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Anyone interested in genealogy?


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Is anyone here interested in genealogy?

I’ve been researching off and on for about 10 years now, but usually hit brick walls with records that’d only be found in some 1600s Swiss canton’s church records.

Somewhere along the line, we’re related to Amelia Earhart. Andrew Johnson and whoever the first prime minister of Australia was. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

I’ve mainly used Ancestry.com and Newspapers.com, but we’ve switched to MyHeritage. I don’t like their records as much, but they have some more interesting ways of displaying connections or context and that makes it more fun to show the kids.

So if you’re into this stuff, I’d love to hear about it. Happy to help someone look something up too.

It has interested me to some slight degree, but I'm far too lazy. I have an aunt that has done some exhaustive work I really need to take a look at. I'm inching towards the more instant gratification of a DNA test.
I'm inching towards the more instant gratification of a DNA test.
I took a couple of those years ago. One from 23andme, another from Ancestry. Both of those linked me to random third cousins five times removed sort of people. It proved I was real, but none of it got me a new connection for my tree.

If you do get your DNA tested, make sure you export it from wherever you got it from as you can upload it to different tools like this:



I used Promethease back when I did this, but there's lot of others:


Now all i need is some genome sequencing machinery and I can create a nation-state of Cosmos.