"


As I said, we don't know who JT was(is). Nobody I know but surprisingly he's considered similar to a modern day
Nostradamus. The Story seemed to fall apart but the facts remained? Does that make sense? The basics of
this John Titor (this fictitious character) actually came to pass, many things will happen in your immediate
futures. I remained steadfast that we would not communicate with any timeline later than 2009. Waco type
events, he should have just come right out and said 9/11 type events. You will all be surprised when the veil
comes down and you realize that you aren't 100% free anymore.

2.) "Will there be a war/civil war in the future?"

The Civil War, its not what you think it will be, its not started by anything you might think. No its not
Yellowstone erupting (I Love you yellies), although that hasn't happened yet. Mt St Helens blew her cap again,
bigger than the last but nothing that really concerned anybody. Lets just say, it was one of those "I know
where I was on that day, even though it was no big deal." The Civil War, which is more of a Global Civil War, is
the same all over the globe. It is truly a David versus Goliath scenario and this is one thing JT never said,
this is a worldwide phenomenon. It just happens to be Focused on the United States. You will feel as though
you've just been through a movie in which the last 5 minutes changed the entire first 2 hours of the movie,
the Twist, as it were, which Cannot be guessed (we are sure, you have Tried, every single time), and cannot be
revealed, is very "Unexpected".

Once the initial panic is over, the confusion sets in, this is the time Big Brother steps in and you no longer
have that cushy 100% freedom you treasure so Dearly. Well, get Used to it.

3.) <Any time traveler, time communicator, etc etc, gets this one.> "How did you travel here/fly here/get
here/speak here/communicate here/talk here?"

I don't know if physical Time Travel is possible, not that any of us at the college have heard of. I suppose
anything is possible. We figured out long ago it was easier to send information back. All we had done here at
the college, over 1 year ago now, was put together existing technologies for the purpose of posting and
monitoring messages sent back in time.

Although I have gone into great Great detail about this in your future, with many of you, and answered almost
every single question pertaining to the "Bridge", I will attempt to Sum up and I hope that you can accept this. If
any of you have specific questions pertaining to this process, feel free to ask on a personal basis only. (I
know 4 of you who question me every single time, you know who you are.)

We take Particle Accelerator rings, there are 16 of various sizes, the number is not important, only the
ratios of the diameters of each circle. The Mini particle accelerators are not powerful individually, but
they have the inherent ability such as electricity through a coil of making magnetism. This type of
magnetism is much Much different, in fact, this would be considered magnetism Through time. Not through space. these waves are then amplified (This is the Graviton Generator, focusing and redirecting to a point all of the waves), and then frequency adjusted. Okay, at this point we have a bank of supercomputers crunching away and attempting to determine a specific space/time coordinate. As I said previously there is guesswork involved in
hitting a specific time. The frequency is tuned in, locked in, and once a communiqué is made the locking is
almost instantaneous and can be remade again and again. The information is then sent through wireless tcp/ip
protocols, this "Bridge" is bi-directional and as we adjust forward in space-time for each command given, we
are able to send/receive as if in real-time. The problem with the initial communications and very first attempts
just to navigate the http interface (which is now considered Ancient). The problem was trying to time the
focus of our gravitons to a specific space-time coordinate, even time is 3x3. Once an "Adjustment" was
put into place, we were able to batch commands, send entire messages as fast as computerly possible. Just had
to write them here first. Around Feb 2005 certain wireless routers come online in an area where I am
currently located. This is the furthest back I would be able to communicate.

Let the doors of communication begin. My focuses have changed, as has my major, but I will respond in time...

Good luck everyone.

You say on your public profile your birthday is 7th December 1941 making you sixty three in human years and eighty five in saddo years. Is this about right?

Actually, this date is a date from History and does not represent my actual birthdate. As my actual birthdate would not allow me to connect with the forums as I was not 18 in your 2005. Simple enough no?

As Paul has used all the good bullets, each one a bullseye; Zeshua, you are going to have to do much better than your first salvo. You have a most difficult task of proving your self. Why have you contacted the past? What do you seek to change in your time as what ever changes you may affect here will have no bearing in your time line?

Good question, I have contacted the past to see if it could be done, I have always had a firm belief in time travel, and the philosophical and ethical arguments have been a favorite subject of mine. When I came to the University here and we started progressing more on experiments dealing with Gravitons, I realized it might be possible to focus Gravitons at a specific space/time coordinate, creating a Bridge that exists between two times and is virtual in nature. Allowing information to be transferred, bi-directionally (with some work), and thus communicating with the past. I have not yet focused on contacting the future.

So, why have I contacted the past? Very simple, I wish to be a guide, to those who can read between the lines and construct truth out of plausibilities. I will state right now that everything I say in public and much of what I say in private must always contain a certain element of disbelief. This, and this alone is what keeps me safe. Safe from certain Governmental agencies across the world who monitor fluctuations of the timeline that we call "Time Quakes". Large enough Time Quakes or alterations of the timeline can be detected and triangulated, and then, Shut down. I have come seriously close to this outcome before and it will not be repeated.

Another good question.

We are of the same timeline, I would rather not get into a discussion of multiple timeline/worldline theory as you believe according to the John Titor story. So again, I will say, we are of the same timeline, changes to your past affect my present.

I thought you were in 2025?

Keep Reading.

