Aliens do not exist: sorting it all out

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Everyone is so convinced that aliens exist.
Here is where my theory begins:

1. 90% of all conspiracies are just people who are just looking at one narrow aspect of the whole truth therefore creating misinformation in itself wether intentional of unintentional.

2. One must seek out the whole truth thereby distinguishing truth FROM untruth over many years.

3. Aliens do not exist, at least not within our realm of thinking beacause:

A. "Grays" are very similar in many ways to humans suggesting that they are either ancients, a subconcience's reaction under hypnosis leading to the standard reaction to a loss of memory ie. linking something unknown to something acceptable, or they are simply suggested by the hypnotist and the brain takes it and runs with it.

B. It is now and has been (since the times of Einstein and Tesla) possible to produce antigravity.

C. Ufos have had updates in technology since the 1940's

D. If the government really didn't want people to know about aliens why are there hundreds of books and movies and magazines and websites Cds and videogames and television shows dedicated to aliens?

E. Is it just me, or has no one noticed that there is no differences between alien and government implants?

4. Everyone lies sometimes, you can bet on it.

That only leaves me with one final question:
If aliens are really misinformation then what are they trying to hide?

I would appreciate your input, and whatever theories or information you may have.
what are they trying to hide?the gov?
their advanced spacecraft of course.
their convert experimentation on human beings.
their responsibilities to the environment.
and no accountability. "the aliens did it."
mind control technigues with implantation ...should I go on?

although I believe some aliens are actually real they may be FROM other dimension, future or alternate time lines.
and then again at some point they may be working together.
I'm sorry, I must have misrepresented my views, I didn't mean to say that aliens didn't exist, but that Greys don't. Have you ever noticed how commercial "Aliens" are? Oh yeah, sure the government isn't very intelligent, but anyone in their right mind could see that if something was being done to hide anything then there wouldn't be any publicity. It just doesn't make any sense.
Ufology is a controversial subject coz so many do the ufologist, but few are really.

There's a coverup, and at first ('40s ->) witnesses were threatened, soldiers were sent elsewhere etc. But with the phenomenon resisting & insisting, a new strategy has been put: ok there are books and all but there's too much. So much and controversial that ppl are disappointed!

Medias play a role in stating UFOs witnesses are drunk/xrazy as ufologists are only after money and fame.

Some put ufologist versus ufologist and has divided them.

Isn't it enough?????

P.S. A humanoid must possess certain features to be a superior lifeform (like us), and the Greys do have 'em all.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Michele Bugliaro
Several abductees (Whitley Streiber among them) have suggested that the Greys do not actually look like that, but are wearing suits. My guess is that they are time-travelers who want us to think that they are aliens, probably so that scientists can dismiss the idea as B.S., and the people FROM the future have not affected the past as much.

In the 1985 movie Back to the Future (one of my favorites), 17-year-old Marty McFly travels to 1955 and inadvertently prevents his parents, Lorraine and George McFly, FROM meeting. Because the time machine requires plutonium, he arrives in 1955 wearing a radiation suit. There is a scene in which he crashes INTO a barn, and Farmer Peabody and his family go to the barn. They think that the time machine (it's a DeLorean sports car) is an alien spacecraft, and that Marty in his radiation suit is an alien. Later in the movie, this gives him the idea to visit George's house one night in his radiation suit. (George loves the idea of aliens visiting Earth.) He plays heavy metal music on his Walkman and introduces himself as Darth Vader, an extraterrestrial FROM the planet Vulcan. He then threatens to melt George's brain if he doesn't ask Lorraine to the dance that will take place the next Saturday night.

Both scenes were very funny, and they also bring up some questions. Are UFOs time machines FROM the future? (I think so; all the evidence points there.) Are the Greys actually midgets or children (the Greys are 3-5' tall) wearing suits?

