Flux Capacitor Construction

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A lot of folks wanted info about constructing the flux capacitor. Here it is:

<By the way - when they are talking about capacitor values they mean mico-farad (uf) NOT milli-farad (mf)>


The Flux Capacitor

It should be mentioned however, that before a (time displacement) can occur, the circuit must first be connected to a variable 44 volt dc power supply. Also while using the (S2) push button switch, the voltage must also be pulsed at 2 cycles per second. If a lesser voltage is used, and the current is pulsed at a different frequency, then the most that you will be able to accomplish, or at least in most cases, is an out of the body experience. The place in which to purchase most of these components, can be brought through (Skycraft Electronics). Their telephone number is: (407) 628-5634. However, as for the 1M ohm 10W potentiometer and the piezo transducer, both of these items can be obtained through your local Radio Shack store. The dials to be used, should be numbered from 0 to 100. These dials can be obtained through (Newark Electronics). Their number is: (402) 392-1055.
Now in order to operate this device, first of all activate the variable 44 volt dc power supply. Next, move the (S3) switch to either the past or future mode. Now for future time travel, set vr1 at 10 meters and vr2 at the highest possible setting. Next, while the piezo transducer is taped over the navel area, turn vr2 backwards from 84 to 0 while pressing the
(S2) push button switch in an up and down motion so that the current is pulsed at 2 cycles per second. When you hit the correct setting on vr2, you sill hear some cort of click or popping noise. As soon as you hear this click or pop, the hour hands on your wall clock (that is, if you have one) should move forwards or backwards in time. Thus, by watching the wall clock, we can therefore arrive at the date or our own choosing, that is, if the theory holds true. If not, then another means will have to be devised, in order to determine the time and place in which you will land in.
As for past time travel, vr2 is left on (0), and vr1 is turned slowly from 0 to 84 while pressing the (S2) push button switch in an up and down motion. As before, as soon as you hear the click or pop, you should be moving through time. Remember! As soon as you arrive at the destination point, deactivate the power switch, because if you don't, you'll just keep on going. Note:- This same rule applies, if you decide to travel into the future.
It should also be mentioned, that this device will not work for everyone. The reason for this is quite simple. The brainwaes must oscillate at a certain frequency before a time displacement can occur. Thus, there is only going to be something like a few people out of a hundered who are going to get any results. This may also have alot to do with the individuals faith. A detailed schematic of this device, is in this page. If you will note, a frequency or pulse generator may be used in place of the variable 44 volt dc transformer. However, you may only get an out of the body experience.

More information on Flux Capacitor:

1. For physical time travel, activate the flux capacitor over a artificial grid point.

2. If a 9-volt battery is used as the power source, it may take as long as 40 minutes, before the person can travel physically through time. In other words, it takes awhile before the capacitor builds up a charge.

3. Grid points can be avoided, if a (double terminated quartz crystal) is placed somewhere in the circuit.

4. In order to program a quartz crystal for physical time travel, use an a pendulum.

5. To increase its performance, place a (cadius coil) aound the crystal. When doing this, make certain that the coils are wrapped evenly. If their not, there may be trouble.

6. It is possible to use the Flux Capacitor for physical time travel, without having the current pulsed at two cycles per second. In some ways, it may even work better.

7. By connecting an ELF circuit to the flux capatitor, you could pulse the current at 7.8 hz., c.p.s. This would greatly improve its performance.



Taken from: http://comunidad.ciudad.com.ar/argentina/capital_federal/nandoherrera/fc.htm

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