My group had a setback, the others who had worked on the project left under a vow of secrecy and I have continued the work on my own. Since our initial contacts to Feb 2005, Almost a year has gone by for myself. I have corresponded with individuals from 2009 all the way back to your current time which is 14 March 2005. Did I mention the newest experiment? I've got wireless TV signals from your time coming through now, although almost impossible to watch due to time dilation and the Bridge I have set in place, I record each image and soundbyte coming through piece by piece and recompile them into a video format that still works on the computers of today.

It takes a lot of tinkering but it is so completely interesting to me to watch your Commercials. Truly unique. I would say that media of today is much different, Everything is through the Internet, Everything is Digital.

Zeshua, Per your PM, you can't answer my question because it violates the rule of Disbelief??
What exactly is the rule of Disbelief? I have one myself but I dont think its the same as yours. Please post the answer on the thread so that others may benefit from it.

I thought this Had been answered already.

Disbelief : (Noun), implies Doubt, skepticism, incredulity. My rules of disbelief are simple and this is it. I cannot say Anything which would Suspend disbelief in what I am saying. By suspend disbelief, I mean, to make someone stand up and go "Only a Time Traveler could do that". I do not wish for everyone to believe what I have to say, if I have learned Anything over the last year, it has been, many of you will always consider me, this experiment, what I have to say, a Joke or a "Hoax" as you call it.

I require this, as long as the element of disbelief remains, no major alterations of the timeline are made. By, say, posting the winning Lotto numbers, I have seen, within even a few hours, alterations of the time line approaching 1/10th of 1% concurrent derivational. This is, actually, a very large impact.

What I Can do and Have done, is discreetly, disseminate information about your futures which, as I am aware of on a Global scale, must seem priceless to you, I understand. These can come in the forums of encryption, simple word misplacement, puzzles, keys, codes, etc.

Imagine if I post the Winning Lotto numbers for the next drawing and so just because it only costs 1 dollar, 20,000 individuals hear about it, through the spread of information, and say "Its only 1 dollar why not." Disaster.

Imagine if I post the Winning Lotto numbers but they are hidden in a cryptex, a jumble, a puzzle perhaps. Even if the same number of people hear about it, only a few may actually crack the puzzle. Message delivered, only minor derivations to the timeline. This is the Win Win scenario I seek to accomplish. Comprende?

Zenshua, these hoops that you use to talk to us, do we have to jump through them as well?

An interesting spelling of my name. The Answer to this question is. Not all of you will jump.

10 days afterwards, I am attempting a duplicate post, this was first posted on TTI. I now, however would like to measure the effects of a duplicate post on this fourm. Thank you...

.. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / .-. . .- -.. .. -. --. / - .... .. ... / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -- --- .-. . / .--. . .-. -.-. . .--. - .. -... .-.. . / - .... .- -. / -- --- ... - / ... - --- .--. / .... .- ...- . / -. --- / -.. --- ..- -... - / .- -. ... .-- . .-. ... / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . / .-. . ...- . .- .-.. . -.. / - --- / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .... --- / ... . . -.- / - .... . / - .-. ..- - .... / ... - --- .--.

My friends,
We are still in Real-Time, as a day passes for you, so does it pass for myself. You and I are still locked together as the events of the World unfold all around you.

It has been said "Good things take time, Great things happen all at once."

IT has also been told, as a curse, "May you Live in Interesting Times."

No doubt there is no reason to believe. Whats more, no reason to believe in me. Then again why should I believe in you, my predecessors as it were. I am determined to make a difference, it seems only small changes can be made, but those changes can have a Large impact, the key is time.

In your time, you no doubt feel it. You must feel the world becoming unglued, frustrated, confused, things going out of control. In 2005 we're in the middle of a war and you all acted like nothing was the matter. Life as normal. We, that is, You and I, must work together.

I believe the answer to the riddle of what can be said by a time traveler, or someone with knowledge of future events come to pass, has been solved by myself. I believe I know exactly what can and cannot be told, without altering the future to a degree that is, shall we say, "Unacceptable".

The most important thing, which I must reveal now is, that, above all, I must always sustain a degree of disbelief. As long as some of you, as us humans do, will always be IN disbelief, there are few but very definite limits of what can be said.

So I ask you all, not that it is close to disregard or further away from the pasture, as it confines you, the degree of uncertainty surrounding your times. I ask you, what happens if the Pope Dies?


(Note: I have as of yet not received an answer to this question.)

I have a _-_--__---___---____--___-__-____---_--___--__---...--...___--____---__

Sorry, I am experiencing some interference.He was making fun of her here. He did not notice it was morse code.

I have a question. I am assuming that, by your communicating with us via the internet, you have access to our 2005 infrastructure and have somehow found a way to send your data packets into the past and then receive them back again. I am also assuming that you're doing this wirelessly, as a hard-wired connecting would require that you have access to our 2005 infrastructure, which I doubt even really exists in 2026. This means that you are sending your packets wirelessly to an access point here in 2005, and then getting them back again. Quite a feat.

You're also using an internet proxy, which means that you are still using TCP/IP, which I also find odd because it is not a very good protocol in terms of speed. By 2026 I would hope that we were using different methods of communicating via the internet.

You are Truly Wise, although I have posted this at another site, yes you are correct this is the means by which I communicate with your time. I am accessing the Internet of your time through wireless protocols which recently became available in this area. We are Not using TCP/IP, data is no longer sent in packets, it is batched and streamed. The use of TCP/IP protocol was so that I might interface with the Internet of your time. Can you guess or do you know why I am using a Proxy though? This has more to do with Time Dilation and posting of data to Internet sites. As well as the software emulation I am running.

