Actual time/teleport machine.


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We have an actual working, rudimentary, teleportation / time (by way of Everett Wheeler hypothesis) machine.

A picture is at

We will be addressing inquirees and questions both here on this board and by email at [email protected].

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The image is very obscure from detailed view.

could you enhance the image more clearly, and post some close-ups?

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I tried to load a copy of the image, but for some reason, the html image codes are set different here & not compatible, or Mop has them turned off?

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This guys machine looks very similar to yours, thought you would like to see it. Know each other?? This picture is suppose to be an earlier model it has now become smaller and portable. there is also a video of it in action. Don't know if it is real or not -but take a look it might be interesting to you in the least:

I think his was more of a teleport system also.
Time02112, you forgot to enter the servername in the URL of your image. The link is looking for "picvault" on and there's no such directory on

"TIME IS AN ILLUSION" well, here goes my "personal opinion" without discarding theory. If time is an illusion, how come a laser can leave presense? Time itself is action taken. A clock does its own work to guide us as a sampler on how many actions were performed, the time is not pushing it. Then the phenomenon comes when an "unusual" acceleration is commited. Like a fan at its ultimate speed we almost see a frozen image, much more than that it'll make it disappear, so action overcomes.