"The future ain't what it used to be."


  1. Cosmo

    Reworking the Chronovisor

    A few days ago, I began moving the Chronovisor section to it's own domain: https://chronovisor.app/ For those who don't know what the Chronovisor is, it's a project which aims to restore now defunct forums about paranormal and weird things from the golden age of the internet. We have the...
  2. Cosmo


    This is the closest to time travel I've ever been. Will show you guys tomorrow. ?
  3. Cosmo

    What is your earliest memory?

    I’ve met a few people who have next to no memory of their childhood… But that’s a strange concept for me to grasp. I remember quite a bit of my childhood, and none of it has muddied much with the passage of time. My earliest memory is getting one of these as a gift: These came out in '73, but...