It would almost be impossible for a hardwire connection to be made between the times, as the width of said connection would literally have to be less than a nanometer thick and require someone on the other end to capture and plug-in the hardwire. Although I suppose its possible, it is no doubt very difficult and I do not contain the knowledge.

Well, there's no question about whether the Pope dies. He will

There have been many prophesies regarding the death of this particular Pope. Some say that the next Pope will be the AntiChrist. Some say that the next Pope will be the last to reign. For some reason, the next Pope signals the end of "something." End of times, end of life as we currently enjoy, end of the Catholic Church. I haven't found a prophesy yet that states that the next Pope brings about a positive change.

This is the answer I have been waiting to hear. The Pope Will Die. Yes.

Now I ask you, what happens When the pope dies? This is an entirely different question you will see...

I am caught up in the causality effects of the timeline, as are you. However most changes are imperceptible. Major alterations of the timeline can be fixed, patched if you will. When this happens, I am not fully aware of the full course of events, however, I do normally choose to send information back pertaining to the event. Thus, as the event never happened to me, I at least have some knowledge of the event regardless.

A Graviton is a boson particle with Spin 2, vanishing rest mass, that has the unique ability of transmitting the force of Gravity. In your time, Gravitons are only postulated to exist, however, work being done at CERN will have the side-effect of producing and then measuring for the first time, Gravitons.

So, why pre-empt your established interactions with us? You obviously have established history (perversely speaking) with a chosen few of us in our future, your past. Yet you have chosen to communicate out of sequence to those established and self-professed events which are now temporal history to you, but not to us any more... does this not affect the very essence of the exercise previously undertaken? Your internal logic to this tale is in danger of becoming very flakey. Don't get too creative.

Actually the sequence of contact was determined after the initial contact was made, many of our messages ended up in the wrong time, and by working Backwards through time, any major alterations of the timeline can be corrected by simply sending information further back, preceding our communications.

I assume then that you've found a connection-oriented method of streaming data? Otherwise it would be messy to say the least. Could you describe this method of 'batching' data for me in a little more detail? Has the entire OSI model been scrapped/revamped? What kinds of encapsulating are you using now?

A request is sent to an ID Router on the Internet, the servers matchup the request with an address, both connections are queried, que'd up, a direct connection is established between all of the routers between point A and point B. At this point data is then streamed. This requires specific Channels, that must be constantly tuned and monitored for load balancing.

A proxy's primary purpose, by very definition, is to act as a liaison between a user and the internet. I can only guess at why you would need to utilize such a service, and my guess would be that you want to hide your true location/identity. If it has something to do with your method of communication, I would be interested in learning why you have need for a proxy service.

The Proxy service is required as a virtual bridge, as I have no specific IP address. Connecting with your basic 802.11 wireless, in your time, and essentially piggy-backing Existing connections through WEP decryption routines, meaning I am not even sure of the individual or persons who may be providing me this connection, only that it works. I can get dropped several times from the network, without losing my bridge to 2005, as these are completely seperate instances of connection.

Finally, my last question is about your TCP/IP setup. Were you able to obtain an IP address via DHCP through the WAP you're using to talk to us? If so, how did you locate a WAP that wasn't utilizing WEP or MAC address verification in the past? Was it trial and error and you just got lucky? Or is there a method to your work? If not, how did you manage to formulate an IP address/DNS address/Gateway address catered to the wireless network you are utilizing?

I have no IP address, now do you understand the need for a Proxy? Yes WAP, using basic WEP 2 key cyphers, 40/104bit. There were tremendous amounts of trial and error, took 2 weeks just to register to the TTI site until I came up with the Time-Adjustment scheme based on computer input.

The proxy serves as a virtual IP address for information to be relayed onto the Internet of your time. There are many many steps in setting up this connection, as you have no doubt guessed.

I don't know Paul, maybe his "bridge" got burned, or he was tired of jumping through "hoops." Funny thing is, nobody lined up to pass the post on the guy. Just some technical questions and he folds like cheap suit. Oh well, I guess we're the "less important" board to the future. LOL

I have never heard of the expression folds like a cheap suit, I have for the most part answered every technical question pertaining to how the Bridge works, just not always in the public forums. This board and those who I continue to converse with are no more or less important than anyone else.

Studying for Exams, hope you all can understand I do not always have hours upon hours to devote, however I have helped several individuals already.

The World does not disappear in the next week or month or even year, life goes on, have patience I will be around...

I see what you mean Zorsha, you have a heavy burden on your shoulders, sending back information regarding future events to a bunch of neanderthals in land of the lost must be a real hassle. It's a good idea you keep your indentity top secret. With any luck maybe a Time quake will occur and all your posts/ evidence will vanish into time. God speed and good luck.

I happen to be but a child in your time 2005, but I would not consider anyone a neanderthal. I have through planning "vanished" my posts several times, but you or I would never know the difference regardless.

Sorry Zeusha for the negative attitude towards you, I truly apologize and really want to know what happens when the pope dies? Thankyou kindly DAre you gonna tell us what happens when the pope bites it ?

No Problem...No Apologies Necessary. When the Pope Dies,

"the Cardinal Camerlengo (currently Eduardo Cardinal Martinez Somalo) must verify the death, traditionally by calling the Pope three times by his name without response. He must then authorize a death certificate and make the event public by notifying the Cardinal Vicar for the Diocese of Rome (currently Camillo Cardinal Ruini). The Camerlengo then seals the Pope's private apartments. He would also arrange for the "ring of the fisherman" and the papal seal to be broken. He then makes preparations for the Papal funeral rites, the novemdieles, the nine days of mourning.

