Sir James Anthony SONA

Temporal Novice
Let it be known that there is one among you ... a deceitful liar ... in a <category> of Material Intellect that mis-represents THE TRUTH on matters of importance concerning THE SPIRITUAL DOMAIN as it relates to TIMELESS TRAVEL. Material Intelligence is <unable> to grasp the Spiritual Importance of Quantum Physics ... unless they happen to overhear it from another having Spiritual Intelligence.

This ignorant Material Thinker and <other> Like Thinkers ... are not only <unable> to conceive the many values of LIGHT as previously but only briefly explained by me in "HYPERDIMENSIONAL LIFEFORMS" ... 'THE CREATION OF MATTER" ... "THE ANTIMATTER UNIVERSE" and "DIMENSIONS OF TIME AND PLACE" ... but he also mis-represents himself to be me <"James Anthony"> on this board ... when he is <not>...!

Known as I am over the internet on the aforementioned subjects to include "TIMELESS TRAVEL" ... and as well TRAVELERS in my VENTURES ... this <low> individual refers to me as "whacko"... yet he uses my name...! When I say "he" ... it is because from my perspective the female does not normally suffer from unprecedented ego and digressive behaviour as MACHO NEANDERTHALISM. Let this be an example of how easily many may be mis-led unless certain issues are addressed by a confrontation of the SPIRIT in TIMELESS WAYS and ***DISCERNING SMILES***

Look I don't want a slagging between you and me. Did it ever occur to your 'intellect' that maybe my name IS James Anthony? There are such things as coincidences you know. As for 'unprecented ego'? Look who's talking...

This is an open forum on discussion of the phenomenom of time, not a platform for some dillusional pompous git drowning in in his own self-importance. It is a place to express views and to exchange ideas. Maybe if your title was real some-one may respect you but as it is you're probably some loner looking for an escape from an otherwise dismal reality.

As I have already stated I don't want a slagging match so I hope that your next posting will have at least some relevance to the forum.

By the way 'unpresented' means unexpected so I don't see how you can apply that to the term ego....