Reworking the Chronovisor


Staff member
A few days ago, I began moving the Chronovisor section to it's own domain:

For those who don't know what the Chronovisor is, it's a project which aims to restore now defunct forums about paranormal and weird things from the golden age of the internet. We have the Wayback Machine, but that only gets you so far and I've always wanted to be able to search through these posts and maybe discover a lost treasure.

I've just finished moving over what I'd already indexed for the Art Bell forums. and you can find that here:

I've set up a way to allow people to make comments on those threads or continue the conversation, no need to register. You'll find the comment form at the bottom of each thread (and eventually the bottom of each user profile).

This is a very rough work in progress, still much to do. Just wanted to point it out in case anyone was interested and wanted to browse through what's been recovered so far. I'll get the HDR Kid and Anomalies stuff going soon also.

If you have in interest in helping to recover and restore these lost communities, let me know!