During the interregnum, it is the Camerlengo who is responsible for the government of the Church. He must arrange the funeral and burial of the Pope. He directs the election of a new pope, assisted by three Cardinals, elected by the College of Cardinals, with three new Cardinals elected every three days. "

Also note " Upon receiving the news of the death, the church bells/carillon may be tolled (Some traditions suggest the bells be tolled once for each year of life and for each year of the pope’s pastoral responsibility.) "

And Finally " Ballots from a conclusive scrutiny are burned without straw, producing the white smoke that signifies election of a pope to those outside the conclave. "

Cary P
Okay hoss. No one's asking you for the lotto numbers. gl100 just asked you to post this, "All I'd like to know is who the posting member is and what the content of the post will be. We would appreciate your answer on Thursday or before." What's so hard or sinister about a song and artist? Nothing. You wanna keep people in disbelief? You're doing a swell job. Why the misdirection with the lotto numbers? gl100 never said anything about that. You pulling a Houdini here with some misdirection for an illusion? I'm sure you have some convoluted answer for this. Whatever.

Actually, no answer. As Human Choice is the most truly random of events, I would never be able to accomplish this feat. In Rare circumstances when the individual has taken certain measures before posting and the bridge dis-engaged and re-engaged at a moment in which it was not present before, it would be possible to re-post a post that has not happened yet.

If you've been in contact with some of the members here since 2009 back to now, care to say who they are? My future can't be that priceless, anything in your rear view crystal ball you'd care to share about me? Am I still here at TTF in 2009? You know who I am? Wait, that might be priceless. LOL Have fun while you're here, just don't jack with people too much. I'll play nice if you will.

I have never spoken with you before, however the mere fact that we are speaking now may influence your future on the forums here at this site. Meaning, although I have been here a few times in 2006, 2008, 2009, maybe a week in 2007, everytime I come here everyone I meet, I am new to them, and most of the time they are new to me. A few members remain over the years, but I must stress how few and far between they are. It seems maybe 98% of the people I talk to are new, and only a few have remained. I am always continually explaining myself except to those few (they know who they are, I get in touch with them).

Is people in 2026 really spiritual? How is technology by then? Is gaming still around?

1.) Surprisingly yes, there is not one person I know who does not feel spiritual or religious in some manner, although these have become much more personal, it does not mean they are frowned upon or laughed at. It only means, there is no reason to pronounce to the world ones own beliefs. There is nobody to convince anymore, we all know there is a reason we are alive while so many others have died.

2.) We are on the fringes of a fully efficient quantum computer. At this point in time, we have basic Qubit engines functioning on silicon/organic chips with hypertransport interconnects to the rest of the system. The basic "Home" or what you may call "Desktop" computer system is usually running 10-15 terraflops and functioning on a .5-1 terrabyte holographic memory subsystem that is fully integrated at less than 10ns to also maintain the virtual memory and RAM subsystem. Most of these computers are set-Top wireless computing systems, most people have one main computer and several interdependent connections including wrist-pad, HUD, wireless stylus, voice recog, eye control, pulse control, Brainwave pattern recog, and many have small silicon-organic implants into the temples, which allow them to control basic computer functions with direct eye movements or thought depending upon the implant.

3.) There are only two types of gaming. Solitary, and Multiplayer. The first is self explanatory, the second usually involves hundreds of players in advanced pattern recognition competitions involving our huds, very fast laser interpretted hand movements (similar to your Keyboard), and advanced strategy techniques. You might consider this Chess Vs. Star Wars.

Could you please send me the keys to the sphynx? There is a standing 1 million Dollar Reward to that. If I had the keys, I promiss to return it by sundown, all gased up and waxed and I'll even split the reward with you. Simply send me your Name and Account # And I'll purchase 500,000 worth of your choice in stocks under your name.
By 2026 you should be quite the rich and dapper fellow. I think this is a win win situation.

No. I do not care so much about money.

Grayson me boyo, Now you've done it. You have gone and upped the ante in truth for sooth. With kind kudos to Sue for pointing that out. Zeshua, you have said that you have helped others here already? How have you done that? Have you decided as to how you can PROVE that you are from the future? Albeit, you are well versed in Susposed temporal manipulation and theory all that proves is that you are currently a student in Physics, 2nd year is my guess. You need to pony up to the bar and prove yourself if any one is to believe you. Forget the momsense regarding time ripples, had you made any kind of mistake in our future you would no longer be there. So, the fact that you are still posting proves that nothing will go wrong.

You are correct, I'm currently studying fields including physics. I have already stated I cannot prove myself, never 100%, you can only trust my words and hopefully find meaning in what I can say, and also what I cannot directly say.

Well, there's no question about whether the Pope dies. He will There have been many prophesies regarding the death of this particular Pope. Some say that the next Pope will be the AntiChrist. Some say that the next Pope will be the last to reign. For some reason, the next Pope signals the end of "something." End of times, end of life as we currently enjoy, end of the Catholic Church. I haven't found a prophesy yet that states that the next Pope brings about a positive change.

If you are posting from the future, wouldn't you have the ability to send your reply within nano-seconds of a question?

The Next Pope is the end of "something", your current Pope, John Paul II, happens to be much more important in the World Stage than may be apparent to most Americans, so I would understand how it may seem unimportant, or, insignificant. Per reasons I have already explained, I could reply within nano-seconds but it would require disconnection of the link that is currently established, thus bringing more possible implications for myself. I prefer to stay in what is considered Real-Time for the duration of my communications here.