However, this does not mean that aliens do not exist. With time travel will come hyperspace travel, and with that will come contact with the infinite number of alien species that exist in our universe. Some abductees have described things like 10' reptilians and beer-can-shaped creatures with pencil-like appendages. Those are probably aliens we will contact in the future, traveling to Earth in the present.
the greys do exist and I have seen them, they usually come in pairs. they have white faces and very large eyes. the fact is I can't help but wonder why thier eyes have the same shape as the chinese race. Could it be that the chinese race are their decendents. Could they have fathered this race eons ago and are now back checking up on them. It would EXPLAIN the difference in the christian ,Islamic and jewish faiths that seem to be so different FROM the ways of the chinese faiths. clara
Aliens are NOT visiting us. I'm sorry to just dismiss what peple say about seeing them and being abducted by them but basaically 99% of these stories are just lies. I'm sure some people do believe that they have seen them and possibly been abducted by them. People believe what they want to believe and this clouds their judgment. Some people are just, for want of a better word, insane.
Suppose you are an alien and you've developed the technology to travel the huge distance required. Do you then simply hover the earths atmosphere, abduct a few people and nothing more? of course not. Let's say their aim is to take our planet. If this is the case, a species as thechnologically advanced as these aliens would be, would have no need to hide their presence and perform tests on us, they could simply take our planet easily with no fuss on their part. In other words, if and when we are 'visited' by E.T. we WILL know about it, there will be no way of not knowing
It seems you are calling me a liar now for what reason would I come on this site and lie. clara
look...i think a lot of ya'll r confused.
aliens do exist. i'm sure there r aliens somewhere in this
universe. how can we b so sure that we r alone when we haven't
even visited mars yet! or have we? there r so many theories.
the public doesn't know everything. the govt. is always a few
steps ahead of us. n do u think the govt. would let the public
know about everything. like aliens visiting us! that would either create panic n chaos or we all would just take dat as
baloni. dat would lead us 2 not take the govt. seriously at all.
we r in an age where a lot of beliefs r not taken seriously anymore. 'aliens' r in the same category as magic, voodoo, time travel, fairies, elves, dwarves, telepathy n so on. long ago,
our ancesters believed in some of em. even in aliens. we discovered ancient drawings all over the world of space ships,
aliens n 'visitors FROM the skies'. if it were bullshit, how
could they think of something like dat in a primitive age,
when cars, trains, planes, tv's, pc's, mircowaves weren't
even invented yet or thought of. the first ppl 2 think of
anything close was michelangelo n leonardo da vinci. n they
were hundreds of yrs ahead of their time n were thought of as
'insane' by many during dat age. they were genius' or maybe
'aliens'...hehe? there is evidence all over the world of aliens
visiting us. millions of ppl have claimed that they were abducted by them. ofcourse half of them r probably false.
but some of em gotta b telling the truth. too much similarities
in their stories. how do u EXPLAIN the pyramids in central america, egypt, n china? yes china too. all roughly in the middle of earth. 3 areas in 3 continents. 3 diff. cultures.
3 totally diff. ppl. n there is evidence that they had witnessed
aliens visiting them. n these were ancient ppl, thousands of yrs ago. b4 christ was born. n how about rapa nui or easter island?
those giant statues on an island so far away FROM all other civilizations. let's go back 2 the 1940's n 50's. the highest peak of sightings n abductions. right after World War 2. Roswell or Area 51, anybody? don't 4get that. the crash site of alien spaceship dat left the aliens dead n a sole survivor. they were
supposedly autopsied. n some say we stole a lot of technology FROM that crash. like cd's n planes like the stealth bomber.
ppl say that our technology boomed after that incident n that
the govt. was slowly giving out the technology 2 the public 2
erase any suspicions. some say dats 1 of the reasons how america got rich FROM the trading of technologies wif other countries.
ofcourse, apart FROM the hard work of immigrants coming 2 this
country. i also do believe dat the govt. have their own experiments n projects. n a lot of ppl have mistaken some of em
4 alien sightings. i also believe dat the govt. have contact wif some alien races n 1 of em's called the corteum. FROM a source,
the corteums have helped us boost our technology n r helping us
fight n prevent anything worse FROM happening against another race called the greys. supposedly, in exchange, they r given the right 2 abduct ppl n animals 4 experiments. y? coz somehow they
r almost extinct. dats just some of wat i know. so many theories.
another 1 is that those aliens dat many have claimed 2 have seen (the greys) r actually our descendants in the future after thousands of yrs of evolution. think about it, we have evolved FROM apes. wat will we evolve in2 in the future. we might have the skill of telepathy. who knows. we might look like those greys coz of some nuclear war or something. n maybe dats y they r going back in time 2 visit us n along the way probably changing certain events in the past. i can go on n on about all this. but dats just some of it. n i tell ya...some of it's gotta b true. PEACE
One question...

