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Hi! I am here from an alternate handful of timelines where satanic freemasons controlled the "secret" of time travel there but I leaked the secret back in 2005 after getting ahold of a .pdf of schematics for real time machines.

My grandfather was a freemason and his brother in law owned a big portal type machine since the 1950s when they stole it from some guy that was working on some secret projects for the government I guess, but that was another timeline.. They had time travel since the 1930s there I guess.

I don't think the freemasons in this timeline have or know the full on "secret" of time-travel yet...

  • I know how the machines work but I dont want to tell people anymore because time travel causes so much more evil and sin in the world... seriously, if you don't understand me you just dont understand.
  • Do not ever trust freemasons because they work for satan and do so many disgusting evil things: crimes like murder, rape, pedophilia, cannibalism and more -all parts of satanic rituals they use to gain demonic power to do work for satan.
  • Everything freemasons do is satanic and the lower degree guys that are noobs either dont know the truth or are kept out of the circle of evil just to be used as pawns.
  • My grandfather was a master mason and his brother in law was the worshipful master and they used to kill and rape so many people and eat human meat stew and they even did satanic rituals and real magic- sorcery... I have seen some weird shit including real "shapeshifting" while I was being abused when I was younger. None of this is made up or a "conspiracy". None of what I claim is a lie. I have been through multiple dimensions/timelines but they kept making little changes just to mess up my life even more. It sucks. Time travel was used mainly for such satanic evil by the freemasons.
  • Once when I was a kid I went all the way into an alternate future to when everything was just nuclear fall out and I really mean it and do not lie when I tell you that God himself YHWH Jesus Christ saved me there and brought me to the deep future of what I now know is the "Millennial Kingdom" where he will be King of the whole world. There he told me about my life and helped me to pick a fruit from a tree there that healed me of the radiation poisoning that I did not know I was already dying from, I was 5 years old then and now I am 31.
  • My grandfather had hidden a time machine in my house and my parents did not even know about it but he showed me.. maybe just to mess up my life or to try to train me up to be like him, but I did not want to rape kids like the freemasons do so I did not become one.
  • Anyway that is the basic outline my life's story, besides now I think I am framed for murders by the freemasons from the last dimension/timeline and one guy in this timeline but I don't even want to believe it is true even though God talked about it himself and also he let me meet a future version of myself there and he was trying to help me understand too and help me do better with everything, but I am not sure I can. They made it seem like I am so framed for things I would never do and my life is just ruined now and everyday just seems to get closer to sometime soon when I will have to deal with going to jail or prison. I am not sure, but the freemasons ruined my life just because I KNOW GOD.
  • Anyway, that is all for now I guess. I think I am framed and the story will be national/worldwide news I think this year... and all I can do is claim the unbelievable truth that I am already explaining here, but no one will believe me. Please be praying for me anyone/everyone! God is real and I wish I could help you time travel, but stupid idiots ruin it for everyone else and 90% of people end up corrupted and perverted and tempted to sin by time travel so I don't want to share the secret of how to build a time machine.
  • Also, if you build the machine wrong you can build a "molecular disintegrator" so I don't want to be responsible for people dying by turning into thin air. If you are just a fanatic of time travel you really have no business acting like you know anything about it at all because you don't. It is a cool idea and could be an awesome thing but really it just makes your life more tough, because when you time travel you actually go into another dimension where if you die there you just pop back into your previous timeline right after you originally traveled in the body you left with... don't believe me? well you must not know anything about time-travel!
  • Ok enjoy your endless john titor fanaticism... ps. he didn't help you know anything special at all, but I have.
    (Most all of the above was copy/pasted from where I wrote it on the chat on this site)
    I have written more on another forum under the same name "NIXIE" but that is the only other place I have written or ever plan to write.
    I have done one interview that had a lot cut out for the sake of time. The interviewer guy posted it to a new youtube channel:
    Here is the link:

    It could have been better, but at least it is something.
    -There was a lot cut out to save time and I did not even get the whole story out... The interviewer mainly covered the topics he wanted to talk about. The whole story is like 90-95% longer and could take hours or days to fully explain everything I have gone through, but what does it matter anyway? All that I know that really matters the most aboutmy story is that I can tell people that God really is real and the whole world is being fooled by the devil who uses the freemasons to cover up the truths and secrets about life... mainly the truth of the existence and truth of JESUS CHRIST, who told me his real name is YHWH.
    He taught me to say it like this: "YAAAH-WHEY..". If you hit the right frequency people will really hear his voice coming from you! I have heard it myself from a girl that reminded me that I told everyone in my kindergarten class about how he saved my life in person and told me things.
    All of them heard His voice coming out of me and my teacher did too, but that was all in another timeline back in 1995.
    Oh, originally I come from -tomorrow- many edited or "fixed" timelines aka dimensions ago. I was brought back into a timeline where there was another "me" and I saw him that day that I had already lived and then he was abducted and raised up/schooled by the evil freemasons in my family to aid in the ruination of my life and so they could use/abuse that version of me and keep him away from God and Christianity which they already knew I would find out the truth of. Most of what they did to me is to make me sound really crazy I think, but everything I am telling or willing to tell is all 100% true. I have no reason to lie, but they would have you think that I do. If you think I am lying you are falling for a satanic trick... If you don't believe me you should just so you can understand the real truth from someone who has really been through these kind of real experiences. I hope to meet anyone who also believes in the truth about God and his Son YHWH aka Jesus Christ in the deep future of the Millennial Kingdom or in Heaven thereafter, anyone that reads this and also believes me or disbelieves me. I already forgive you if you don't believe me. No worries, but I tried to help you know the truth.
    About YHWH aka Jesus Christ:
    He is a young man a little older than me. He has nice tan skin and pale blue eyes. He has very strong white teeth, the best I ever saw. He is a good sized nose and slightly curly dark hair, short and with a well trimmed beard and mustache. He looks like a man from the middle east, because he was, but his Father sits on a Throne in Heaven.
    He showed me his scars in his hands where the nails went through and he showed me the scarred area on his chest where he was pierced and as a little five year old kid I said something to him like "You're GOD! You deserve to be healed!" and he healed the scars right before my eyes, making dirt from the ground turn to dust/matter that floated up and replenished his skin. He did not show me the scars on his back.
    He was so full of LOVE and understanding like no one at all that you will ever meet on earth.
    He knew me, past and possible futures, completely.
    He would be upset about some things and show how strong of a will and judgement in the form of pure justice that he is capable of and the only one worthy to hold such power and wisdom over my humanity and sins.
    He was full of emotion and it looked even as he was prepared to cry about some things he would tell me about my life, but so full of love at the same time.
    He was the ultimate teacher. I have never learned more since then than in just those few minutes.
    He really is real and it is so sad that people don't know that, it is a mistake not to believe in Him and follow Him and do all that he wishes us to do and everyone will find that out someday after we all die.
    There are higher dimensions to life and he told me there is a multiverse where every possible thing that can happen does happen between people that can meet in life, but where the world/earth is always the same besides the changes that people can make to it.
    YHWH will reward us in Heaven and the Millennial for doing better for him and spreading the word about Him and his truth, the story of Jesus Christ, while we are still alive on earth. If you do your best you will be blessed with so many rewards and treasures in those places that really do exist even now already because time is just relative.
    Jesus told me that there are much better things than time-travel in Heaven! So, there is so much to be excited about! :)
    Well, I guess that is what I can share with all you good people. I hope I don't offend anyone because I know God. I know sometimes that does happen and I do expect that some people will not understand that this is all true, but I wish and know that at least some people will understand it is.
    from your friend from another dimension,

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As a Master of the Royal Secret, you should believe me with confidence when I tell you that everything you believe about Freemasons is incorrect. Anyone who is not at least a Master Mason & tries to speak about things that "the lower levels" don't know about...is billowing fantasies--fed by too many conspiracy websites (also written by people not at least a Master Mason)

I haven't actually read your entire post, because it lost all of its merits at the beginning.


They might not be the same in this timeline, or you are just doing your job or have been kept out of the circle of evil that I have witnessed.

There are higher degrees that most guys will never even know about I think, maybe you are one of those guys.

That is my final word on that. You don't even know what you are talking about. I don't take part in reading or writing about conspiracies.

I am not one of those kind of people. The evil guys in my family were/are part of the Blue Lodge and when I was a kid my grandfather even let me know that some of the old guys didn't know about the evil going on. I am not lying and I have no reason to lie or make things up.

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They might not be the same in this timeline, or you are just doing your job or have been kept out of the circle of evil that I have witnessed.
That is my final word on that. You don't even know what you are talking about. I don't take part in reading or writing about conspiracies.

I am not one of those kind of people. The evil guys in my family were/are part of the Blue Lodge and when I was a kid my grandfather even let me know that some of the old guys didn't know about the evil going on.
Sorry NIXIE,

The only time travel claims I will never humor--are ones that involve talking ill of Freemasonry.

I'll level with you further & say that your illusions have caused your ego to inflate, and your sense of reality weaken. Forget what you think you've learned about Freemasons, because no universe that's accessible to you will have deviated so far that the Freemasons could be anything except noble. If you really wanted to know God, you should go knock on your local lodge's door and ask for a petition.

I'm sharing this not because I'm trying to convince you of why you're wrong, but simply so everyone else can see why you're wrong.

Regardless of what any conspiracy site or YouTube channel may have said, people should have the highest confidence when I say that the Freemasons. Are. Not. Keeping. Secrets. On. Time travel. Are there Freemasons who happen to be travelers? Yes, but there is no conspiracy.