So, if you can measure variances in causation as a result of your actions, how come you are not caught up in the new causal line? Ergo, blind to the changes wrought... It would be very helpful if you could describe in detail the properties of a Graviton for us. I am particularly interested in its charactersistics and the mechanism by which it attracts both particles and energy waves. That probably gets a causal event warning doesn't it?

Alterations of the timeline can be measured, and come in waves as if ripples from a rock thrown into still water. This is a completely different way of thinking compared to your previous understanding.

In fact, certain alterations of the timeline, even minute, can take as much as 3 days to even reconscile. Others are almost instantaneous. Regardless, whenever any message is sent from myself, even though it is pre-scrubbed, and immediately and continuously monitored as part of all of the tracking programs and overall derivations of the timeline. I see that there is a problem, a certain level has been reached, such as when I caused a 1/10th 1% 0.01% derivation to the timeline, I could see it coming, I had the escape message setup ahead of time. Using various sites on the Internet I post various encrypted cyphers that can be easily traced and monitored today, in my time. If one of these is detected, I get the message, from myself, and know what not to do.

This has the unfortunate side effect of having to have had something go wrong First. However I've done this over 20 times now, usually on much smaller scales, and in every instance I am able to stop my original communication from going out, thus halting the changes to the timeline.

Also in every instance, I have no recollection of the event, only what was written in my cypher telling myself what to do or what not to do.

I know this is very complicated, I doubt many on the forums could even comprehend, and if you would like perhaps I can explain in further detail... This Is how it works, Yes it Is messing with the continuity of the timeline, yet I will continue regardless as I believe in 2005 there is still the opportunity to help certain individuals.

OK, y'all can call me dumb and expell me from the forum, put a scarlet I for Idiot under my avatar, but how old is this Zeshua person in any timeline and what friggin' exams is a 63-year old talking about?

I am 25. I was born on 2000.

That was funny! I got one for you Zeshua. Send us a picture...just a picture of a well known building or place that has been affected by a war or an act of terrorism. And the Twin Towers don't count! Prove to us Zeshua with concrete evidence without talking in circles. I'm not trying to be rude but just to the point.

I cannot give you concrete evidence, if I did it could be detrimental for my own health or well being, Sorry....

k, questions... questions... Ok, here is one. Nostradamus talks about a person by the name of Mabus, after whom who's death will cause a "hundred-hand" death. Any insight onto who this is, from the perspective of looking from the future to the past? There have been some who say it might be President Bush or Mohammad Abbas. Another person says it could be a man in the Balkans, a Mirajald (spelling ?) Labus. What do you say? Will Iran do as they say when they create a nuclear bomb (and drop it on Israel)? And, most importantly, When will Yellowstone blow its top?

Nostradamus, just like JT, spoke in plain and simple truth, the kind that can only be understood after an event or occurence has happened, giving altogether new meaning to their original interpretation. I believe the Death or Arafat in your time is Truly a significant event, and those who may rise to power after his fall, might truly capture the disbelief of the public in their Private conquests. No, Not Iran. It has not happened yet. Although I understand it has a natural cycle of ~650,000 years. However even the Earths magnetic field changes more often, I would not worry about it.

Hi I'm Frog I just wanted to ask you a some questions so here they are and thanks for listening:
1. What kind of time travel do you do?

The Good Kind. LoL.

2. What kind of food, water, and soda do you have in your timeline?

Ever heard of Rations? Lots of canned food, mostly larger prey as most food caught is shared, coyotes, wolves, deer, the occasional buffalo or wild bull. Most of the time all we need is transported in or grown locally, however we still hunt. We have distilled water.

3. Do movies and entertainment still exist where your from? thanks for your time and patience and thanks for the answers and so much more please reply back to me soon if you have sparetime and thanks for being cool and such I will talk with you later on! well I got to go now I will chat more later!

Yes... Ok I will explain a little more, nothing is 2-D anymore as you used to watch, everything is 3-d and Holographic in nature, Movies at least. Most of our vids are on very small discs roughly larger than an inch. With new lasers and higher speed compression as well as multiple layers, entire 4-6 hour movies at highest resolution playable in any format can be stored on these discs. I believe the prototypes are available in your time. You must also understand, almost everything is produced locally, there is very Very little National transportation of Any product. Any movie or show produced is usually put on by a small crew or group and broadcast on the nets available to millions at home. We no longer have "Channels" such as 1,2,3, PBS, NBC, etc.

I don't think Zeshua is a TT'er either, but just to go along with the flow...


What does history say about the Middle East during this decade? What does history say about the US?
Please give more than a few sentences.

That Muhammad was a prophet, that Allah was Great, that the mere freedoms we all took for granted in the U.S. were the very things the Arabs in the Middle East were despondent against. History considers the U.S. capitalists in every sense of the word. Led about like a dollar bill hanging from a string on a stick in front of a Donkey. The Rest of the world considers the U.S. as feeling as if they are "Better" than any other country. The Citizens of the US feel their ancestors of your time were blindsided and truly insignificant.

Any US War Veterans still alive in your time? Currently in our time we have a few hundred World War I Vets still alive, a couple million World War 2 vets, and more numbers from Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. I doubt WW1 vets are still alive in your time, but possibly are there any WW2 vets and beyond still around in your time? Would be interesting. For the record. WW2 Vets could still be alive in Zeshua's time. Considering that the last of the US Civil War Veterans all passed away in the 1950s.