Hypethetically @ that

"If" you, yourself, and many of you existed in parallel timelines within a 'multiverse' - would one of you coming into the 'alien' then so called or deemed 'alien'?

It seems to me that we tend to use the terminology alien strictly for beings considered to be of this said universe - but not taking into account beings of an unnatural origin 'alongside' the universe we have come to know - theorectically.

Now to further that, whether your answer is 'yes' or 'no'...we can then furthermore consider 'if' no 'alien' beings are believed to be within this universe's timeline - is the possibility of the existance of said 'creatures' possible within one of the considered universes within a multiverse?

Next we can consider the dimensions :P

Fun stuff ^^ who knows

bah...merely albino pygmy's with advanced Chinese made electronics. - Not to mention a curious nature to boot.



Not to "knock" your beliefs, just had to add some light humor. On a note, apparently my mother told me my biological father saw one up close out in the country once...he died when I was real young though so I never got a chance to ask him about it. No details...could have been anything I guess.
alot of people beleave in god,,

,,,but they have never really seen him,
,,,it all has to do with what we come to beleave

i think some things are hid right out in the open
hold your head a little to the right,,,and look again
Whether the grays exist or not here is my opinion if they do exist.

I think they are neutral beings, like no right or wrong they believe in.
They also appear (from photos and drawings) like a diseased or self implemented evolutionary mistake creation.
Looks like a race of beings that went all science crazy to attempt to become the perfect being of some concept.
They don't appear to have teeth, digestive system, reproductive insides and look very fragile.
It seems like they are searching and studying the purpose of life and things everywhere.
Just looks very sad that they may look like they are almost and nearly deprived of all the natural fear and love based emotions that most of life have.
Have they lost the marvelous feeling of love?
You love your child, your wife, your family, your kitten, your warming filling breakfast, your house, music, the sunset, the rain etc etc.
Even the marvelous feeling of fear based feelings.
Scared of a needle, high places, the dark, a movie, your mother n law, a belt, a certain food, thunder, a mouse etc etc.

I think many being out there have reached this sad level and are stuck to point where now with all this intelligence there is really no point to it at all but survival now and possibly a reversal.
The Aliens dont really look very alien. Look through the "sightings" and you get the nords, blues, oranges, and most famously the Greys. But they are all pretty humanlike really. I dont believe the UFO accounts but if I did I would have to go with the visitors from the future hypothesis. A Grey looks like a human who has gone through many milenia of evolution in a industrial enviroment where there physical strength and jaw muscles have atropheid. At least it would explain the acounts of people getting there sperm and eggs havested for cross breeds as there is no way you could do that with a creature with an entirely diferent genetic code Star Trek be damned! You would have more in comon with a mushroom, and no one has even had any success interbreeding with chimps.

But I suspect that the real reason the "Aliens" look so similar to humans is due to a limited yet vivid imagination.
I would actually expect intelligent aliens, capable of making a UFO, to look humanoid.

Technology requires an opposable thumb. It is why dolphins don't have technology. To make things, one has to be able to grab stuff. So....aliens would have hands. They would not have 17 fingers as that is a waste. Quite likely 4 or 5.....enough to grab things.

They would need stereo vision....and that requires eyes, in a head. Most of our main sensory equipment is located in the head, for good is closer to the brain and signals take less time.

And they would need some form of locomotion. Legs. If ( as would seem likely ) they evolve from 4 legged creatures ( and there aren't any higher creatures even on Earth with more than 4 legs )....then 2 of those would have become the hands. So they would walk on 2 legs.

So there you have a basic humanoid shape.
The combination of gripable hands and stereoscopic vision can be achieved in many shapes not just the humanoid one.

No doubt there's a huge number of 'possible' variations. But I suspect few of them would survive in the real world.

One's creature needs to be able to run, to chase prey and get away from predators. Whilst I could envisage something like a centaur, with 4 legs and 2 arms.......I cannot imagine such a creature ever arriving at a technological society. Can you imagine trying to design a of the most basic components of a technological society......for a centaur ? It's a design impossibility. And without something as basic and fundamental as seats....there's no way they would ever have technology.