--Do any Freemasons in any reasonably connected universe eat babies? That shouldn't even require a response.


I don't need anyone like you commenting again.. but I am sure they will anyway. Ha!

I will never be part of the freemasons. They brainwash people like you to fool the world while they pull the strings of evil in the background.

I am writing about very very serious truths that I am willing to share with everyone here or in the whole world and no goon of theirs is going to turn me away from those truths and everything I have really gone through. You are lying or have been lied to and I feel sorry for you that you believe the freemasons have anything at all to do with Christianity besides trying to ruin it all and distort the perfect and simple truths. They are cannibals in the timelines I was in and they do it to "gain the strength of their enemies" I was told as a child. It allows them to gain the demons that the people had in them for more demonic power. That is no lie and if you don't believe me you are out of the loop.

You either do not know at all what you are talking about or you know exactly what lies you have to tell for them.

Big deal... I am not falling for your misconceptions or lies and I hope no one else will believe your "easier to swallow" words either.

I have already firmly stated that everything that I have written or will write about is 100% Truth...

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Let me reiterate and say that I am not here to start or be part of any "conspiracy theories".

I am only sharing the truth about my own life.

After having to realize and recall all the abuse I have gone through in my life I will never again doubt the truth of anyone claiming similar abuse by secret societies like the freemasons. I have no reason to doubt any credible claims to such acts that I have been witness to or been a similar victim of. At this point I even wonder how many innocent victims are laying up in mental institutions just because their stories do not sound logical or possible! Anyone that claims the opposite to what I am saying is either lying or just plain ignorant of the truth about what really is going on or can go on in this world that is under the control of satan. Read in the Holy Bible -mankind's guide for the life God wants for us and the truth about His Son who died for us and you will understand that the world is under the control of evil. In the Holy Bible you will find the greatest truths that will allow you to see clearly through the veils that mislead or evil people(knowingly or not) are trying to pull over our eyes because they are far from the truth of GOD/YHWH/Jesus Christ.

I understand that the majority of people that read this might not be able to believe or accept what I have shared here -mainly due to conflicting interests or backgrounds, and I can only say that those people are wrong. I don't want to argue with anyone about the reality of my life so I don't plan to do much more, if any posting in defense of the truth I have shared. I can only say that if you choose not to believe me you will be wrong, and if you are able to believe me fully you will know the truth. I have nothing to gain here and I am not looking to become famous or well known and I am choosing to remain anonymous because I am just a regular guy like anyone else, or so I thought.

I don't plan to share any more of what I know about how to build time machines because I already did ruin a whole timeline by foolish/bravely doing that same thing once back in 2005 and it took me another 13 years to realize the damage I had done! Although, If I really am framed for crimes by the evil guys in my family of the last dimension/timeline who could not convert me into a (satanic)freemason like they were, then maybe people will find out who I am (this year-I think), but if everything I was warned about and had to remember has all gone away somehow and it was all just an elaborate trick of theirs to make me look crazy, no one will ever have to know who I am in person besides the one little interview I did that only features my voice and 5-10% of the whole story. The thing is that God/Jesus Himself told me that this stuff would happen to me and so I don't know how it can't be real, but no one that I have tried to tell will really believe it so far of course (probably just what they wanted to happen to me!). This is really all I want to have to say here. You can go ahead with your disbelieving and false logical reasoning, but again, I want to say that you will be wrong. Anyway, God bless everyone and sorry if I have confused or disturbed anyone, but you really are better off knowing the truth. Peace.

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Hi! I am here from an alternate handful of timelines where satanic freemasons controlled the "secret" of time travel there but I leaked the secret back in 2005 after getting ahold of a .pdf of schematics for real time machines.
Ok, you claim to have these .pdf of schematics for real time machines. Can you provide these .pdfs?

Ok, you claim to have these .pdf of schematics for real time machines. Can you provide these .pdfs?
The floppy disk was stolen from me the same day that I shared the schematics online in an alternate timeline/dimension in the year 2005.
I did not realize what I had or how real it was. It was kind of a mistake that I shared it online but it created a very different future (and past and present) in that timeline- which is kind of interesting. and hopefully a blessing to some people.

I can pretty much remember how the time machines are built but I don't plan to share the info because time travel can change EVERYTHING!

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I can pretty much remember how the time machines are built but I don't plan to share the info because time travel can change EVERYTHING!
Fair, however could you describe the device vaguely? At least tell me how it functions. How can this device allow you to travel through time (through what means), how did technology advance this far, what are it's limitations, who built the one you have, how big is it?

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I have been put through time travel by certain people which I shall not mention here and I have been repeating this life multiple times , I just want to know how can God allowed this to happen to me , please feel free to contact me at [email protected] as I would like to keep in contact with someone who understands