Not Many, the Average National Age has dropped dramatically, and that is all I will say. We still have WWII vets however most are in personal homes or clinics.

i am still undecided but it looks like i'm leaning to hoax, but still... what type of government do you have?
are there time cops? how long have people been able to use this time travel internet? when does the pope die?
what are exams like in 2026? how about a news clipping from your time.

We have a Government of the people, For the people, By the people. What do you have? There are those in Governments the world over who have the equipment and understanding to monitor the timeline. You could call them Time Cops, however, I think this is inappropriate due to their actual job functions as I currently understand them. As far as I understand I (and my former team) were the first to combine existing technologies for posting messages into a specific space-time coordinate in the past via the Internet. Soon. All exams are given via individual test in VR. They put you into a desk, a headset and HUDs are placed over both eyes, the mask comes down, there are four large rectangular buttons on the desk in front. Four Answers appear on the screen, aligned with the four buttons. The question is flashed for approximately 2-3 seconds depending upon its length, the answer flash for a moment again. The actual score is determined upon your response time and accuracy. Several thousand questions are asked over the course of 1-2 hour sessions. I would call it very intense but very accurate.

Ok, I'll ask some questions. Do you log off at night or is this connection to our time kept constantly connected?
What do you mean rented? who owns it?

The connection to 2005 is currently kept running at real time, second per second. It can be disconnected and reconnected however this draws immediate attention and I prefer not to. I am working (still) on a "Pause" button however it is not yet completed.

Floating Points are rented via the Internet, just as you would rent a timeshare, an apartment, a billboard. I require raw processing power for pinpoint calculations of space-time coordinates and all information coming from that particular space-time. I can send this information encrypted to servers on the Internet, which process the information, send it back encrypted, I decrypt it, and thousands of years of computing power can be purchased for just **************** per 10teraflops afterwards. That is the deal I am currently receiving. I rent the number crunching machines to make this experiment possible.

Heh Look what I found on this website: http://www.catholic-pages.com/pope/election.asp
That was taken from that website. Now look at what Zeshua posted: Zeshua posted: Everything he said he just copied and pasted off of that website. I found it by google. He's just googling all his information and passing it off as his own.

You will notice the Actual "Quotation" Marks around the paragraphs in that post I had made. Quotation Marks signify the information is not my own personal writing or opinions however that of another author. Would it have made you more comfortable had I listed the source in a seperate reference page? I quoted from a very specific set of Vatican Rules based on the time period of 2005, it was not that difficult. I also believe since I used the quotation marks I was not attempting to pass said information off as my own.

Ok then Zeshua, you just put your foot in your mouth on that one. Why does someone from 2026 need to go to a website here in 2005 to get information on the Pope? Wouldn't it be already available on your internet in 2026? It's time to come clean Zeshua.

Why yes it certainly would be available information on the nets in my time. Where do you think I got the information.

A lot of the individuals here are on a witch hunt to get me to "come clean" as you say, however, I have been in contact with certain individuals here and at other boards in response to my experiment and its continued success. There is truly very little that I can say in public, I have taken my message to individuals themselves and I urge anyone interested in participating to contact me directly so that we might speak and discuss what I have in mind.

I have not positioned myself at all and I do not seek to bother anyone, I do not seek to upset anyone, I am totally open to the individuals who seek truth through the wisdom I wish to share. I stated at the beginning there would be questions I could not answer, I have also gone out of my way to answer questions which I can answer in as much detail as possible.

As I have not physically traveled back in time I would not consider myself a true Traveler in the sense of the word. As I continue to face skepticism I find new hope in the persons who I am speaking with outside of the forums here.

Everybody likes to ask about the War, that is a question I receive all too often, what causes it, when does it start, who do we fight, who lives, who dies. I find it quite disconcerting, as the reality of the situation is that the war has already begun. I wonder if anybody here knows the current amount of U.S. troops on foreign soil?

Either way I have no intentions of disappearing until I have done what I have come here to do. And please let me state once more I have Not come here to "Prove" myself as you all so aptly put it.

Anybody who wishes to know more may contact me at [email protected]


Oh I love it when the TTers say this. Alexander, maxwell, and even peragro all said the same thing. The "I've been in touch with members of your community in private and they have full access to my knowledge blah blah blah."
That kind of talk has really gotten old, and is just a mere tactic to try and grab everyone's attention of "gasp! who is he talking with on the boards? what knowledge is there to share??" It doesn't work anymore. Give it up.

I am unfamiliar with Alexander (other than the Great), Maxwell (other than the Coffee) or Peragro. I have spoken with many people from these forums and others, and, I have not shared much more information with them. Sometimes I am able to fully answer a specific question in private that I would hesitate to post into the Public forums.

I come with the promise that I will share information and just as so many are trying to discount me, gradually I am learning who can be trusted with this information. I believe I am finding out what is truly important to some of the individuals who frequent this forum and others like it. I have already accepted that most people will discount my statements, I have even stated I must maintain a publically displayed Element of Disbelief for my own protection.

The choice I leave with you, but lets leave the hostility at the door. You do not like what I have to say you are more than welcome to not read it.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. " - Voltaire

AGAIN, what is the currency of your time? what is it called?

Over here its called the Euro, in the US we still have the Dollar. The conversion rate has changed though.
Re: Zeshua\'s thread at TTF

The meaning of this post is that Peter is squirming. He is getting desperate. So now he is going to "overflow" TTI with unverified, edited, and perhaps even modified "further Zeshua information." By adding this giant burst of questionable information which is non-native to TTI, he is trying to blurr or obliterate the facts being brought forth elsewhere. No doubt part of the hoax planning included this "barrage attempt" when someone got close to exposing what the hoaxers were doing. Can any of this information be trusted as true and accurate and unedited? And most people would not count having someone like SoSueMeToo, Nitescott, yeyeman9 come forward and "confirm its veracity" as being adequate. Hoaxers backing other hoaxers is not evidence.

This is all noise folks. Cognitive dissonance is the fancy term for what Peter has done here.
Re: Zeshua\'s thread at TTF

Here is my contribution to the Zeshua archive- points and comments for Zeshua to clarify. If you cult Zeshua-folk want to avoid a flame war, please allow Zeshua to respond, not you. Thank you

>>Gravitons as it seems travel through Time and not Space. Thus, Gravity, is time, over 3 dimensional space. Every single one of you who has responded to me from 2006-2009 has agreed with that statement, sometimes after a long discussion, I will admit.<<

I disagree with this statement. If gravitons travel through space, then they are directional. Gravitons are not directional, if nothing else they simply exist. Let's have that long discussion now (that you've already had) now, Zeshua.
>>Mt St Helens blew her cap again, bigger than the last but nothing that really concerned anybody<<

This makes no sense.

"The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens was the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States. Fifty-seven people were killed; and 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles of railways and 185 miles of highway were destroyed. The eruption caused a massive debris avalanche, reducing the elevation of the mountain's summit from 9,677 feet to 8,364 feet, and replacing it with a mile-wide horseshoe-shaped crater. The debris avalanche was up to 0.7 cubic miles in volume, making it the largest in recorded history."
>>I don't know if physical Time Travel is possible, not that any of us at the college have heard of.<<

Time travel exists.

"Time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast moving vehicle to travel into the further future while aging very little, in that their great speed retards the rate of passage of onboard time. That is, the ship's clock (and according to relativity, any human travelling with it) shows less elapsed time than stationary clocks. For sufficiently high speeds the effect is dramatic."
>>The frequency is tuned in, locked in, and once a communiqué is made the locking is almost instantaneous and can be remade again and again. The information is then sent through wireless tcp/ip protocols, this "Bridge" is bi-directional and as we adjust forward in space-time for each command given, we are able to send/receive as if in real-time.<<

-How do you pay for your gmail.com account and the-cloak.com- with 2026 dollars?
-How do you log into (as in, enter name and password) the TTI.com website from 2026?
-How did you recieve the confirmation email which activates your account?
>>"Tomorrow, for the Power ball drawing, 5 of the winning numbers are x,x,x,x,x" and providing the details, awaiting the almost immediate response, I was able to see just how much the timeline diverged. Let me tell you, giving away all 6 numbers was a total nightmare. From a time alteration perspective, that is.<<

How did you get those Powerball numbers? No lottery anywhere keeps an archive of past winning numbers longer than a year.
>>The [winning lottery number] information had spread beyond the board and went nationwide within hours, although posted only 3 hours before the drawing I believe over 100,000 people purchased tickets with those numbers. There was a good movie pertaining to this and I can attest to the accuracy of it now.<<

-Lotteries close 5 hours before the drawing.
-How could such information (lottery numbers) spread so fast that 100,000 people could get tickets within 3 or 5 hours?
-1,000 hits at once on this website would cause it to crash no less 100,000.
-All lotteries limit the number of unique chances- they don't allow 100,000 tickets to be drawn.
>>If 100,000 people were not supposed to win the Lotto and they did, you get a Divergence of over 1/10th of a degree. This is calculated worldwide and although it may not sound like much, it is an extremely noticeable degree of change.<<

Let's assume the jackpot was 100 million. If 100,000 people won it, each of them would get $1,000 and those who chose cash would get $500- before taxes, mind you. How would someone winning $500 change the course of human history?
>>Ask all of the questions about Time Travel you would like, questions about Time Travel do not affect the future to any meaningful degree that I have been able to ascertain.<< 3/1/05

>>As long as the majority are in disbelief the alterations to the timeline are minimal.<< 4/15/05

Make up your mind.

>>I believe the answer to the riddle of what can be said by a time traveler, or someone with knowledge of future events come to pass, has been solved by myself.<< 3/3/05

If it won't affect time, then why the riddle? And if it's important to history, when why is it secret?

>>I have made minor alterations to the timeline recently, at the specific request of certain individuals.

>>I will not divulge information which could drastically alter the timeline<<

Make up your mind.

>>I do believe however it is possible to get the word out without compromising the timeline and causing a
Time Quake, although it may take a little engenuity.<<

So in other words you're altering reality for the sake of entertainment?
>>what happens if the Pope Dies? 03/04/05.<<

Zeshua wrote "3/4/05" on March 4, 2005. And if it really means "April 3, 2005" it's still wrong- the Pope died on April 2, not April 3. And nothing happened after the Pope died.

>>I have stated previous, What Happens If the Pope Dies? Find out April 3rd 2005<<

This was posted a week after The Pope died. And the date is still wrong.

>>And Now the 3rd has Come to Pass.The End of the New Beginning The Beginning to a New End.<<

Ratzinger picked the name Benedict XVI, not "John Paul the third" as this suggests.
>>There was a direct connection between Pope John Paul II and Terri Schiavo. As on got sicker, so did the other. Is a 3rd Tragedy nigh?<<

Over a year and a half after this was posted, the answer is no, making this another failed prediction.
>>Ratzinger Ratzinger what have ye done, Pope in the eyes of the new world come. 1Benedictine6
Edited by Zeshua (04/19/05 06:04 PM)<<

Ratzinger was declared Pope the same day this prediction was made, this is not a prediction.
>>there is no doubt large enough disruptions in the timeline (Referred to as Time Quakes after a 20th Century author), can be detected and pinpointed.<<

>>I must take off now, its a few minutes later i think they just scanned the building but I haven’t sent this message yet, they will detect me as soon as I do.<<

>>I was not arrested mind you, but apparently came very close.<<

By who? The time cops?
>>The next major event for the United States in your upcoming time is a Crisis, look to the skies and you might find the answer you seek. As far as who dies, I have already answered this.<< 3/8/05

Katrina did not come from the skies, it came from the sea. And the flooding of New Orleans was due to a faulty levee system, not the sky.
>Next Wednesday the 9th of March 2005 I will post a some random numbers on this forum. All you have to do is post those numbers before I do.<

>>Provided below is the solution to this problem, although the solution has been altered, via b9.v2-(a)Encryption...Ev°N`¥C/œaRÜøL,Pßz $W‡¸29¥©úÄ4ê;Y Û¾/œ óìRªÎÿZ¥·7±D¹7_þ–$O..This solution works, but in no means is this a finite answer. <<

NiteScott posted numbers, not math problems and not random keyboard characters and why was it encrypted at all?
*Post deleted by Zeshua 4/11/05 5:40 pm
*"It has been recieved Zeshua" 4/11/05 5:49pm by yeyeman9

Nine minutes between posts? And on another thread:

*Post deleted by Zeshua 4/11/05 5:50pm

One minute after yeyeman9's last message at 5:49?

"This one has been recieved too Zeshua. Just letting you know. : 4/11/05 5:52pm

Two minutes after Zeshua posted? So Zeshua posted it, yeyeman9 recieved it and it was deleted by Zeshua all within two minutes?

*All are invited to email myself at [email protected] for the remainder of my stay. As a day passes for you, so does it to for myself.

This is illogical. If you're in 2026, time from 2006-2026 is all one event.
Yeyeman9 also has a gmail.com account
>>Responses will be slow but also instantaneous, be patient.<<

How can something be slow and instantaneous?

>>Instantaneous Responses can be quite a bit more difficult to achieve. I've generally come within 15 minutes of the desired time at which I wish a post in Your Time to be received.<<

Make up your mind.

>>Re: I am a Time Traveler from 2026. 04/14/05 12:21 PM (
>>Edited by Zeshua (04/14/05 12:25 PM)

How were you able to edit this post in 4 minutes if it takes you 15?
>>I apologize for the previous thread posts, they have subsequently been deleted.<<

This is illogical. How can you delete a post from 2026? Doesn't whatever you post stay here for the next 20 years- that's how you know it's working? From your perspective, posting something and later deleting a post also includes that post staying here for the next 20 years. And even if it were possible, wouldn't this require a re-established link?
>>The Civil War, its not what you think it will be, its not started by anything you might think.<<

>>I will not talk about any type of "War" whether is be "Civil" or "World".<<

Make up your mind.
>>They start pushing out cures for many types of cancers but not all. Most therapies for cancer are actually screened against the individuals DNA to produce the best course of treatment. AIDS/HIV is treatable but does not appear to be curable in the majority of the population at this time. I have heard of work with nanites in this respect, with limited success so far.<<

We already have gene therapy today- this is not a prediction.
AIDS is genetic in nature. Nanites can't alter DNA and even if they could, we have 3 trillion copies of our DNA in our bodies- we call them cells.
The Following are all events that will shortly come to pass. In your immediate futures.
- A Pre-emptive strike occurs between two war bound countries in Europe/Asia.
- 2 Federal buildings are completely destroyed.
- A Sudden outbreak of influenza.
- The Patriot Act ends up in court, its powers used to spy on civilians "For their own good"
- A 3rd becomes next.
- A Massive Financial meltdown that puts the Euro as the preferred Global Currency. Repercussions abound to the almighty US Dollar.
- A New form of computer virus programmed by a small team of individuals sweeps the globe within 24 hours.
- The Telluride Occurrence

A year and a half later, none of these "shortly to pass" events have occured- this is 8 incorrect predictions.
>>The Equations [to connect to 2005] I cannot share, this applies to everyone. They are posted here in your future by a member of the boards. These equations allow this type of Space/Time coordinate system to be mapped, plotted, examined in detail and used for varying purposes. Such as an actual spacecraft flying through our solar system. Or in this case, determining the approximate location of earth 20+ years ago so that I might establish the Bridge.<<

You cannot quantify reality.
New Science 04/24/05 02:05 AM (
Greetings from 2025. 02/22/06 01:03 PM (

You have the same IP Address even though you had to "reestablish the lock" all over again?
jmpet posted "So here is one last test for you Zeshua. I will post some musical lyrics here tomorrow. All you have to do is post them here before I do. From your 2026 perspective all you have to do is "go a few posts ahead" to where I posted them- an easy task, and I have already chosen which lyrics I will post tomorrow."

Zeshua failed to do this. And if Zeshua is real, she can still do this.
>>I Have been somewhat devious in my intentions, for my own personal security reasons. I have tested others, even planted certain seeds of dis-information over the past months, and I have concluded quite a bit.<<

So if your predictions are right, that is proof. And if they're wrong, you purposely made them wrong. In what scenario can you be proven a liar?